These 7 Tactics Will Help You Grab a Visitors Attention 852% More Than The Usual

It appears you're a having a hard time getting your website or your blog visitors to see the bigger picture on your website. It's there but they're just not drawn to it.

For some reasons best known to each and everyone.

attention grabbing blog post banner

Sometimes you think they're ignored but nah! Maybe they're just not visible enough.... And it hurts really.

This post tends to spell out ways to grab attentions of just anyone to see what you want them to see.

I don't know to what thing you're calling your visitors attention to here, It may be to...

  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Buy your awesome product
  • See an offer of yours
  • Click on an affiliate link
  • And just many many more....

Writing is a good strategy. Popularly loved to be referred to as producing content in short  content marketing and it's best being carried out via blogging or social media websites.

Content rules and is most likely to stay there for a very long period of time.

I mean even if you run a Saas company or some offline company with a website online then you might want to deploy some article marketing strategies or should i say content marketing.

One of the fastest ways to grow your business is by blogging. Research shows that Small businesses that embrace blogging see 126% more growth in terms of leads than those that don’t blog.

As if that's not enough reason to blog? Are you running a B2B company? I think it's best that you know that InsideView found out that 67% in lead generation is common to those B2B marketers who blog, as opposed to those that don’t.

There's not much you can actually put on your company website. Even most of it is just a one page thing but on your blog? There's no telling of what could go down there.


Detailed breakdown of your product, industry related news, Search engine optimized articles and more.

Even if more organic traffic or increasing your SERPs is all you crave for, then blogging can help you do that as Blogging increases inbound links by 97% for those companies that produce a blog.

Even if you do acknowledge these things then expect growth little by little. Blogging isn't magic. You start to build an audience and you gain trust slowly. But then an urgent thing came up..

You have to increase pricing, You're making changes to your website privacy policy or perhaps you're aiming to increase the subscriber count.

david ogilvy

The way people interact with contents is simply amazing. David Ogilvy once said around 80-85% people will see your headline but only about 20% if not lesser will read it. That's explainable. To catch some visitors attention you need something extra.

In this post i have tried to cover up everything... So try keep up, continue reading and learn as much as possible.

1. Animate It…

Animating your content just gives it more potential to get noticed. Why? Most of everything expected to load on a landing page are static objects and nothing more.

Think of those countless times you saw .gif images moving all over your computer screen.

Not just gif images. Animated contents entirely may just draw (That's an understatement) Will draw your visitors attention 100 times more than the casual. Feel my Animated CTA button below?

Further click on it to see the action to the end... by the way that's real. I'll send you the printable version you can always read over and over again.

 Now click that button and see the action.

That alone could account for half of the exposure you need to get to what ever goal it is you wish to achieve. Mind you that button and the whole animating thing was done by Thrive Content Builder.

An awesome plugin from the ThriveThemes team. Creator of the Thrive Framework, Thrive landing pages  and more awesome products.

See why blogging is recommended? Yes you can apply these to your compnay website but you can further it on your company blog.

Don't forget, Just like content upgrades.

2. Using Web Banners is Not a Bad Idea

Quite a number of people have shifted away from using web banners reason being due to the fact that it's less effective and email marketing out performs other forms of marketing but guess what it still works.

advertising graph

I'm going to show you one person using banners effectively to communicate his offer to his readers.

Everyone say hi to;

neil patel
Neil PatelExpert Blogger

The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies.

Neil is an expert at what he does. Currently he is hosting a free webinar on his blog and the homepage is the landing page with extensive details about the webinar.

Search engines won't do much on this issue. Opt-in pages rarely (barely) ranks.

Neil seeing that most of his traffic lands on the blog post he has previously written, even the new ones but the main offer he wants people to actually see is on the homepage.

He quickly deployed some tactics and guess what's part of those tactics: Banners!

neil patel banners

Recently he just added a few more good looking and exciting one's with tons of expressions that draws attention.

Here's one found in between his blog post 🙂

Asides this one Neil has a ton others on his sidebar, in blog post and so on. This helps him create awareness, draw attention of a landing user to the bigger picture.

The FREE Webinar he's hosting.

That's the idea. Not everyone visiting is going to click the tinie tiny link on the navigation bar... Take Note.

Banners are easy. Anyone can design them using Photoshop or in other words Cheap, as you can get an high quality one done for you for just $5 on Fiverr.

neil patel banner

3. Make It Sticky…

The word sticky; Sounds like following you everywhere you go right? That's it.

That's the idea. Having what you want to get seen follow your visitor up and down till they eventually succumb and check it out.


Perfect for banner tactics on the sidebar, Collecting email sign ups from the sidebar, ribbon email opt-in bars and more.

As you can see my opt-in form is sticky and will follow you everywhere and anywhere you scroll to on my blog unless you scroll above it. Courtsey: Thrive Leads

You can't simply ignore it. It's just there calling at you to see what it's saying.

Now that's what I'm talking about.

How to make sticky sidebar? It's easy search for the free plugin "Q2W3 Fixed Widget" from your WordPress admin dashboard and there you got it... Install and activate.

Now to make any widget sticky just go to your widgets and Click on any and tap the fixed widget box then you're good.

Not only your sidebar can go sticky.

If your Call to Action button is on your Navigation menu? Then yes! You could go sticky with it too... Now you don't even need a plugin to do that for you. Most themes especially Mythemeshop themes do have this function included.

4. Popups Are Absolute Genius

Popups can be annoying, Can be irritating, In fact Google's punishing sites using them in an aggressive way starting January 2016.

But as well? They can be genius.. Why? It's name.. "Pop up" An element of surprise that works like charm.

Popups are crazy attention getters.

Say you're offering a freebie to everyone who visits your website then setting up a lightbox popup is one of the best ways to get everyone to see it. The way it comes in and grab one's attention is divine.

Top email marketers have confirmed popups to be working. The guys at IncomeDiary has confirmed that using more popups help them see up to 30% to 100% increase in the number of opt-ins.

The popup form on my blog accounts for most sign ups till today. Setting up these popups are cheap and relatively easy. I Only recommend three plugins:

  • Thrive Leads by ThriveThemes
  • ConvertPlug, It's cheap and has a lot of features.
  • Bloom Plugin By Elegant Themes
  • Popup Domination
  • Ninja Popups
  • Optin Monster

These plugins seemingly intergrates with most email software providers and come in different feel all with the aim to help you grab that attention you crave for and help collect more signups.

My two favorites are Thrive Leads and Bloom.

5. Can you Please Put it In a Video?

Videos are interesting. Videos draw attention. No wonder YouTube is the third most popular website in the world according to alexa.

YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of view.

But why is this? Videos tend to be more explanatory and all fun to watch. Text is becoming less interesting. Having documented your entire content marketing strategy in a text format is a mistake, See the whole 12 content marketing mistakes for more.

People prefer videos these days and often go after it. In fact Neil Patel in this post suggested that using videos can be a growth hacking technique for early startups.

whiteboard friday

Having a video on your page can keep a visitor and pin him/her down either to see what's waiting at the end of the video or finally see what he might not have seen if he had exited the site minutes back.

Bottom line: Videos do work in helping you gain attention. Embedding that in your blog posts or blog entirely can do the trick for you. Having a YouTube channel works wonders.

Why do you think people including me hearts The Whiteboard Friday by Moz? Think.

6. Get Crazy With Colors! Yes!

Colors play a huge role in everything you do online. Little did small business owners know how much it influences buying decisions or getting attention.

color and branding

Image credits: GraciaMarcon

If you've been following me and my blog you must have seen how crazy i get with colors and how i keep tweaking and changing how they appear. But one thing is certain: They cannot be anything other than blue & orange cause those two compliment each other. black.

Red is interesting and so is blue. In so much white space which is good for Pinterest each color stands out and pulls attention towards it. It's just like a single ray of light in a dark large room.

Taking into consideration that some people are color blind, I only play around with colors that are most used by brands and have been successful at getting traction. That's it.

colors by brands

You should experiment with colors, One thing i like the bloom plugin for is the availability of unlimited colors and the split testing available.

This helps me see which color is performing well on my forms and which is the opposite. It doesn't just stop at forms alone but call to action buttons. You want to have it all over in different colors.

The plentier, the differ in coloring the better. It all boils down to testing.

But always remember to stay in the zone of your brand color.

7. Add a Notification Bar…

This simply adds a simple sticky bar to your header (Good for people who don't have the sticky nav menu option in their theme) And perfect for everyone who wants his or her visitors to see something urgent.

This feature can help you grow your email list, manage marketing promotions, increase your social media following or grow the audience for specific pages on your website.

notification bar

That's how it works. This method is crazily popular and is used by most popular websites including Amazon. Remember Robbie Richards? He uses this method as well.

Most free plugins can get this done for you.... You can try WP Notification bar or any of these list building plugins can do the trick. It gives you everything you add an attention gaining notification bar to your website


More than 60% of U.S. online consumers say they’ve made purchases as a direct result of reading a blogger’s recommendation... That recommendation of yours that's on your blog needs to be found.

With the tactics here you'll be able to pull more attention 852% more and better than before.

Bet you'll see how much money you've left on the table after deploying these tactics and putting them to work on your website.

But i must tell you. "Modesty"​ Ever heard of it before? Try applying it when carrying out these tactics as getting too much with popups or colors may distract your readers from even seeing the bigger picture.

It may lead to high bounce rate and more but with modesty, Everything is balanced. Go now and put these to work but before then i will love to see your feedback on this one.

Do not forget to share on your favorite social media platforms. Thanks for making it this far 🙂


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