How Viraltag Makes Pinterest Marketing Way Easier

viraltag is an amazing tool that makes social media automation for brands easier and faster. In this post I explained five great ways this is done.

That sounds like how you want things done right? Way easier and stress-free.

How do you cope when almost everything needs your attention.

Your online business is no exception, social media marketing is no exception.

You have to do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Or Google+, Pinterest and probably Tumblr. Depends on where your target audience hangs out right?


Out of these guys, The network that seems to work for me and has been producing results on the growth basis is Pinterest.

So Pinterest marketing became a very important thing for me, could be for you too.

That is of course if you want the benefits.

  • More traffic to your website.
  • More people following your handle.
  • More exposure for your brand.
  • More people engaging with your content.
  • And many other things.

Wait, What? You Don't Use Pinterest?

Did you just see a couple of the benefits of pinterest marketing highlighted above? Here's some stats and facts about Pinterest.

Maybe these would change your mind.

  • Daily Pinterest users have increased by more than 145% since the beginning of 2012.
  • With over 11 million unique monthly visitors (and counting), Pinterest became the fastest standalone website to eclipse the 10 million per month mark ever
  • Shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who arrive from other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.They'll also spend 10% more on average.
  • Average number of minutes users spend on Pinterest per month is 98 minutes.
pinterest marketing statistics

Pinterest really is a fantastic resource. A couple of experts drive huge traffic from the network.

In an attempt to learn more about the platform myself, I asked a few of them: "What's your number one Pinning strategy? The one that brings you the best results" Here's what they told me.

Since I started getting to use Pinterest more actively, I've only had one regrets and that's not using the platform earlier.

I'm almost at 1000 followers BTW! Follow Me.

Why You Need Tools to Succeed With Pinterest

...The right tools.

Pinterest is a big social media network, It's also a visuals only mainly platform. Images, Gifs, video contents are shared almost every time as ideas where others can find, use for their projects and share as well.

Pinterest is robust. To design Pinterest friendly images, you need sophisticated tools like Canva. Otherwise? You'd have to at least possess some decent Photoshop skills.

canva design

Another key thing about the network is automation. Yasss! You need to automate things and pin as much as you can decently to gain ground. I'm talking over 50 pins spread out during each day.

You can't sit on your computer throughout the day doing that. There are tools that can save you tens of thousands of time and in just about five to ten minutes you can schedule and automate content for up to three days to go live on Pinterest.

One of those tools is BoardBooster which I find very interesting. Another which has caught my fancy back then was Viraltag and I've been using the app for quite a while to automate my Pinterest pins.

So far? It's been fun.

Here's Why & How The Viraltag Tool Makes Pinterest Marketing Easier.

1. The Boards List Feature Could Be a Huge Time Saver When It Comes to Scheduling Pins to Group Boards

Lets not joke, It took me quite a while to find this one. I was just messing around the dashboard the other day and found it.

How exactly does this work?​

Previously If I have to schedule pins to the 24 group boards I've joined, I'd have to select them one by one in order for them to get added to the queue, Here's what I'm talking about.

selecting group boards using viraltag

You see that? I'd have to select all 24 group boards​ one after the other for every pin I which to schedule. IMO, It's not a good use of my time.

Viraltag really makes this easier. With the Boards List feature, You can create a list of similar boards and select it once to send posts to all group boards.

Here's how to do it. Simply head over to and sign up for the free 14 day trial​, You'll love it... I assure you, No credit card or anything required.

Then make sure your handles are connected. You can also use other social media networks with Viraltag as it's a visual marketing tool for brands. These networks include:​

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Profiles & Pages
  • Pinterest itself
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn profiles and pages.

Connecting your Pinterest account to Viraltag is way easier and only takes a few seconds. Once that's done, Navigate to the Accounts page on your neat dashboard (Hint: They just had it beautified and simplified 🙂


Click on the Manage Boards List on your dashboard and you should see a popup presenting you with a list of your boards and group boards.

Go head and give your boards list a name.​

If you follow the instructions on the screenshot above, You should have no problem! Just name, Add similar group boards then save.

creating group boards using viraltag

The next time you schedule a pin, That one option should appear and you should be able to pick multiple boards in one click.

Now how easy is that 🙂

Moving on.​

2. The Fact That You & I Can Schedule Unlimited Pins? What More Could Be Great!

Unlike other popular Pinterest automation tools out there which limits you to a monthly amount of Pins per month, BoardBooster is an example. The starting plan is $5 and you pin 500 times a month.

While that still sounds okay? Tailwindapp, Another popular Pinterest app on the market only allows you to access the unlimited pins per month if you pay for a whole year upfront.

Wanna go monthly? You'll have to be limited to 400 pins only for a whooping $15/month.

viralwoot pricing

Now how sad is that? That's viralwoot BTW (Another pinterest tool)

You'll all agree with me, There's nothing like Freedom and actually owning it. Right from the free trial of viraltag till when you actually buy a plan you're allowed to schedule and post contents till you drop.

I mean, Drop.

Know what you could do with that? Design more pins for your post, put them out there to even increase your reach and get more traffic.

It's one of the secret used by many top bloggers, Want to know the rest? Click here to read the post.

3. The Ability to Know The Best Times to Pin For Maximum Exposure

When my addiction to Pinterest began. I started using BoardBooster to automate my pins and Oh my I was impressed by this App's ability to determine the best times to send my pins out to the group boards.

... When everybody is online, Yaaay!

​But then I set out to look for others and when I found Viraltag it felt as if I've lost that ability until I found this feature to help you Get Recommended Times to Pin.


Although both apps work differently and Viraltag works on a posting schedule. This feature looks at your traffic data when connected to your Google Analytics account then suggests the best times your pins got more engagement.​

How to Do It?

From your home dashboard, Click on the Posting Schedule Option then Get Recommended Times this then opens a popup asking you to connect to Google analytics.

You just need to do the needful and allow then with time the tool will suggest best times on a regular basis.

I added a batch of those recommended times last week, Here's a bunch of them I have to add again.


Again, adding is no problem at all, Just a few clicks and you're done. Now your pins are going to be sent out at the best times instead of just blindly blasting Pinterest with Pins and nothing to show for it.​

4. Design Pinterest Friendly Images Quickly Using The Canva Integration Tool

Literally? Any social media friendly image (Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest)

Before I started using photoshop recently (To improve my PS skills). I've come to love using Canva to design my images. It's simple, fast, full of features and above all? It's free.

Having to login to my Canva account though and downloading then uploading to my server doesn't just sound that cool to me plus I needed to develop my PS skills.

Anyways, Another cool feature Viraltag has is it's ability to help you design high quality images fast using Canva in it's site then schedule it for posting almost immediately.

Now how cool is that?

Doing This is Easy! Let Me Show You How

Simply navigate to the Explore tab on the left hand-side of your dashboard and click on the design tab.

Just like below.


Click on your preferred social media post and the canva window will open right there where you can do all the designing you wish to do and be out all within the Viraltag dashboard.

Super crazy.

5. Other Cool Viraltag Features That Are Actually Helpful.

The feeds feature? Where you can add your favorite Pinterest or established accounts with great pins and repin their stuff right there from the dashboard.

Note: You can add unlimited feeds.

I also wish to point out the popular images feature which shows a stream of popular pins in your preferred category where you easily can engage with them.

Remember, Your engaging with other people's content matters on Pinterest.

So I got something for you.

Try Viraltag Free for 14 Days + Free $15 Credit

This is a wonderful offer I would take if I were you. Take a few minutes, Try the tool. You don't have to add a credit card or anything! I assure you'll love it if you leverage every oppourtunity this tool has to offer. Don't forget! After your trial period if you do wish to stay with Viraltag, you will get an extra $15 credit to be applied on any plan you choose.

So what are you waiting for?


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