Viraltag Review: Manage & Schedule Posts to Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr Effectively

Automation is a very important aspect of digital marketing especially in 2016. Recent studies shows that 63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use integrated marketing automation. Wonderful isn't it?

These days to save time and even make up for lost time most contents on social media are being automated. There's no big deal in that.

viraltag review

Big brands do it. Please tell me you haven't automated anything this month?

In essence Nucleus research in 2012 found out that automation drives a 14.5% in sales productivity and more.

In addition to that 20% of B2B fortune 500 companies are already using marketing automation along with 76% of the world's largest SaaS companies. 

The common thing among the users of automation is they're able to make up for lost time and decrease the workload on humans. To sum it up? They're GROWING.

As a blogger, Entrepreneur, Small business owner, Digital marketer, Would you like to grow too? Then try starting from automating little tasks to save you time so you can focus on other things that matters and grow your business.

Automating Social Media Post!

There are many aspects of your business you can automate. You can automate email marketing using Autoresponsers, Create an entire workflow of automation using GetResponse, Automate different tasks on social Media and so on.

​Automating social media posts is easy. For example you can use BoardBooster to automate pins to Pinterest. Buffer to scehdule post to Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.

Another amazing tool so good for this option which I use currently is Viraltag. I've been using it to automate pins on Pinterest for a while and it's quite cool. The first question:

What is Viraltag?

Viraltag calls itself the best visual marketing tool for brands and with it you can automate posts effectively to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr.

Amazing isn't it. Here are some features:

Powerful Scheduling to Social Media Websites

With Viraltag's tool you can plan ahead of time and effectively schedule posts to the above mentioned networks in just a few clicks.

Content Curation & Collaboration Made Easy

Since Viraltag is mainly for visual marketing you have access to endless images and feeds you can easily curate or make unique using the Canva tool.

Gain Access to Insights and Analysis

You can integrate your viraltag account with Google analytics to gain insights on the best times to post and which content drives more engagement.

Getting Started on Viraltag

Viraltag is an amazing tool but just like every other great tool out there. It isn't free however you can try the tool completely free for 14 Days.

What does this mean? Unlimited access to every of the tool’s feature for 14 days. Wanna get started. Head over to Viraltag.com and click on the try free button.

viraltag signup

You only need to submit an email then password. Afterwards? You're good to login. Once you're in you can the connect your social media accounts.​

As you can see I have only connected my Pinterest account. You may connect any profile you wish in a few seconds and that will be all.​

viraltag connected accounts

Scheduling Pins to Pinterest With Viraltag

I use Viraltag for mainly one thing and that is to schedule Pinterest Pins. To get started you may either drag the bookmark button on your bookmarks bar or just install the chrome addon.

viraltag addon scheduling

I prefer the addon. Once that's done, The schedule button will appear on all images and you may click to schedule it if you wish to do.

To demonstrate that let's do some scheduling shall we?

Scheduling Pins From Pinterest

I'll show you how I do it. Once your addon is installed, Visit Pinterest and you'll see the viraltag addon appear on any of the pins you hover on.

viraltag addon button on pinterest

Click on it and it should open a windown where you'll see the options of scheduling your post. Viraltag works a bit like buffer. You can either schedule your post with a default time to run or add to queue.

I prefer to just use the schedule option. So it looks like below:

viraltag schedule post

Choose your board(s), make sure that your copy is okay and click on the add to queue or schedule the post if you want: Your choice.


Viraltag is a simple tool to use once you find your way around it. There are actually a lot of features we left out of this review like the part where you connect your Google analytics profile so as to be able to figure out which contents perform best for you and the best times to post.

Scheduling posts to other networks also uses the same procedure.​

Viraltag is a suit of cool tools. Once you start using it you'll see for yourself and learn to maximize it's potential.

Hope this viraltag review helps 🙂 Do not forget to share.


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