Twitter Favours Brands With It's New Analytics Hub & TrueVoice

Twitter’s is at it again with a new tool targeted at brands: Yes! The all new launched Twitter analytics hub lets brand know who’s talking about them.

In short, Twitter’s brand hub will enable twitter Advertisers to track and measure ROI Effectively, engage with who’s engaging with the brand and lot’s more.

The new tool is designed to keep keen track of conversion in 3D (Real time), Gather information on tweets from people mentioning their brand name and products. Cool isn’t it?

What does this mean for brands, Advertisers? Thriving online marketers who don’t have big budget to throw into expensive tools to keep track of social media usage? This is another tool on it’s own. Brands will now have another analytics dedicated to helping them run their twitter accounts effectively.

Currently available to select big-name brand advertisers and medium-size businesses in the Anglosphere, the service is intended to examine audience responses to large campaigns. “Brand Hub helps advertisers quickly understand their brand’s share of conversation, key audiences, and trends about their brand’s conversation,” Twitter wrote in a blog post. “This 360-degree, real-time view gives the brand the opportunity to learn, take action, and see the impact of their initiatives on Twitter.” – Fast Company

What Does The New Twitter Analytics Hub Provides?

Glad you asked. I just thought i should have this information available to Babs Reviews Blog readers. As most are business owners. Twitter hubs gives true insights to marketers that helps them manage discussions effectively in real time on Twitter.

What Has Twitter Been Up to Recently?

They also announced TrueVoice. An analytic tool that lets brand keep track of conversions in real time. Very similar. Here’s how it works: This metric is calculated by looking at the tweets around both a client’s brand and its competitor’s before identifying the percentage of impressions focused on the client’s brand.

twitter true voice

TrueVoice will show what percentage of people are talking about the brand in question—along with how much they interact with competitors.

The idea behind the whole thing is that people who have see an ad about Uber, for example, on Television, displays mediums, on to other social media channels, stand a good likelihood of saying something about that brand — or its competitors — on Twitter. TrueVoice makes use of an algorithm that counts those tweets in real-time, to help brands gain perspective on the response those ads are generating.

[Tweet “TrueVoice makes use of an algorithm that counts those tweets in real-time, to help brands gain perspective”]

Another offering within the Brand Hub is an audience view tool that provides insights into the people who are chatting about a particular brand on Twitter. Besides any private information available, marketers can find out the gender, location, income levels, occupation types, and other demographic information about these users. It’ll also showcase the top influencers, enabling brands to better engage with them.

twitter hub

Wrapping it Up

With the availability of this tool, brands don’t have to be in the dark anymore with their twitter marketing efforts. Brands/Marketers can now know if their brand or product is being talked about or not. Twitter Analytics hub provides lots of valuable information including:

  • Analyzing brand Impressions
  • Tweet Mention Counts On Brand/Product
  • And many more…

Twitter went further and said brand loyalty breakouts, purchase intent and other significant information will be provided as well.

Personally i find this tool very interesting and in the nearest future i will be letting you guys know how effectively the tool is working out for me. You know am a very big fan of twitter, If this is your first time here… You might want to check out some of my Twitter marketing articles:

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