How WP Simple Cache Increased Our WordPress Website Speed By 600% in 5 Seconds

Yup! That did happen... We sped up our WordPress website by 600% or more just by installing and minorly tweaking a new and simple Free WordPress caching tool called WP Simple Cache, Know the great part?

You too can do that to your WordPress website and in this article I'm going to show you exactly how we did it.. But before then, Here's how it all started.

I've been a WordPress fan right from the start. I have used the amazing CMS to build all my websites and those of my clients... But in all these projects! We had one thing to battle and that's speeding up our new website.

caching wordpress website

To do that Caching has always been the answer. I sorta hate the available and most popular Caching plugins "WP Super Cache and W3 Tool Cache" Why? They have too many options I don't wanna understand.

Each time I installed the w3 tool cache plugin on a new website I would Google the configuration settings, That's kinda annoying! In fact The newest website I'm working on has no caching plugin installed.

Why? Isn't it obvious... But we needed to speed our website one way or the other as it helps improve UX and get better rankings in Google.

It happened a few days ago when we found WP Simple Cache via WPtavern and decided to give it a trial.

Here's the Before and After Results..

Before we activated wp simple cache plugin... Our website speed was a total mess, we we're at this:

speeding up wordpress website

and this:

speeding up wordpress website

Sucked right? Our website loads in a whole 7 seconds... Can't imagine how much we've lost. But after installing the plugin! Here's what we got 🙂

speeding up wordpress website

and this:

speeding up wordpress website

That's just by installing the plugin and activating it... We were able to shave off a huge 3.8 seconds of our website load time almost immediately... Finally after activating one more option?

We we're finally at this...

Another 2.2 seconds gone, WOW!

speed wordpress website test

Given the fact that we head a lot of elements on our homepage. Videos, Images, lots of text... It's in a magazine style, We consider this to be a good score... So why not try out WP Simple Cache too?

Here's How to Get Started...

1. Install WP Simple Cache Plugin & Activate It..

As promised earlier, I'm showing you step by step. To increase your website speed via Caching with our method first you need to download and install WP Simple Cache or search and install directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Just search "Simple Cache" and install the one created by Lovett. Do not forget to activate it like you do every other plugin 🙂

enable wp simple cache

200 installs only, Yup! It's till pretty much new.

2. Enable The Caching Function

Unlike other plugins, It doesn't start work until you activate the caching function... So once you're on your Simple Cache dashboard enable the tool and you'll see the difference immediately.

enable wp simple cache

Choose the yes option... Save changes and purge cache 🙂

That's all for that! Run your test via GTmetrix again and you'll see the difference instantly.

3. Mess With The Advanced Option (Just Once)

Just one option.... Object cache! This tool caches objects on your server via the Memcache or Redis PHP extensions. As you can see from the results below we don't have that on our server but we were still able to get those amazing results.

setting up wp simple cache on wordpress

If you're curious about how this works, Contact your web hosting company support! They might be able to activate that function for you.

Oh and don't forget to turn on compr​ession. This has everything to do with what we're fighting for here 🙂

Wrapping It Up!

So that's all we did to speed up our WordPress website under 5 seconds with WP Simple Cache, You wanna try that? Great you should. Cause for every delay in your site load time you lose money and tamper with your conversion rates.

It's very easy. Install, enable and purge cache... You're done.

That's it for this article. If it has helped you then please do not forget to share with your friends using WordPress as well. Your feedback is darn important too. Have a great day.

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