6 Twitter Automation Tools Your Business Can’t Live Without

Welcome to Babs Reviews Blog, It's been a while. I'll agree to that.

Today I'll show you the 6 Twitter Automation tools you or your business shouldn't go all around Twitter marketing without. Sounds good? There's more.

I'll also show you what automation is, why it's good for your business and how to find your way around each of these marketing tools. It's easy and anyone can do it. I'll show you step by step.

This is done with only one thing in mind.

Boost your website traffic and increase conversions (Sales)  via Twitter after all it's not just about the numbers that visit your small business website daily, It's about the conversions.

So without wasting much time... Let's get to it, Shall we?

What is Marketing Automtion and Why?

That's easy and I'll answer with my eyes closed, It's just that... I find Wikipedia's definition more ideal to have up here:

According to Wikipedia, Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks

Now that we've understood what Marketing Automation is, The next question that comes in mind should be What is Twitter Automation? Now that's what I do not need to define. Surely you must've tried one of these automation platforms hanging around out there.

Although the real question should be, Why Twitter Automation?

Twitter has over 350 million active monthly users and according to the stats on it's company website, it sends over 1 billion visits to websites that embed tweets (Oh yeah?, I think I should start embedding more) Or I'm I wrong about this?

Twitter company statistics 2016

80% of Twitter active users are on mobile which makes it super active and a targeted place for both small and likewise businesses to attract traffic and targeted leads to their landing pages.

For example according to HubSpot state of Inbound, 36% of all marketers have found a customer via Twitter in 2013... and the social media giant has 79% of it's total registered users outside U.S.

Are you convinced yet that your business needs to be on Twitter? Definitely.

twitter marketing statistics graph 2015

I am with no doubts that you or your business already operates a Twitter accounts. Then definitely you must've known how the platform works right? You need to keep up with the pace and tweet more often but not too often to gain good grounds and drive traffic to your website.

In other words, You need to stay active on Twitter to see what's going on. Who's talking about you/your business, reply to messages and comments. Lots more, In fact this includes Making a good first impression by sending personalized welcome messages to every single new followers you get.

thanks for following me on twitter

If you're the type that gets only a few followers say 3-4 a day then this might seem like a breeze to you, You can almost do these yourself without any tool... I've managed to grow my Twitter followers to 9000+ and yes they're active.

I get crazy mentions, I welcome everybody who follows me hands off, Publish tweets even whilst I'm away from my computer or the internet at large.

Remember I said I'll show you those Twitter automation tools your business can't live without. Well, Here they are:

Tweepi helps you make sense of your Twitter account. Don't understand that yet? Tweepi is used by over 1,000,000 people to find, interact and get noticed by people who matters to them.

Know how this is related to you?

tweepi social media twitter features

Your customers are out there and Tweepi can help you find them. How? Tweepi comes developed with a couple of essential features that your business would love, For example you can use Tweepi to find and follow a "couple" of relevant people to your business.

As long as you're within the Twitter rules range (Which Tweepi helps you monitor)​

In fact, In this article I'm going to show you how I grew my Twitter followers using Tweepi. The first step is to sign up for an account, The free version should do for you! You can always upgrade later, If you want more.


Now, I won't teach you how to do that here, Assuming you're already in your dashboard... We need to find people that will probably "definitely" be interested in your business.

Using my blog as an example, Anyone who follows/read Neil Patel's blog or Authority Hacker would probably be interested in mine. We publish articles in the same niche.

If you own a health website or blog, You wanna go after popular guys in your niche, You got it?

If I'm correct, Your dashboard looks similar to this below?

  • Highlighted above Number 1 helps presents you with the normal navigation, Of course the drop downs also offers quick access to the tools we need.
  • No 2 Helps you keep track of your activity so you don't get banned either for following too much people fast or slowly. There's a daily limit as set by Twitter
  • The folks under 3 is all we need for now. Finding people who might be interested in your business
  • 4 should only count for Premium users 🙂

This is what it looks like when you  enter the twitter handles you want to follow it's followers. As you can see, I have the Twitter followers of popular blogger Enstine Muki... Pay attention to the annotated parts? Very essential.

  • The tool highlights the followers of (YOUR DESIRED TWITTER HANDLE)
  • Click on the Neither button to start following them.... While most of them will follow back, Some just won't. After a while you can un-follow the un-followers easily.
  • I have also used a filter tool to filter out the inactive twitter accounts using the last tweeted rule so i don't start following dumb accounts. You may also add more criteria, It displays in real time as you do that.

Note: The Goal of this Exercise is to Gain more Twitter followers Automatically as most people you follow are laser targeted and will probably follow you back. Another plus one is they get to find out your business exists...

See how easy it is to find People on Twitter who might be interested in your business and follow most of them using Tweepi's tool?

I have started using the crowdfireapp recently... And it has proven itself to be very useful and handy. In addition to that it's very easy to use.

The CrowdFireApp does has a lot of features Tweepi already has like helping you unfollow the unfollowers (People not following you back) in a much more smoother and clean interface but we're not concentrating on those in this section.

Oh! Did I forget to mention that the app is free to some extent and the Free version is almost all you need to get started? Lets go then.

First you need to sign up with your Twitter account, It's super active and takes a few seconds! Once you're in... Your dashboard looks like below 🙂

crowdire app twitter marketing tool

We'll be using the CrowdFireApp to automatically send your new followers a thank you message (DM) which can be almost anything... If you follow me on Twitter now, You get a custom thank you message I have scheduled via the app.

It includes a link to one landing page on this blog 🙂 Your business could use that too.

Send every new Twitter follower to your website, blog or landing pages without breaking a sweat (hands off). Seeing your dashboard, Click the Automate link as indicated above.

message markwting on twitter via crowdfire app

You should land on a Page like below where you'll be able to add multiple messages that will be sent to people randomly immediately they follow you.

Got the whole point of this exercise already? Welcome new followers, Show them you're human and so happy they've decided to join you. Send them to a custom page, Collect leads and build a good relationship.

What are you waiting for? Start using the Crowdfire App today...

Buffer is one of the most popular and used social media tool online. It helps you manage multiple social media accounts including your twitter account from one dashboard. It's a very great and powerful way to tweet stuffs hands off.

Buffer helps you schedule and automate tweets. Simple!!! After all after gaining some followers you'll want to Tweet out the good stuff so they can see.

connect social profiles to buffer

Buffer is free to an extent and you can schedule your first tweet right away but first you need to create an account... Just sign up with Twitter and you're good to go.

If you have signed up for a Buffer account via email then you need to connect your twitter account as indicated above but if with Twitter then there's no need, You're connected.

connect social profiles to buffer

Once you're in, Just write up everything you want to write.. Either share now, next or schedule to go live when you want it to. That's just one.. You can do lots more from your dashboard.

So here's where you start showing your new followers just how creative and interesting you can be with your tweets. It's just the beginning so make it count?

Here's what I think would help, take a look at these amazing but simple 45 social media content ideas and create something around those you can.... Publish some if you can or just Buffer them 🙂

The Tweet Old post is now known as the revive old post plugin and one thing! It's for WordPress users. Self-hosted WordPress blogs.

The Revive old post plugin helps auto tweet auto post your websites contents only automatically. Here if you have over 500 posts on your WordPress blog then this might be the best way to revive them by sharing simultaneously on Twitter.

Here's how it works, You must've installed the FREE plugin first. Just search "Revive Old Post" plugin from your dashboard or click the link above to download and upload to your dashboard.

After you've activated, You should see a dashboard like below 🙂

tweet old post dashboard

Get started by connecting to Twitter and you'll go through the normal authenticating process and boom! You're back to the dashboard.

Then you can easily setup how you want the tweets to be formatted.

Tweet Old Post PLUGIN Tutorial

Here you can tune the settings till you're satisfied and once you're ready?

Hit the start sharing button and you're good to go.

Okay so next is Tweetdeck. What does Tweetdeck help you do?

​Manage your profile more efficiently. Tweetdeck was independently owned by some techy before Twitter acquired it for $40 million year 2011.

Tweetdeck comes jam-packed with a bunch of easy twitter automation tools and unlike the others, It's Twitter owned. If you own multiple Tweetdeck accounts you can manage them all from one single dashboard using Tweetdeck.

configuring the tweetdeck plugin

With Tweetdeck as mentioned earlier, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts and a bunch of other things like schedule tweets, Track link tweets via Bit.ly, break the dashboard into columns.

You know what's more fascinating? Everything is happening in real time. You see your feeds move as it happens right in front of your computer.

It's a great tool and you should use it.

Manage flitter is more like Buffer but unlike Buffer, It's just for Twitter.

In fact it's safe to say, This tool might be almost all you need to run the perfect Twitter account. Why? We'll get to it in a while. But first you need to sign up.

Now If you've got some budget for the premium version, I'd advise you go for it straight but if you're contemplating you can still try this FREE but with limited features. I've been using the tool for a while and I'm still on the free version.

I should upgrade this coming week or the next 😉 probably.

So I'll admit you're already signed in and on your fancy new dashboard which looks like below.

manage filter dashboard 1

From here on out, You can do a bunch of stuffs like Hover the "Manage" button from your dashboard and un-follow the inactive users or those not following you back.

You can also follow people as well and make use of the Power mode feature (For PRO Accounts ONLY). The search account search feature helps you find people faster.

what to do with manage flitter

You can make use of the Power Post feature which allows you to schedule post to Twitter efficiently or use the follow/un-follow tool. Another cool feature is the suggested content function.

What this tool does is display possible stuff from popular online magazines related to you. For example me (Venturebeat, Business2Community, Mashable) These tweets could go viral when posted to Twitter from your account.

Boom! Just like that... More exposure. It's not really guaranteed. I'm just letting you know of the cool feature that helps you with ready-made tweets. You don't have to start wracking up your brain for something to tweet about.

Spoiler alert: This feature is only for Pro accounts so make sure to upgrade if you need those.

What we don't really like about MF is the fact that most of the good stuff are for premium users only, Well you gotta pay for the good stuffs right?

Wrapping it Up

Twitter is a great platform really and it's not just a place to find out what's happening, It's a place you can find real customers who might be interested in what you offer.

Remember, As far back as 2013 when Twitter has not grown to this extent... 36% of business owners said they have found a customer or more on Twitter.

So among others, This might be your chance to hit it hard... The question now is will you?

Okay let's talk, Now that you've seen these 6 tools are you going to start using any if not all? Then let us know in the comment section how you plan to use them. Oh and just in case I left an important tool outta this... Be kind enough to let us know 🙂

Boy am I asking you to Tweet this article at least? If you can't share it to Facebook (Although I see no reason not to) using the buttons below 🙂

Have fun.


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