90% Of Why We’ve Successfully Used Pinterest For Marketing

Over the past few days, I've not published an article on this blog.

Been so busy and buried in so many projects (offline) But there's this one (online) a health and fitness site I'm running and it's really doing well thanks to Pinterest.

In the last 30 days the site received over 56,090 visitors resulting in 67,297 page views and 80% of that traffic came from pinterest. That's not the only good thing. For some people, those numbers might be low but the traffic was and is from top tier countries like:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Austrailia

Advertisers pay good money for traffic from these location and if you've been blogging for months, years by now you should've already known this.

The traffic is high quality and you know the good part? It's absolutely FREE and requires no hard work.

The best part? I'm revealing everything we've on the blog right in this post.

Why Get Some Pinterest Traffic For Yourself

It's FREE - The obvious reason why anyone would want to look into the network, engine. Although you can sponsor an ad on Pinterest like you do on Facebook but it's mostly uncommon.

Just contribute fairly on Pinterest, be a part of the community, practice some of the things we're discussing here and if / when one of your Pin goes viral...

You'll be sending me an email asking for my PayPal email so as so send me something for a drink or even a Ferrari.

I spend anywhere near four hours per day looking and looking at Pinterest.

It's EASY - So easy to get and use. Infact the network will supercharge you with tons of ideas for your projects, Just be careful not to get overwhelmed.. Pinterest is seriously addictive.

High Quality Traffic - The best you can ever get for your business. Not only are they for English, money spending countries... These guys are more likely to buy. I mentioned in my Pinterest statistic post about a study conducted by Wayfair magazine.

Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than visitors referred from non-social channels, including search, according to industry reports.

I actually confirmed that to an extent.

Ready to get those people that matter to your business from Pinterest? Here are the things we're doing, what's working for us.

1. The Obvious Things

I'm trying as much as possible to cover everything in this post, Here are the little things (but they matter alot) that we did.

  • Signed up for Pinterest (Very very obvious, you need to create an account).
  • Switch to a business account with more meat.
  • Fill in your profile details thoroughly and make it catchy.
  • Get rich pins activated, Crucial. Learn about that on Pinterest For Business.
  • Create clickworthy, emotional driven headlines.
  • Include keywords in our pin descriptions.
  • And so on.

As simple or little as these might be, They're very crucial and a very important ingridient for your Pinterest success.

Lets move on to the more important parts of this article.

2. Design A Pinteresting Image For Every Post

Sometimes we go as far as designing up to three Pinterest friendly graphics for posts with potential. Pinterest is different in it's way, People pin ideas to boards.

Boards they're looking to fill it up with ideas for their projects.

Pinterest is an amazing network. Using pinterest for marketing can skyrocket your website growth. I explained how in 7 reasons.

Most images (pins) are vertical in sizes and so therefore banking on the featured image that goes for Facebook and Twitter is not something you can bank on. Pinterest images are tall, ideally 735px in width and 1105px in height or even taller.

However Buzzfeed, one of the many media companies doing well on Pinterest in this insane post says pins that are 600px and 2100px tall do even better. Over at my health blog, I've adopted a fixed size for my pins and it's around:

700px in width and 1400px in height.

To start getting traffic, to increase your traffic from Pinterest... It's advisable that you create at least one Pinnable image for every post. One that you can pin to your boards, the group boards that you have joined and your visitors can pin to their boards.

We've been doing this and it works great.

3. Join Group Boards

I mean, a sh*t ton of them.

Group boards are just like Facebook groups, They're not easy to join but they're way worth it if you know what I'm talking about.

Come to think of it, One pin for a post or at most two... They go into the right board on your Pinterest profile and that's it, Doesn't make sense to populate your boards with just one pin however having multiple group boards with thousands of followers to send that same pin to?

Heck yes!

Up till now, we're sending our pins to over 180 high quality group boards on Pinterest. Even in the first two hours of publishing a post, It already has over 120 shares already.

Group boards are almost everything on Pinterest and to gain ground fast.... You should really find your way into them ASAP. Here's my favorite guide on joining group boards on Pinterest.

It takes a lot of time but yes, It's worth it.

4. Pin Extensively

Pin rigorously.

Pin alot...

That's the key to gaining ground with Pinterest. According to stats we pin anywhere near 3000 pins per week... Sometimes it's up to 3600 but it never exceeds 4000 and it frigging works well.

Come to think of it, Over 177 group boards to contribute to, More pins sent on it... more traffic for us, why would we wanna slow down.

You see this post is arranged strategically, Everything comes before the other. In other to be able to pin extensively of course you need to have group boards that are willing to take those pins in and show it to people browsing through Pinterest looking for ideas.

How to Optimize Your Blog + Content For Pinterest In 7 Steps

It's as simple as that.

Most of the pins on Pinterest aren't unique, They're what's been pinned, re-pinned and pinned over again. TBH, It doesn't mean you start blasting those poor boards that are gonna help your site with pins.

Once you start joining boards and you see the boards owner revoke your access to those boards, You'll understand how painful it can be and not be a spammer.

Instead contribute fairly and follow the rules of each board. Then you have to have a nice amount of content on your site to be able to create pinnables for them.

You dig? Lets move on...

4. Pin At The Right Time

Yes, I said pin extensively but whilst you're at it.

Make sure to apply some common sense. I'm telling you this cause I never did when starting out, Only until later.

Here's the thing. I'm a Nigerian. I live in Nigeria, My blog isn't for the Nigerian audience. It's mostly targeted at those living in countries like the U.S, Canada, U.K, Australia and other English speaking countries.

That's where the big bucks is made right?


And you know the rules with the best times to post on social media. Basically when people are online, during the day time.. My country is five hours ahead of the U.S and Canada in time.

Australia is crazily ahead of us in time, Only the U.K shared similar time differences and you know what? I was posting with the time pattern and schedule, that I live in... blasting pins here and there, ignoring the fact that when I'm all up and awake...

The people that really mattered are still sleeping or something.

This really cost my business alot and how did I solve this? A tool... I've talked about it here, It's called viraltag and after 6 months with the tool here's what it has helped us achieve:

  • Over 7122 Pinterest followers.
  • Solve the problem of when to post.
  • Helped us schedule pin extensively and post without limits. The only limit is the one from Pinterest and it's frigging annoying.
  • Saved us a sh*t ton of time...
  • Helped us manage our group boards extensively.
  • And many more.

I'll explain now.

Let me start from one of  the most important things. The best time to Post.

Viraltag has an in built scheduling function which has an option for adding google analytics. This integration lets viraltag looks at your traffic stats, get the times when your users are most engaged and suggests that you add them to your posting schedule.

This then makes the time available for posting each time you schedule a pin and add to queue.

Viraltag has a time saving function called Boards list and I can't begin to count how many hours of countless scheduling that tool has saved me. Here's how it works... You just create a board list and add similar boards.

This makes those boards selectable in just ONE click and when this happens, It's BOOM time.

Viraltag and unlimited Pins, Yasss... Most of the Pinterest tools out there have a pin limit per plan, Boardbooster has a 500 pins per month plan, Tailwind, viralwoot has theirs.

This limits the amount of pins you can send a month, with viraltag? Schedule and pin away. This tool has helped us published over 100k pins in less than 6 months... That's how powerful it is.

One of the best visual marketing tool out there, Learn more about viraltag from the listed links below:

Another plus with viraltag is that it's budget friendly, Pay as low as $9 / month for the blogger plan, 3 social profiles limit and post unlimitedly to them.

In conclusion.

I'd like to add that for now.. Pinterest marketing isn't something that you need to crack your brain on, It's easy as at now and even you can join, I have no idea what Pinterest's future plans are and the policies they're introducing in the future.

Best take this advantage now and make Pinterest work for you.

In the future I shall be going deep about advanced Pinterest marketing tips to further increase your traffic, So lets end this one for now.

The comment form is open.. Feel free to ask or contribute to this article. As usual, I'm eager to hear from you.

Don't forget to share too 🙂


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