Mastering All Social Media Post Images Sizes & Dimensions Plus Tips (Infographic)

Let me guess, You're the type that Navigates to your browser, Open up Google and check the exact size of the image you want to design for your next social media post. is that right?

Even if not, I can tell you don't know the exact image sizes that works across all social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest or even Google+ by heart. That shouldn't be so at all.

Anyways I've got a solution for you and with this infographic from Onblastblog you can easily tell which image size to design for which social network easily​ and what's more? You know which tools to use in other for the post to be a success.

Remember, SocialMediaExaminer found out that ​96% of small business owners/marketers use social media marketing, and 92% of those agree or strongly agree with the phrase, “Social media marketing is important for my business (more stats).

Bottom line? You don't wanna mess up your social media marketing! Simple, Speaking of messing up.

​Where's the Infographic?

Mastering All Social Media Post Images Sizes & Dimensions Plus Tips (Infographic)

Wrapping It Up!

Social media marketing is amazing! The top two uses of Twitter and Facebook by journalists are marketing and promotion of their stories and relationship building. 78% use Twitter for marketing; 74% use Facebook. 62% use Twitter to build relationships (Source).

Do you fit into any of those? Write and publish articles online? Then you might not wanna mess up your posts on social media especially images as more attention is given to them and they have the potential to go viral​ bringing in thousands of visitors for you.

If you want to use Twitter effectively, You might wanna check out these Twitter Automation Tools as they'll really help you.

Love the infographic? Share It, Tweet It, Pin It!, Google+ It... It's called sharing and your friends will thank you for it :)​

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