11 Reasons Why No One Cares to Read Your Blog Posts (And How to Fix Them!)

Ever wonder why your blog posts are not getting enough traction or getting exposed as much as you thought it should do even after working your ass off to come up with some great content.

Or perhaps the share count is incredibly low.

Worst of it all no one ever leaves a comment saying how much they love any of your blog post.

It happens and to tell you the truth have been there Uhn Uhn! It hurts yeah! Working hard to see all that work sink in oblivion. Don’t worry this article will highlight 11 reasons your blog post probably sucks and how to fix them before publishing the next article.

Some Stats Maybe? Sure!

Did you know that there are 31% more bloggers today than there were in 2012? NM Insights also found out that 6.7MM people publish blogs on blogging websites, and another 12MM write blogs using their social networks.

What does this tell you? The competition is fierce and there are probably No! Definitely Other blogs publishing on the same topic as you and they are doing it far better.

Still confused? Looks like you could use a little more stats + Visuals. Check out this infographic of 13 blogging statistics by SocialMediaWriting.

blogging stats

Most of these stats concern you if you have a blog and if you’re reading this article, It’s time to change some things associated with the way you write.

11 Reasons Why No One Cares to Read Your Blog Posts (And How to Fix Them!)

Nobody Even Knows Your Blog Post Exists

Yeah this is very pretty much the reason why nobody even cares to read your blog post. They don’t know it exist. This is a big problem. Yeah? My guess is you obviously don’t publish your blog post only for you to stare at ‘Em.

You write a blog so as to either get more inbound links, landing pages or as an online marketing strategy which is called Content marketing. You still need people to read what you write about people not knowing if it exists is a no brainier. People read blog posts and take actions not Bots.

How to Solve This?

Very easy, Make sure to write good stuff only. And get it out there as much as possible. Get people tweeting about it, Email influencers and ask them nicely to link to it or share it. Give your best shot at promoting your blog posts. Every of them. More on this on the other reasons why no one cares to read your blog post.

Your Blog Post is Not Search Engine Optimized

Asides other web traffic sources, Search engine traffic is one of the best sources ever. Why? It’s targeted and top of it all? Its FREE.

Although Facebook recently overtook Google when it comes to sending traffic but still right from time Google has been sending it all . If your post is not search engine optimized, It will be difficult to get people to find them when they search for something related and read them.

How to Fix This?
Here are six easy search engine optimization (SEO) tips to help get your blog post noticed.
  1. Do your research. … (read my recent blog post on this)
  2. Utilize keywords throughout your post. …
  3. Optimize your images. …
  4. Reference others with links. …
  5. Give readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog. …
  6. Use social media to broaden the reach of your blog posts.

This is a very broad topic, as much as i’ll have loved to go deeper i can’t to keep this article on track but yes i have found some awesome resources that will surely give you a hang of this.

Your Post Headline is Not Attractive at All! It Sucks.

This is an important factor! Infact it controls 76% of the traffic a new blog post gets! The better the headline? The better the Click through rate (CTR) to your article.

People will never read your blog posts if the headline is more fizzle than sizzle.

Even people who’ve subscribed to your blog by email will read the headline first to decide if they want to read the post or not.

Sadly, if your blog headline doesn’t seem to help with their problem, or doesn’t arouse their curiosity, they’ll never read the post at all. You can put those violins away though and make sure your blog posts get read by learning how to write hypnotic headlines that people actually click on. – SuccessfulBlogging

Nobody likes to read something boring. The truth is people are often quick to judge. Most will judge a book by it’s cover. Instead of just writing something boring as a title you could add a verb (Action Word) or two. Check out the two headlines below.

  • 40 Twitter Marketing Tips & Tricks
  • 87 Most Effective Twitter Marketing Tips & Hacks to Grow your Business

Which sounds/looks better? The second one obviously.

How to Solve This?

It’s easy! Write better headlines that’ll attract even yourself if seen elsewhere. One very cool tool to use is CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. It’s FREE to use.

Figured this solution might not be enough so i did some research and came up with these awesome resources.

Your Blog Post is Not Well Promoted

It’s easy to come up with a blog post, share it to Facebook and Twitter. That’s the basic stuff. Yes that will definitely scrape in a few 40 to 100 visits depending on your following.

That’s not good enough though.

The problem is that in the era of content marketing so many people are drilling you with the notion that quality content is the key to building links and generating online traffic.


The fact is, great content doesn’t promote itself. In fact, writing killer content is less than half battle. The real magic lies in content promotion. Without it, your content will struggle to earn a social mention, let alone a quality backlink. – Robbie Richards.

If you’re smart with promotion you should be able to get more people to read your blog post.

How to Fix This

Promote your blog post thoroughly, Drop your links anywhere you see a medium to (Be careful not to spam though) Use Facebook ads, Link to top influencers and launch an outreach campaign asking them to share or link to you. Honestly there are over a zillion ways and i would recommend you read the following.

Those Above are basically reasons why no one cares to read your blog post, Those mostly have to do with people not seeing them at all.

Make sure to see the fixes to each of the above reasons and apply them.

Note: Getting people to see your article or click through your enticing headline doesn’t guarantee they will read all talk more of sharing or linking back to it.

Below are possible reasons why people might not care to finish reading your entry and their possible fixes 🙂

Your Blog Looks Ugly! (Outdated UI)

Yuck! Who blogs on an outdated template or WordPress theme these days when outta the over 1 billion websites online uses something better.

Truth be told am one of those neat freaks who takes this attitude every where even online. I don’t like seeing rough stuffs and i know most people will probably dump your blog post for another which has a better User interface.

How to Fix This?

Switch to WordPress, If you’re already on the platform you could optin for a better WordPress theme. MyThemeShop makes some of the best themes in the industry.

While you’re at it, Get a responsive theme. A recent Google study revealed 61% of mobile visitors will return to Google to find a site that is more easily readable if they can’t find information on mobile sites right away. This makes having a uniform, responsive site imperative.

Luckily MyThemeShop Themes are responsive, SEO Ready and offers better control panel. Work on making your blog look more like an updated one, Not by your contents only! But by the looks. Forget that outdated User interface you’re publishing on, It’s chasing your readers away.

Your Blog Post Has No Visuals (Images)

Neil Patel, Online marketing expert, Blogger and co founder of two SaaS companies recently stated in one of his blog post that the human brain can process visuals (images) 60,000x faster than normal text.

Infact images add an extra life to your blog posts. See NeilPatel‘s articles for example, The way he adds images to his blog entries. They make it more interesting to read with more graphical representations.

I often blog/write articles like am the one seeing it somewhere else and reading it. Imagine coming across a 2000 word article with one or two infact no image. At first i might give it a trial but i bet you i can’t read past the 600th word 🙁

Images help break your blog posts into attractive paragraphs and adds an extra life to it. Period!

How to Solve This?

Add relevant images to your blog posts. Preferably an image between every 350 words. This should do the trick.

Take screenshots and annotate them, Make funny memes, Create your custom images, Get some free stock photos on sites like Pixabay.com and spice up your blog posts.

Your Blog Post is Not In-Depth

Again Neil Patel is an Example here. He writes so well. All his articles are always detailed and explanatory to the core! Infact he’s the one am trying to write like.

If you’ll notice when i started BRB, i started out writing crap, Blog posts no longer than 850 (3 Amazing Secrets to Outshine Your Competitors) is an Example. Can you compare it With my 2000+  word article (The Complete Guide to Increasing Twitter Traffic, Followers & Usage) Definitely not.

This got me thinking, People need absolute solutions to their problems. They are wise too. They can smell crap from afar. If your blog post looks too short and offers no detailed / comprehensive solution they will surely bounce off.

This is bad, And on the other hand… It’s hurts your SERPs (Search Engine Rankings) It’s called Pogo sticking! Ever heard of it? Here’s how it works.

How to Solve This Issue

Write more In-depth guides and articles with more words on page. Infact in one of my recent articles i shared a graphical representation of one of serpIQ’s recent survey which shows the total amount of words found on pages that rank first page on Google.

serp iq

I find this guide written by Neil Patel very useful and have read it over 20 times. It remains one of my sources of inspiration till today when i really want to write something ~ How to write a 2000+ word article in less than 2 hours.

Your Blog Post Contains Way too Many Errors

We’re human, We’re not perfect. I get it. I could look past a few errors on your blog post, Others may look past a lot but others may not at all.

Most folks have Zero chills – Like my Nigerian fellas over here will say.

Lets look at a few things that having errors in your blog post can do to you. It can render your rights to claim authority about what you blog about useless as it’s a no brainier, you would be considered un-serious.

Bottom line It can make you lose readers – Period!

How To Fix This?

There was time this used to happen to me… Infact not too long ago i was corrected recently by another blogger right after publishing 10 most influential personal online marketing blogs. I did take some steps such as reading and reading all over again.

Infact i wrote it all and published in a 1800+ word detailed blog post ~ 7 Things to Look out For Before Publishing an Article Online

Your Blog Post Title Is Misleading

Yeah? This is probably why! People click on your charming headline which says “i will teach you how to create A” and find “I will teach you how to delete “B” written there.

No way. How the heck do you expect them to read fully what you’ve written when after all they’re looking for something else.

Infact this will contribute negatively to your bounce rate and hurt your SERPs should incase your blog post was found on the search engines. Remember pogo-sticking?

pogo sticking

How to Fix This

Be specific with your blog post headlines. No tricks! No mishaps… Just the truth about what a potential reader would find on your page should they decide to click through.

This will ensure they stay, read through your blog post and take what ever action you want them to take whether it’s signing up for your newsletter, sharing your article or buying what you’re selling.

Your Blog Post is Not Well Formatted

I can’t count how many times i have preached about this in my previous blog post. Formatting your article properly is almost everything. Neat presentation.

You need great content if you’re going to use content marketing to build your website’s traffic.

But that’s not enough by itself.

If you just used plain text in all your posts, barely anyone would read them, no matter how good your writing and message were.

You need to make it readable.

And by readable, I mean two things:

  1. Content that is easy to read: the content is clearly separated in such a way that lets the reader quickly read it without getting lost or confused.
  2. Content that is fun to read: People read best when they are interested and engaged. The way you format content can affect the reader’s experience.

Some of this relies on picking the right topics and writing well.

However, a large part of making content as readable as possible is formatting it. – Neil Patel

Its essential to make your blog post readable.

How to Fix This?

Put more time to to adding more elements to your blog posts. Add Heading tags, Bullet, Numbered words. Underline, Bold, Italic specific words. Arrange well and make sure you’re satisfied with it before you publish.

Use a shortcode plugin, It ads beautiful options to your editor. I use a Free one by MyThemeShop called WP Shortcodes, Finally read these 5 Advanced Formatting Tips by Neil Patel.

Your Blog Post Contains Some Very Annoying Elements

I could live with a few popups or ads before article and after. Some people could be able to live with more but others? Not so sure.

Annoying elements could be Un-closable popups, Flash ads, too much banners on a page and all that. All this is a turn off and could be really distracting.

When someone is trying to get serious with your blog posts, The elements just keeps coming and leaves  them no choice but to get off it. I can’t count how many times this has happened to me.

How to Fix This?

Try minimizing the amount of ads on each page, Avoid flashes and make your pop ups closable. It’s not by Force! Really. Trying to force someone to seeing your offer is not too cool at all.

Avoid too much elements on the sidebar too.


Always have this in mind “You’re not writing your blog posts for yourself alone” you’re writing it so many others can read and benefit from it.

Bottom line: Always think of your readers above your personal aims or achievements. You want to be in their good books. I could have cited a lot of examples in this blog post but I’d prefer to just give you just the information you need.

With these reasons and possible fixes, You can actually find out why people are not reading your blog post fully. Whether it’s the fact that they do not even know it exists at all so you can promote it harder or the problem is from your web page so you can make corrections where necessary.

It’s been a long day am rounding this off here. However i would love to hear your take on this! Do you know any of the possible reason why people don’t read blog posts fully?

Lets Face it here, You read blog posts a lot yeah? I can bet it that recently you didn’t finish one recently! Why? Tell us so we learn from it.

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