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Are you the type that create wide range of blogs in different niches for what ever reasons? Sniper sites? Micro-niche blogs?

Then WP Article automation is for you.

wp articleautomation

Came across this set of plugins while looking for a way to automate the article writing process of the niche blogs i plan to set up in the nearest future.

Before i fully introduce these plugins to you, Let me do a little bit of definition.

What is WordPress Article Automation?

WP Article automation is a TWO pack of WordPress plugins that helps make posting articles on self hosted WordPress powered blogs a lot easier & faster.

I avoided using the ten letter word called AUTOMATION there cos when it comes to blogging or your main blog doing it manually sounds better and ethical but niche sites don’t have to be like that.


They are just like a one time money maker and can be discarded anytime. Just to rank and make a few bucks. You could have thousands of them targeting specific keywords.

Do you write and add contents to it manually? That could take basically months taking your time even the one meant for forum marketing or eating up the time you’re supposed to be making more use of social media websites either to increase your brand exposure of create buzz about your main/authority blog.

It could suck up your entire time to set things up, You could save time doing that though, A whole lotta time.

That’s where WordPress article automation comes in.

With this plugin, no more wasting time posting articles manually to your niche sites. This plugin automatically does everything for you.

WP Article automation helps you;

  • Save Time.
  • Save Money.
  • Automate Things.
  • Post Article while Asleep /Offline.

But Wait What are these two plugin names? It’s

  1. WP Mass Article Poster
  2. WP Auto RSS

babs reviews blog  WP Mass Article Plugin

This one helps import mass article from your computer into your blog at a stretch. WP Article automationIt also offers random customization of articles. This plugin can help you;

  • Post hundreds of articles to your site instantly saving days, weeks even months work.
  • Set the date you want each articles to go live.
  • Set the timing frequency of each articles.
  • Set how many articles to be published a week.
  • Select  categories of each articles from your list.
  • And so many more.

babs reviews blog  WP Auto RSS

This plugin helps add RSS (Really simple syndication) feeds to your site with randomization.

wp auto rss

With wp auto rss plugin you can instantly import real contents from other sites to yours using RSS Feeds.

You can also add banner ads or Adsense to these articles on your blog easily using WP Auto RSS.

WP Auto RSS Has a lot of features including;

  • Helps you Automatically import RSS content that is targeted for your site randomly.
  • Random control!  You select the time and day you want the content to import
  • Eliminates the footprint and algorithm so it evades Google’s probes

babs reviews blog  My Final Verdict

If you run tons of micro-niche websites then this two WordPress plugins is for you! Period.

Get These TWO Plugins NOW!

Needless to say this pack is just $27 and it comes with a very valuable bonus(es) for you to get started. The one i love most is the huge list of PLR articles already in the utf-8 encoding coming with it so it even makes things more easier when getting started.

Also note that you can use this plugins on unlimited amount of sites you have. No license limitation or any at all.

Think have done my part in digging out this amazing plugin to help speed things up for you! It’s left to you now to take actions :)

Quick Disclaimer: This article as well as some others on my blog contains affiliate links. What does this mean? For example if you follow this link and purchase the plugins, I get a small commission from the sale. Its just like a reward for sending you over and does not affect the price you have to pay for the plugin in anyway. It’s $27 & will always be $27 with or without my affiliate link. Just wanted to be open with you.


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