3 Amazing Ways to Get More Out Of Social Media Websites Even If You Have No Time

Social media websites or should i say social networking websites is a Big BIG Thing nowadays and am very sure you have an account on these websites, If not…. Surely you posses one or even more on;

That’s just how things how these days, People actually make use of social media websites either to catch fun, connect, chat but in our way maybe to market to people in need or reach out to potential customers.

Still the same thing 🙂

According to PEWinternet, As at January 2014, 74% of online adults use social media websites and that’s for real.

social media websites

PEWinternet went further after the survey stated that;

As of September 2014:

  • 71% of online adults use Facebook
  • 23% of online adults use Twitter
  • 26% use Instagram
  • 28% use Pinterest
  • 28% use LinkedIn
  • social media usage over time

Adweek also Published an infographics Powered by Digital Insights , It shows the amount of total users on Top social media websites.

According to The infographics Facebook tops the list with over 1.28 billion Monthly active users, Followed by Google+ with Over 580 Million active users engaged every month, Then Twitter, Then On and on…

Now that’s a lot of Meat for Marketers.

But then to leverage these social media websites and get the most out of it, You need to learn each’s tactics and how it works. For example Twitter limits every user to a 160 word per tweet which in terms of Facebook a status update is next to unlimited.

According to Neil Patel’s blog post on QuickSprout LinkedIn is better used when it comes to building your brand as it drives more referral traffic even than Facebook, The largest network for that matter.

referal chats for social media

 So as you can see… It Varies!

You may have studied these websites hard enough, perfected the tactics but there’s another thing involved. Do i Have the time to implement these strategies have learnt?

Social media websites could actually give you more than you’re asking for of course in a positive way but the question is;

Do you Have the time to Leverage Social Media Websites?

Let me use myself as an example, I am a student of the National Open University here in Nigeria, This is an Open distance type of learning that enables students learn outside the four walls of a lecture room, It means we have no Lecturers, Nobody to put us (The students) through, But we do have Facilitators though.

All we have to keep chewing is books, Piles of books Big enough to to cause a collateral damage when it collides with mountain Everest….

You know I’m exaggerating over there right? Lets move on.

Here in Nigeria, If you don’t go to school you’re Nobody, That even means you’re not even up to 15% close in being a successful person, Don’t take it the wrong way but that’s just how i see things here… Percentages may differ in each countries though.

But on a more serious note here, Its my future right in front of me.. I want to graduate with a better grade so when i am to join the labour market even if i don’t do internet marketing anymore which i doubt i will stop, I wanna be able to put better food on the table for my family.

Take care of everyone, Take vacations on a yacht with beautiful ladies [if am not married then], Visit London to see the Castle of Windsor and a million of other things i can’t even mention here.

But then if i am to be close to getting all that to happen, At least i have to work hard on my studies, graduate with a good grade and all that but then there’s online marketing, I have to write articles on my blog, use social media effectively, email marketing with GetResponse, be active on forums and a million other things as well.

On top of that the network services here in Nigeria will just KILL everything.

What point am i getting to? The social media aspect! I know they can give me more but where the heck is the time? I have literally tons of things to do but then i had to set out some policies for myself and it’s working.

Know what else? Am going to share them with you 🙂

I understand perfectly that you probably have no time at all to get engaged on these websites even when it comes to forum marketing but if you have time and you’re not making most of social media websites?

Hey, You literally deserved to be flogged there cause you’re definitely leaving money on the table (Would have added SORTA just right after the ‘table’ but Nah! You’re definitely making it happen)

But not to worry, After this article your social media usage should increase drastically which would surely increase your brand visibility, get you more sales/customers, and simply TRAFFIC.

So here we Go with;

1. Dedicate More Time to Using it.

This may sound a little off to you but the first step in getting things done generally is to have a will to do it…..

I Will do it, I must do it, And Yes i Did it..

It’s just as simple as that. Few days ago i woke up, stood up and said aloud to myself not knowing my other brother was listening.

Today is Just Meant For Social Media

I could read the look on his face and it was just “This Dude is Crazy”. Nah am not crazy! It actually happened and i even barely visited my blog.

I just took time in updating my profiles with the latest stuffs that’s happening to me and boy it wasn’t funny! I did it… Even About.me page was not left out of the updates.

That’s just how serious it was, And the stats were pretty Amazing, More to come on the second point.

Yours might not just be a whole day, It might be some specific hours of the day or for just some hours per day. Am sure you know there’s a clear difference between these two.

So what I’m trying to say here is your determination goes a long way in measuring your social media usage.

2. Go Mobile With Social Media Websites

Of a truth i was just going around through Google Play store on my Android phone and saw Pinterest app. Decided to give it a try and it was amazing.

I went further to download LinkedIn’s app and i went from being no one on LinkedIn to some freak (At least to an extent).

Truth is you may not carry your computer everywhere you go but guess what? Your phone goes with you with internet access included maybe if not for you but here? For me and most other people.

A survey recently carried out by Social Media Today shows that mobile apps usage continue to soar and grow.

Everyone possess either an Android or an iPhone which can provide easy and quick access to the internet and chances are that they are on Social media! What stops you as an online marketer.

The minute i realized this, I had my Android phone pimped straight up and here’s what my home screen looks like right now.

Almost all social media websites has apps for both Android & phones that run on the IOS. These apps when downloaded can provide you quick access when you’re away from your computers.

These apps have helped me a lot and i just thought of sharing this with you as it might help you a lot.

Here’s what to do Go to either of your phone app stores, For Droids its Mostly Play store, Search each network you want to engage in and the results should come up any second (Depends on your network speed).

Download each app, Sign in on each of them and You’re good to go… That should do it for this section…. See you in the next one.

3. Get Others to Do it For you

You might have dedicated some of your time to using social media websites, Oh or you’ve gotten several apps and you’re good to go but the truth is social media websites are always super big.

When talking about the stats, Its not in Hundreds of thousands but in millions even snapchat which according to the infograph over at Adweek has 30 million active users.

  1. It’s never enough
  2. The Possibilities are Endless

Coca-Cola even with over 9 Million Fans on Facebook still use Facebook ads to generate more fans so you being always online doesn’t mean you’re covering 100% of what the network has to offer.

Okay Babs, Have heard you But then how do i get Others to do it for me?

Its way simple…. It’s numerous! Its Fantastic too when it’s happening.

You could for a start;

  • Make your articles/status updates shareable by encouraging shares or just by asking for it, Some may generously give it to you.
  • Include people with huge following in your articles/updates… Alert them and expect a share if it pleases them.
  • Write shareable contents
  • And finally make use of some websites.

What websites? Maybe if i mention Social Media Exchange websites you may just so Oh Not again…. Let me show you an example of a better one i make use of and some big names who uses this platform too.


Number 1 on this screenshot is the guys from BlogEngage, Brian i think and Number 2 Is Ana Hoffman from TrafficGenerationCafe.

You know what’s common with these guys? It works! If it dosen’t then non of them even myself won’t be utilizing this platform. VCB looks more better as it offers targeted interface which i think is being pulled by the interest you have selected on your profile.

Below is a list of these kind of sites i currently use;

You have to do something on these websites so you can get people to do something for you too… To understand better how this works read more here.


So in this article we have talked about 3 amazing ways to get more out of Social media websites even if you have no time.

We talked about;

  1. Dedicating More time and efforts to using these websites
  2. Downloading the Mobile Apps for each network
  3. Using Exchange websites

Fantastic! Hope you grabbed everything without leaving any out. The truth is that there might probably be many more ways to go about using social media websites but am damn sure these ways have listed above works!

It worked for me and Yeah it should & will work for you. Have been able to cover more of my social media responsibilities using these methods.

So that should do it for this article, Boy this is the longest have ever gone, I wish i could go on and on expatiating but we could continue that on the comments section.

I aint going to lie, I can’t make better articles like Brain Dean of Backlinko yet but am working towards it, I also love comments.. Alot as it shows engagement.. Well the amount on  Backlinko is just overwhelming 🙂

So Lets discuss! Are you facing issues with spending more time on social media? Or anything at all? You could share it here and lets go trash it out.

You’ll be doing myself, yourself & your followers a huge favor by sharing this article on your respective social media platforms as you’ll be able to find this article again easily, adding value to your followers and as a way to say thanks for writing this article.

social media websites


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