7 Reasons to Chose Thrive Leads List Building Plugin Over Others

If you've ever thought about lead generation or using your WordPress website to attract leads for your business then you know the first thing you must do is funnel traffic to your website.

get more emails with thrive leads

You know that right? To achieve this search engine optimization or some effective social media marketing strategy can do the work although there are other ways to advertise your website.

You do know that.

When the traffic starts rolling in on your WordPress website, You then think of building an email list right? Which is a very right thing to do.

Have you chosen your email marketing software yet? If not take a look at these best services for small businesses or my review of the benchmark email marketing software... Surely you'll find those useful.

Where I'm going to with all these talk is this: You want to collect email addresses of your WordPress website visitors and you've been thinking of how to go about it.

To hire a developer make custom coded something (Could be expensive) What about plugins? Oh yeah! Plugins but Which plugin to buy and how to choose one as there are tons of them on the market.

If you have not bought one yet I'm sure you've heard of Ninja popups, Thrive leads, Popup domination.

email marketing with list building and newsletters

Optinmonster is also an example. The bloom popup plugin is an example....! You could read my detailed comparison between Thrive leads and bloom to get some clues.



Anyways If you have already made a list of plugins only to chose one from let me be the one to make the decision for you. Choose Thrive leads, You'll thank me later for that.

In addition to the thank me later line left above for you, Here's 7 Other reasons to choose the Thrive leads list building plugin for WordPress over others.

Are you ready?

1. It Helps You Build High Converting Opt-in Forms ONLY!

That is so right... Tell me when last have you subscribed to a blog or website with some sort of form that looks like below?

That just looks ugly and appealing to no one and in 2016? Nobody is going to be entering their data into some random hole that looks like this one... Oh shoot! We're in 2016 already!

subscribe to our newsletter

Or have you done something like this in 2016?

Here's the truth... Opt-in forms like these might have worked back in those days but not now especially when what we see everyday is website owners asking visitors to subscribe via emails.

No one wants to leave their emails anyhow anymore... So what's the solution? Something more fancier? Like these?

You can so relate this to the cheesecake 3 factor technique to growing your email subscribers I found on Growthlab which involves putting the good irresistible things on display.

build opt-in forms using thrive leads

Build colorful forms with eye catching colors, product graphics and CTAs from proven to work templates that comes packaged with the Thrive Leads Plugin.

What's more? You don't need to be a tech savvy or I.T guru to make awesome opt-in forms like these ones. No tech skills or whatsoever required!

We've gotten crazy conversion rates with Building our forms just with the Thrive leads plugin, In fact I'm cooking up a case study set to go live soon.

My partner was astonished at the results we were getting although other factors like copy were considered too, For every 30 visitors to our website our form was collecting at least 8-10 subscribers and that's a new website.

thrive leads opt-in form templates

When you're building your forms with Thrive leads, It doesn't matter what color or spice you wish to add to your form, You always have the freedom to customize your form, own it and make it yours only.

You could either start customizing over 30 beautiful templates that comes with it or start building your form from the scratch it's super easy 🙂

2. It Helps You Build Virtually Any Type of Opt-in Form

Wait what? You think with Thrive leads we're talking about just building popups and sidebar opt-in widgets? Haha! Wait till you see the type of forms you can build with Thrive leads and the different places they can be located.

Before I show you about that, Lets quickly take a look at below.

Comparing Thrive leads features with other popular list building solutions and plugin on the market.

comparism between thrive leads and other list building plugins

Take a look at all the features.... and the good stuff? You're not limited to building just one or a few forms... It's unlimited forms baby! Right from your WordPress dashboard with one single plugin (No addon or whatsoever required).

That's to show how powerful of a list building plugin it is. Wait a minute! Build unlimited forms should have been the third point but hey, We'll find other killer reasons to choose thrive leads over others.

See those very popular websites out there? Any type of opt-in forms they have on their website, You can build similar or even better with thrive leads, You just name it. Remember you can even do this with no I.T skills.

Build forms ranging from:

  1. Popups also known as Lightboxes.
  2. Build in-line forms.
  3. 2-step Opt-in forms.
  4. Sticky "Ribbon" Opt-in form (Like the one calling to you above)
  5. Slide in Opt-in forms
  6. The normal opt-in widgets.
  7. Welcome mats
  8. Full page takeovers like the one that appears when you try to leave my blog and many others.

3. It Helps You Build Super Responsive Opt-in Forms

You see with Thrive leads you're not only making unlimited beautiful and high converting opt-in forms you're also making something that's super responsive and 'll look great on any device.

A recent study by Statista and Creative Commons found on Digital sunami says that mobile traffic is growing at an unprecedented rate.

mobile internet growth

If your main source of traffic is from the search engines, You should also know that sometimes last year, Google officially stated that the amount of searches from mobile is now higher than that of the normal desktop computer.

If Google says that, Bing and the other search engines can't be far behind.

As you are optimizing your website, making it better for mobile visitors you should never forget to optimize your opt-in forms as well else you'll lose out on some quality leads.


And what better, stress-free way to do that than to lay hands on a already optimized & responsive opt-in list building creation form plugin? Thrive leads.

In addition to that, Thrive leads due to the fact that it was written with 100% fast and clean code has been tested working well on all browsers.

4. It Puts You In Charge, Decide Where You Want Your Forms to Appear!

My own definition for super advanced targeting! You know how painful it is to design an opt-in form only for you to wanna modify where it appears but you can't due to the fact that the plugin you're using has not that option.

It really hurts...

Well that's not the case with this plugin. You totally are the one in charge of where your forms are displayed and with thrive leads advanced targeting feature you can acquire more leads today displaying laser targeted forms tailored for different people all in different sections of your website.

I have used Thrive leads to build a feature box that looks super sweet on one of our new blogs! It only appears on the homepage then as you proceed you find others specific to where they belong and where you see them.

thrive leads advanced targeting explained

In thrive leads, we call them lead groups and they're very powerful. With the highlighted part of the screenshot from your dashboard  you can configure any of your beautiful, high converting and unlimited forms to display anywhere ranging from:

  1. Homepage only
  2. Post Pages Only
  3. Single Blog Posts Only
  4. Blog Pages Only
  5. Even specific Categories only...

You own your forms and you control where they're displayed not the plugin. The thrive leads short codes function also lets you place forms anywhere in your theme using a standard PHP Code.

5. It Helps You Better Understand Your Opt-in Forms & Visitors.

How many of you can live without seeing the detailed stuff on how your opt-in forms are doing/converting? I can't.

You see this is one reason to love thrive leads. The smart analytics feature helps you gain actionable insights as to how your forms are doing, Conversion rates and so much more...

thrive leads analytics

The thrive leads reporting suite is just amazing, and if you're the type that loves digging into data analysis and reports to find ways to improve you'll love this one @ data lovers.

With this one you can know setup A/B tests, know how they are doing, Your conversion rate per opt-in form and many others.

You'll be able to know what your most converting form and placement is so you can leverage on it and improve conversions.

thrive leads reporting

That's how the basic thrive leads interface looks like, You can even see more (The big magic when you click the VIEW MORE button then you'll see the traffic and conversion charts with details like:

  1. Referrer: Where the converted visitor came from.
  2. Opt-in form: The exact opt-in form responsible for that conversion.
  3. A link to view the form: In case you've built too much form and you don't know what they look like anymore.

Are you convinced yet? That's not all... We still have 2 more reasons to go.

6. It Integrates Easily With Your Favorite Email Services, But There's More.

Yeah, It does but not directly with all like Benchmark email marketing software (my favorite). But hey, Thrive leads integrates seamlessly with the following email services thereby making email collection darn easy.

  1. GetResponse
  2. Madmimi
  3. Klickk Tip
  4. Sendy
  5. Drip
  6. Hubspot
  7. Active Campaign
  • Infusion Soft
  • Mail Poet
  • ConvertKit
  • arpReach
  • Sendinble
  • GotoWebinar
  • WebinarJam

And a few others. If your software is not on the list like mine? You can always use your opt-in form html code like I do mine... and it works great.

But wait, That's not all.

If you're the type that conducts Webinar alot, Since Thrive leads integrates directly with services like Webinarjam and Goto webinar, It has a feature you'll love called Sign up Segue, One of the most powerful one click sign up feature ever available in Thrive leads.

This makes signing up for your upcoming webinar stupidly easy for your email subscribers as they won't have to re-enter their emails at the webinar sign up page.

I've caught Gurus like Gael from AuthorityHacker use this one on me and it works like charm.

sign up segue from thrive themes thrive leads

This a plus one for webinar organizers. And people looking for stress free ways to create high converting opt-in forms.

7. Thrive Leads Actually is What I Say It is...

And that's the 7th and last reason you wanna choose this plugin. What did I say Thrive leads is again?

The number Choice for WordPress website owners when it comes to building high converting email opt-in forms that actually works. Period!

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, Here are a few other reasons why I chose Thrive leads and you should too:

  • It's Cheap - Thrive leads is Cheap. In fact it was cheaper in the past but seeing as the plugin is, It had to go up. Compared with others like SumoMe which costs about $100/month for the full version Thrive leads only cost $97 for the unlimited personal sites license.
  • It's Built With Speed In Mind - While most advanced feature rich plugins for WordPress slows down a website, The thrive leads does not. In fact it has a lazy load feature that makes your form loads after everything else only when it comes to Viewport, Amazing!
  • Thrive Leads is All In One - I've tried many many email list building plugin for WordPress. You name it, Optinmonster, Bloom, Ninja Popups, Layered Popups, WP Subscribe pro and one other... What I've noticed especially with Ninja Popups is you need some other addon which you'll have to pay for separately to get most important features activated for you. Optinmonster does this too but in a coded way.
  • You're creating Living Forms - With Thriveleads your opt-in forms are moving, they're alive and not static thereby making it draw more attention to itself. With the availability of various events and animations your forms won't go un-noticed.

Many other crazy features. Like have you seen any other opt-in plugin that lets you add the below elements to your forms just for conversion purposes?

Data Elements From Thrive Leads!

You're 69% Away from Joining the Community
75 %
Have Subscribed!

12,388 Subscribers Already Join Them Now!


Want these sick features on your website as well?


Actually this is not all about Thrive Leads there are a dozen other things the plugin can do like the:

  • Asset Delivery Feature that helps you automatically send your promised bonuses to your subscribers.
  • Smart Opt-in form behaviors, You can use this feature to hide forms from people who have already subscribed to your email list.
  • Comes with bad-ass content upgrades templates which makes creating content upgrades even more easier for list building.
  • Content locking feature for getting visitors to subscribe before viewing a part of your content.
  • And so many more 🙂

I have tried as much as possible to cover all. It's now over to you. With all these said! Is thrive leads fit to be crowned king of all list building plugins for WordPress?

Let me see your comments below and do not forget to share :)​



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