The Spark Technique: Go Viral, Drive Insane Traffic Using StumbleUpon

You've read stories of how people have gone viral whether intentional or unintentional.

spark technique strategy

Looked at yourself & your analytics dashboard.

..then thought to yourself:

When is this going to happen to me? When I'm I also gonna witness that huge traffic spike?

Hold on, very soon.

You'll learn everything I did to go viral on StumbleUpon over 4 times driving over 3000 visits to a new article just in one day.

Would you be interested in learning how? Then continue reading.

How It All Started!

I'm no nutrition expert. I've spent the past four years perfecting every online marketing strategy especially email marketing and not things like which diet helps lose weight fast?

I have a friend named Alicia and since she was a bit bright on the health/nutrition industry.

We started the blog together. She wasn't always around that much. I do most of the work, In fact over 80% of the work.

I did and until now We've written four nutrition, health and fitness related articles that have gone viral on StumbleUpon driving over 9000 visitors in just a few days.


That's just one article and we got all these without:

  • Spending Money on Ads
  • Trying to reach out to a couple of Influencers who wouldn't give feedback talk more of sharing the article.
  • No serious hard work.

When it happened at first I was shocked, Until I practiced it again and Boom! The next article took off... Then the next? Not so great, After? Pfff... The I wrote this one about 4 days ago

And until now? It has received over 4,700 stumbles (shares) bringing in over 7000 new visits to our blog.

stumbleupon traffic case study

StumbleUpon wasn't the only referral! Flipboard sent 40% of the traffic too.. Apparently the article was just the viral material.

Here's another shocker:

That particular article has only 176 words.

Here's a Few Things You Need to Know.

  • What is StumbleUpon? - StumbleUpon is a content recommendation engine founded in 2001 that finds and recommend web contents to it's users. The engine has features that makes users rate all form of contents that are tailored just to their taste.
  • Why Should You Care? - It's okay not to give a flying f*ck about StumbleUpon but you should know this: According to SearchEnginePeople StumbleUpon now drives more traffic to other sites than the popular reddit and an article on Mashable also suggests that It accounts for more than 50% of social traffic driven to other websites.
  • You Need Traffic? - StumbleUpon can give it to you without charging a single cent. All you need to do is create that kind of content that SU users like. And what are those? We'll get to it soon 🙂

That's not all... There are a couple of other things you need to know to harness the power of StumbleUpon and drive the hell out of traffic from the platform.

stats and facts about stumbleupon

It's good that you pay close attention to every part of this detailed article. Trust me you don't want to miss a single part of it.

Again! With StumbleUpon Traffic, Note That:

  • The Traffic You Get is Not Entirely Yours - Well technically speaking yes! When StumbleUpon sends you traffic the visitors don't leave SU. They browse your website within StumbleUpon. If you're familiar with the engine you should know that. Again! That is a pain in the ass, Sorta! More on this later.
  • StumbleUpon Users Don't Care About You - Yep, that's right! Most of the people using the content recommendation engine just wanna see great contents and move on. They don't care much about seeing your popular articles or get attracted by your lead magnets thereby subscribing to your email list. There here with you and can be gone (sometimes forever). Sounds scary? Don't worry! I will show you the technique I use to retain most of them as well asides.
  • It's Extremely Hard & Easy to Generate Traffic From StumbleUpon - Hard without my technique and easy, piece of cake, as simple as ABC with my technique. I call it the Spark technique. Why that name? We'll get to it soon.

Proof That The Spark Technique Works!

No, not me this time. When I had perfected this technique and taught it to a friend of mine, who runs an entertainment blog

...the feedback he gave me the next day shocked me.

stumbleupon traffic case study

He created the highlighted posts and boom! It went off... I asked for the traffic sources report and he sent it to me.

He applied the technique on his blog and got over 5000 visits to the two articles he structured the way I told him to.

See highlights below.I also have highlighted the sources. I haven't written about naps, neither do I write about Lil Wayne, He did the Netflix and infographic nap article himself.Wow, This works I muttered.


Let's write something about it perhaps brand it since I devised everything myself, and here we are. You must be eager to learn the spark technique to help you drive viral traffic to your website.

Will This Work For Your Website?​

Regardless the niche? I am sure. As long as there's interest within StumbleUpon that resonates with your niche?

You're ready to go.

Get Started By Signing Up For an Account

If you already have an account with StumbleUpon, that's cool. Just leave it to chill and let's open another one (This will be your primary account), more on this later.

Let's start by visiting StumbleUpon.com you should see a page like below (for users who's account is not signed in).


​A popup should appear asking you for permission.

Go ahead and hit the rightful buttons so your account can get created.

​Once you hit allow you'll get a page asking your age, Choose that, and you're green to go.

Where The Fun Begins, Choosing Interests.​

Now this is a crucial part of this guide. It's the foundation of the spark technique.

​As you can see below, I've been presented with a page to choose at least ten interests. If I were you, I would start picking! In fact, you're allowed to choose more than 10.

picking interest on stumbleupom

You can use the highlighted part of the snapshot above even to find more things that are related to your website.

Have you done that? Let's move on.

You're ready to start stumbling.

Let The Stumbling Begin​

Now you're going to be shown pages, web contents based on your interests.

Above snapshot was added just in case you didn't get that. That's the basis. That's how SU works.​

When you press like, SU will show it to more people and the more the likes, the more it gets shared and then and on it goes.

See that page you're on right now? That's how people from StumbleUpon will visit your site as well.

So please participate in the community. Like and dislike pages, Keep the Stumble spirit going.

While you're doing that, I need you to do two things.​

  • 1. The first part of the Spark Technique - Follow other people with the same interest as you.
using stumbleupon

As highlighted above, Clicking on that gives you access to other stumblers who have stumbled that particular content and also with the same interest as you.

A couple will follow back; Others won't care. ​Don't worry; You're on your way to success.

  • 2. Take note of the contents you're seeing - The kind of Content that goes viral on StumbleUpon

They look good no doubt, and They're stuff that has gone viral. They have been Shared literally by thousands of people.

Are you taking note?​

The Kind of Content That Works On StumbleUpon

It's hard to mention as there are several niches out there, and it's different strokes for different people as they say.

I've particularly had success with infographics (my friend above there too), posts with little contents and tons of images and directions, viral contents with memes and crazy headlines.​


Enter your text here...Mainly straightforward articles keeping out the less important details.

I've never seen a 2000 word article since I've been using the content discovery engine so if you're lazy like me, The sparks technique will work just fine for you.​

The one we tried recently with that much text didn't go far. See the snapshot above.

Creating your content for StumbleUpon Success​

One of the things I love most about StumbleUpon. You don't even have to go all that crazy writing and researching content.

Remember when using StumbleUpon we want to keep it as simple as possible.

Here's how I come up with my posts.​

I only go after the trending articles and write mine. Ever heard of the skyscraper technique? By Brian Dean, Founder Backlinko?

brian dean skyscraper technique

The approach focuses on finding contents that that have already done well on social media websites, on the search engines and creating a better version of it.

While that means adding more sauce to the existing article making it longer. For example, if the article "30 Most Interesting Places to See in Brazil."

While using the Skyscraper technique? You might want to make that 50 or more for the sake of the search engines.

But with SU that's not the case.

If you have seen an article that resonates with your site, you only want to make it better by picking out the good points and adding them to your articles then throwing away the bad ones.

If "20 Exercises to Getting 6 Packs Ab was Trending".

As a fitness expert, you see those and should know the really unnecessary ones.

With StumbleUpon? The shorter. The better. Got it?

One Trick to Make Your Page Look Juicy For SU Users.

The one trick? Insert a good looking image that grabs their attention to the top of your article.

That alone goes a long way in getting your story to go viral.

​Let's see a real life example. We coined out 7 No Equipment Exercises For Men: Get Fit With 6 Packs Abs from a List of 15.

nutrition realm post

We designed a featured image for the article (the one above), instead of putting it at the top of the post like most people do; We simply added a graphic of what the users are going to see in the post instead.

The page word count on the page was only about 178 words or so.

stumbleupon traffic case study

The results? 2000+ views from Flipboard and over 5000 views from StumbleUpon.

Stumbling Your Shiny Article

Now's the time to get out there and show the world what your new creation. Who knows, you might just go viral. And when you apply the spark technique, 3 out of 5 times? You will.

going viral illustration

​Stumbling your new article is very easy. Simply head over to your StumbleUpon profile and hit the add a page link or add a share button that has the Stumble Function.

One more reason I love Easy social share buttons for WordPress. It not only displays that fancy share buttons, but It also shows the counts for immense social proof that the article has indeed been stumbled that many times.​

If you have a share button like that on your website, simply hit the Stumble button and see the new window opened.

stumbling a content

If the page has not been added to SU at all, you get a page asking you to choose the interest where the page gets fit and if it's safe for work.

Choose the right options and just hit save.

​Congratulations your article has just been added to StumbleUpon, you can't wait to see the traffic rolling in right?

The Secret to Going Viral: The Spark​

So up until now we've signed up for a new SU account, got familiar with the platform, added interests, stumbled a few pages, created your content, added it to StumbleUpon.

Excellent work! You're 90% there already.

going viral on stumbleupon

Community-based websites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Flipboard.

Ever wondered how things go in those places?​

It all starts with someone adding it to the community then it gets seen by another person, it gets upvoted and then another person, and on and on and there we go.​

Boom, Everybody's sharing it.

sharing content online

With SU it's no different! One a few persons have to see it, Press the thumbs up button and stumble it then your server gets it hard.

Understand? Now why I love the spark technique is cause you don't even have to wait for that first 2 or 3 people to stumble your content (The spark).

You can be that spark yourself. The first person that shares it, the second and the third.

spark technique stumbleupon


Here's the thing.

Did you add the new article to SU right? You're the one that's going to show it further to the world.

​For starters, Just open a new SU account on another browser using any of your profiles, go to that same article and stumble it.

But then you would only be seeing a page like below.

There you go. You don't have to wait. Create the spark yourself. Spark your way to virality.

stumbleupon success

If you have followed all the outlined step till now? You should hit gold the moment or days after you put it into practice.

So here's the deal...​

Now that you've learned the secret to going viral, Its time to enjoy the traffic.

Remember what I said earlier about SU users: they don't want to stay... They just want to see the best contents and move on from there. I've developed a few tricks to retain them, and I am adding them to my next blog post.

If you want to get alerted when it goes out, just click the below button to join (It also adds you to the free members area with a lot of resources for better online marketing).​

Hope you've enjoyed reading the spark technique. Remember only two to three SU accounts are okay to go viral.​

Make your articles straightforward and clean, full of images.​

Have fun and when you go viral? Don't forget to contact me to buy me a cup of coffee via PayPal cause I'm so sure if these have worked for me; It'll work for you too.

Cause I had plans of going into details with this article and the next I'm having here on BabsReviews.com I went premium with Grammarly so as to write fluently.​

I postponed a trip to finish this article. Reward me by at least sharing this article with your friends. Bet they'll find it useful.

And do not forget to leave me a feedback using the comment form, If this has worked for you? Send me an email! I'll be creating case studies in the future.

It will be so nice to have you featured.​


Quick update: Hey guys, Babs Here. Hope you're enjoying the Spark Technique cause it still works. I just wanted to stop by to say thank you for reading and with something we've discovered recently. Stumbling our contents with our new, spammy looking and established account doesn't really help. Instead what we've noticed that works is reaching out to people and having a stumble button on our website. You really don't have to create an army of accounts that are no good. One and a couple of likes from your friends or team members and you're good to go.


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