8 Must Join Top Forums For Online Marketers

Wondering what forums to join as an online marketer? Then you should read up this article as it contains 8 of which i call the best of forums available specially for online marketers.

I don’t know what exactly you do online but i do wonder if you’re a blogger or social media expert or anything related and you don’t see yourself as an online marketer. What the heck are you then? Truth is you are.

If you blog, You need to market your blog. You do that online and maybe sometimes offline bottom line you’re an online marketer.

That been said and all…. Forums are a great way to pull out traffic, find and connect with influencer-s, discover and brainstorm what your next article will be about and finally a way to add VALUE and contribute to others success.

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That should be your main aim. To add value anywhere and everywhere you find yourself even offline.

As an online marketer you’re gonna want to join forum(s).

In the future i will write about some secret and safe strategies to pull out traffic from these forums for online marketers but for now listed below is a list of 8 top Must join forums for online marketers.

8 Top Forums For Online Marketers

affiliate fix

AffiliateFix is my favorite online forum and i resumed to using it after a very long time. I have been away from forums for some reasons unknown to even myself but the moment i decided to go back, AffiliateFix was the very first place i went over to.

Signing up to AffiliateFix is free of course but they do have a premium membership plan called The Dojo.

What the Heck is The Dojo?

The Dojo is an exclusive section of the Forum for affiliate marketing private coaches with the best guides, tools, methods and support.

6 Reasons why you should Join The Dojo

The Dojo could be the best way to go if you’re a newbie when it comes to online [affiliate]  marketing yeah? So we’re made to believe the following will be the benefits if you join The Dojo.

  • One time payment for lifetimes access to everything.
  • Over 7 pages full of guides, added to weekly.
  • Tools needed to ensure your campaigns are profitable.
  • Community of over 500 members, all willing to succeed.
  • Support and guides from super affiliates.
  • Guaranteed network approvals with The Dojo referral team.

warrior fowum

warrior forum

Warrior Forum is like the Holy Grail of Internet marketers or internet marketing.

Warrior Forum is the #1 internet marketing forum & marketplace.

WarriorForum has been online for a very long time and i have been an active user until sometimes middle last year my account got banned Forever 🙁

Why? I was trying to use this forum for link building. Never read the rules and violated it right in the face like i own the forum.

WarriorForum is big yeah? Imagine the main Internet Marketing Forum section has over 2,542,723 posts and over 224,000 posts. That’s to show you how huge this forum is.

So my advice for you is to Join, Mix, contribute and add value, Be active and have Fun. Make sure to read the rules of every thread in other not to get yourself kicked out of the forum.

It sucks when that happens.

rise forums

Got to know about RiseForums when Enstine was giving me a hand in selling my old blog and it’s a pretty cool place. Not too big or Fancy like AffiliateFix but it’s a nice place to be active on as an online marketer.

They have a section for WordPress where you can go into, Look very closely, contribute and learn new things should in case you’re having troubles with any of the WordPress hacks 🙂

Digital Point Forums

Digital Point Forums Comprises of discussions related to online marketing, search engine optimization, tools and related. I can say this has to be the 2nd largest after WarriorForum.

Imagine the Google part of this forum has over 113,901 discussions and over 1,410,963 messages but there are rules.

A lil bit strict but it’s just to protect members and ward off spammers. So as usual you should join, Contribute/add value and on and on 🙂

wicked fire online forum

I joined WickedFire forum not too long ago and it seems loaded with cool stuff that might help you.

Forum’s big and nice. Moderators are always on the watch though..

I don’t have much to say about this forum as am still a bit new but it looks huge. What have just noticed is that a lot of people are available and ready to contribute to what you have to say too so you just have to contribute and add value yourself.

webmaster sun forum

Webmaster sun is quite big, Stumbled upon it while doing some research on forums i could join in other to feel good with my new forum marketing journey and among others… I found this forum.

Now it’s quite big and i just registered a new account, Reading the rules of the forum so i don’t make a mistake when i eventually post something and all that.

What can i say, It’s quite good and you should join too 🙂

The Aha-Now Blog Community

The Aha-Now blog community was created by Harleena  and it’s a way to share with a lot of people. Right from the starting time of this blog community i joined, Although have not been active.

I do head over there sometimes and see some cool stuff going on there. The ABC is not just for online marketers, I would say its for everyone so why not just go ahead and grab yourself an account.. Just head over Here to sign up.

 black hat forum
Chances are that you already know about BlackHatForum. Its big, Huge and full of people who would love to listen to you.

Don’t get it twisted! BlackHatForum is a black hat SEO forum and it’s been around for a very long long time. It’s not only useful for SEO tactics, You can learn a lot as well as free stuff from members from this forum.

Its strict though, So just be careful not to violate the rules and you should be fine.


So Every time i join a forum… I strive to read the rules, policy and everything in other not to go against the rules and avoid the awkward thingy called BAN.

It could be temporary or permanently. Just be careful! Its something you wanna avoid.

My final take on this article is; whether you’re comfortable with joining 6 0r 4 or all the 8 forums for online marketers just make sure to be active, market less and most of all add value.

How do i Add Value? That’s a topic for another day 😉 But seriously you should know that already. Just Be helpful, solve a problem and in no time you become popular in the forum.

I said i have decided to be active on forums now, To even prove that i have added some links especially AffiliateFix’s own to my mobile browser’s bookmarks so whenever i launch my browser the forums are always staring at me.. You could do that as well.

So on this note i will bring this article to an end. Do you have an account in any of these forums? Do share your experience using the comment form and do not forget to share 😉


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