45 Best Social Media Content Ideas For Marketers & Business Owners

Ever ran out of  ideas of what content to post on your social media accounts? Have been there and worst of it all? I was staring at my LinkedIn account for about 30 Minutes thinking of what to type.

You could call me jobless, I had the time but other than just links nothing was coming.

My Facebook Fan-page has gone several Days without a single update (This is not because i have absolutely no time) Big Nope!  The ideas of the best social media contents were just not coming.

Until i decided to step out of my comfort zone, Did some research, Put together some resources found when doing searches. Oh i never knew there was so much things i could’ve posted on my social media accounts.

Was able to pile up a list of over 79 social media content ideas but was able to pick out 45 of the best content ideas and am going to share them with you.

It’s time to get  that dry social media account of yours up and running with fabulous contents that would slowly engage your fans, double your traffic and increase your brand visibility.

By now i assume your business whether online or offline is already on Social media cos if Not you’re missing out.

But how?

WeAreSocial.Net found out after a recent survey that there are now 7.2 billion people on planet earth and about 3 billion of these people already make use of the internet.

social media content ideas

  • There are just over 3 billion active Internet users (45% of the world’s internet users)
  • Nearly 2.1 billion people have social media accounts
  • 3.65 billion mobile users have access to the internet via smartphones and tablets
  • Close to 1.7 billion people have active social media accounts

That’s a lot of potential to tap from, You can have your share of customers from these many people.

While looking for ways to convince you to join social media, I found out Jeff Bullas social media stats article. Let me do some more advanced break down for you, Way better than i did when i wrote an article on the 3 several ways i increased my social media activity by 589%.

Did you know Facebook has over 1.4 Billion users and Possess a huge chunk of 47% global total internet users with over 4 billion likes (fans) being generated every single day.

What about Twitter? This social network Currently has over 284 Million users with 500 million tweets per day.

Ok! Google+? Owned by Google? Firstly it cost over $500 million to design and develop, Over 382 million active users worldwide and the +1 button being hit over 5 million times every single day.

social media content ideas

Don’t forget about Pinterest.. That fantastic platform has over 70 million users of which 80% of the total users are females, Most importantly research has shown that 88% of these people actually BUY products of images they pinned.

Heard about Instagram? That photo sharing network owned by Facebook and dominated by Celebrities (Happen to follow a few of them on the platform myself). This network has 300 million users with over 70 million photos/videos uploaded daily of which 53% of he total users are aged between 18-29.

Finally LinkedIn, One of my favourite these days. Why has it earned a place with me? It sends quite a handful amount of traffic to my blog daily, How do i manage to do that? I will surely share with you as long as you’re a BRB reader.

To get it as soon as it comes out first you need to subscribe in other to get newly published articles, Follow this link (It’s just RSS).

Back to these stats did you know LinkedIn has 347 million registered accounts? Bet you didn’t know it had that much users way more than twitter. Increased revenue to $643 million at the end of 2014. Fantastic.

How about others?

  • WhatsApp (600 Million users)
  • Viber (Over 200 million users)
  • Snapchat (over 100 million users)
  • VKontake (Over 100 million users)

On and on… Stats Credits to Growing Social Media & PEWinternet.

Saw  this one while browsing through a presentation on SlideShare! Full of details.

social media stats

Make no mistake, Social media is for you. Although it comes down to a time where you have to choose which among the many available you want to focus on, For example if food/recipes is your thing? Those works best on Pinterest as it’s dominated by Ladies mostly women.

Get what am saying? Heck yeah! Which brings us down to this question.

Who is This Article For?

You must’ve been wondering. Basically it’s for everyone;

  • Internet Markers
  • Bloggers
  • Small or Large Business Owners
  • Social media users with a tangible size of followers
  • Just everyone who has a social media account that needs to be kept active, This article will come in handy.

So without wasting much of your time with long talks, Here’s 45 of the best social media content ideas that’ll make your social media accounts active, get your fans engaged, Increase your traffic / brand exposure and much more.

Social Media Content Idea #1 – Post a Link to an Old Article

This is what everyone does virtually most of the time, There’s nothing bad about it. It’s a way of keeping such old blog posts alive and kicking. Often feels like a reminder for people who have seen it before and something new for your recent followers to see.

Social Media Content Idea #2 – Questions

Questions do raise curiosity and do make your followers think of how they can contribute. Not just any contribution, But a meaningful one. Post simple questions your followers can answer quickly once in a while. It helps.

Social Media Content Idea #3 – Random Tips Sharing

Posting random tips feels nice but it feels nicer and works better when posted with posted with a number or tagged as a series of tips. A good example is ” Tip #598: Always use Images in your blog posts – It helps “. This makes your devoted followers become so expectant of the next tip ” Tip #599 “.

Social Media Content Idea #4 – Quotes

This works great. Either posting yours or someone Else’s with proper credit either in text or picture forms. It doesn’t matter. Just make sure it’s good and highly motivates someone starting from yourself.

Social Media Content Idea #5 – Statistics or Data

People are following you probably because they want to get more information. People love to know whats going on about you and your industry. Try sharing a few relevant stats they attract shares a lot especially retweets 🙂

Social Media Content Idea #6 – Posting Branded Images

Not just branded images but funny ones with your logo on it. Most top bloggers or busy people love to have fun sometimes too especially on social media, I bet Neil Patel watches Comedy sometimes when he’s free (He never told me that) Meme’s and other inspirational photos with your logo or website link works great.

Social Media Content Idea #7 – Post an Excerpt from a blog Post

Instead of posting links directly to an article cutting and pasting a specific (important part) of a blog post sounds fantastic. This might just prompt your fans to go check out the article fully on your blog.

Social Media Content Idea #8 – Share your Take On Something

Might be a particular trend in your industry. Your followers want to hear from you, Even some of them take you as their role model and wouldn’t do something you wouldn’t do. Taking sides on an issue might look bizarre but there’s nothing wrong in stating your take on something and sharing it with your social media followers.

Social Media Content Idea #9 – Gather the Type of Posts Your Competitors are sharing and Do it Better

Your competitor may be better than you in lots of ways including their social media contents. Your competitors may be able to keep their growth strategy a secret but not their social media strategies. Make a list of your competitors, Visit their social media profiles, See what they post & am sure you can do something better than  they are doing.

Social Media Content Idea #10 – Sneak Peeks

This keeps your fans anxious of what you’re working on. Overall the Can’t wait feeling is set in motion within your fans. If you’re working on something might even be a blog post you should raise let your fans in on whats coming, Brings out the expectant MONSTER in them.

Social Media Content Idea #11 – Weekly Round Ups

You’ll be using this very soon from me. It’s cool posting links of top articles either for the week or something. Keeps the fire burning.

Social Media Content Idea #12 – Thank Your Fans

Nobody joined social media websites because of your business or upcoming brand, They just love what you share and decide to add a plus one to your army of following, If not for you but for me its way awesome and you should thank them sometimes. This goes a long way.

Social Media Content Idea #13 – Give out a Free Gift

This could be a premium plugin, e-book or software you have rights to share. Of course this material should be useful to your audience. Not only would they thank you for it, They’ll love you for sharing such useful material with them.

Social Media Content Idea #14 – Latest News From Your Business

It’s quite essential to let your fans know how its going with your business. Making a change to the privacy policy? New hours of operation? Let em Know.

Social Media Content Idea #15 – Ask For Questions

Provide a means of getting your fans to ask you questions. Could be what’s bothering them. Ask for Questions.

Social Media Content Idea #16 – Posting YouTube Videos

Stumble upon any YouTube video that had an impact on you? Then share it with your followers. Could be funny, Inspirational or related to your niche. It could be a problem solving one in particular.

Social Media Content Idea #17 – Video Testimonials

This increase trusts. You can get someone on Fiverr to create a video testimonial of your business for just $5. Or you could ask your fans to submit theirs.

Social Media Content Idea #18 – Recommend Someone Else to Follow

Tag someone making waves in your industry and encourage your fans to follow such person. Often boost credibility.

Social Media Content Idea #19 – Ask for Advice

You might not be in that much of an awkward situation but posting a hypothetical question and asking for opinions do spike interests.

Social Media Content Idea #20 – Post Pictures of Yourself or Your Employees

Your fans may never have seen what you look like apart from the one in the official profile image or something. Try posting more personal photos of yourself & employees sometimes.

Social Media Content Idea #21 – Link to your Most Popular Blog Post

Showing off a post with several thousands of views perhaps your most popular content. People are viewing it. What does this mean? It’s valuable. Share it with your fans and let them take a look.

Social Media Content Idea #22 – Recommend your Favourite Products

Really! It could be a shoe or anything. As long as you love it. Believe it or not some of your devoted fans want to be like you and would do anything. For example I’d kill to have Rand Fishkin typo Haircut, But that’s naturally impossible. Am an African black man and our typo hairs don’t grow that way 🙁

Social Media Content Idea #23 – Link to a Case Study

People love reading case studies. At least i do. It makes the feeling “If he can do it, Then i can too” In one come alive. The case  study might not necessarily be from you, It may be from others as long as it’s valuable. Your followers will thank you for it.

Social Media Content Idea #24 – Link to A Controversial Blog Post

There’s nothing more fun in letting your fans know how much of an attention a blog post is getting. You should try it sometimes.

Social Media Content Idea #25 – Post Infographics

Works best on Pinterest. Infographics are image representations. People love seeing those beautiful images. Check out Visual.ly or Daily Infographic for ideas.

Social Media Content Idea #26 – Fill In The Blank Posts

Here you see and get some funny contributions. These type of posts can be answered by anyone really. A good example is “If i had $1 million i would _______”.

Social Media Content Idea #27 – Answer a Question on Q&A sites

While Q&A sites could be a serious money maker with affiliate programs it can also help your fans get aware of some things too. Answering a popular question on Q&A sites sounds good to me.

Social Media Content Idea #28 – Tell a Story

When you’re less busy or something sharing a story either motivational or funny, About yourself or someone else is not a bad idea at all.Try it sometimes.

Social Media Content Idea #29 – Find Content Ideas Using Your Site Analytics

Use your site reporting whether or Google Analytics or what ever platform you use to find important topics on your site and talk about it more often. This helps a lot.

Social Media Content Idea #30 – Ask your Fans for Content Ideas

Might not be much of a big problem but your fans are probably going through something and you probably do have the answer. Use this method to create the medium. See it as a way of adding value to your followers.

Social Media Content Idea #31 – Tag your Active Followers in a Post

They are your fans. You know them quite well. You know the super active ones. Make posts related to any of the above social media content ideas and tag them.

Social Media Content Idea #32 – Hold a Giveaway

This has been proven over a thousand times. Holding giveaways not only serves as some kinda content for social media profiles, It gets your fans engaged and gives you even more followers especially if the prize to be won is great. Most of your followers will do anything to be the grand winner. Take advantage of this content idea.

Social Media Content Idea #33 – Feature an Expert

We all do this once in a while on our blogs, We should be able to do this too on Social Media. Invite an expert in your industry and have his opinions on an issue over to your fans.

Social Media Content Idea #34 – Fan of the Month

Acknowledge your followers and create a medium to appreciate the most active fans on your social media profiles. Makes them feel great about following you. You could organize a way to determine the most active fan of the month and reward him or her.

Social Media Content Idea #35 – Respond to a Mention or Tag

Some of your fans might have asked a question previously on something. Instead of delivering the answer as a comment you could make it a post instead and have the said person tagged too so they can see it and everyone can benefit from it.

Social Media Content Idea #36 – Post a Link to a helpful Blog Comment

Posting links to very valuable comments on your blog helps your followers get in on the content itself and share their own opinions asides from benefiting from the actual comment you redirected them to.

Social Media Content Idea #37 – Share an Helpful Facebook Or LinkedIn group

You have a very helpful Facebook group that you’re in. Agreed. Share a link to the resource with your followers too. Don’t enjoy it alone.

Social Media Content Idea #38 – Talk about Your Employees or Partners

You have to show off sometimes. Talk about your employees or partners. Post a link to their bio. Make people familiar with folks you’re working with. Let them know.

Social Media Content Idea #39 – Post an Industry related Happening or Event

This can be an happening or current trend in your industry. For example if it were to be me i would be posting news about Google Panda updates, Effects and how to avoid penalties.

Social Media Content Idea #40 – Promote an Affiliate Product

Your social media followers are not just there for you to engage and get nothing in return. You could once in a while post affiliated links to helpful products. This will surely boost your online income.

Social Media Content Idea #41 – Promote Your Own Product

You have your own product? Great. Then be my guest by showcasing it to your fans regularly. This boost sales and often create awareness in new followers.

Social Media Content Idea #42 – Link to your Squeeze Page.

Ok you have an email list? Why not link to the squeeze page to get more of your fans subscribing to your newsletter. This could skyrocket your subscribers rate fast (That’s if you possess a large chunk of followers).

Social Media Content Idea #43 – Share Country Specific Holidays

Most of your fans are scattered round the planet. Not all of them have holidays on the same day. For example October 1st of every year down here is independent day holiday, For others it’s different. Use a tool like this one to find all international holidays and wish everyone on specific days.

Social Media Content Idea #44 – Caption This Post

This is very easy. Post a photo and ask your followers to give it a caption. e.x “Describe this photo in one word”. This works great especially with funny photos.

Social Media Content Idea #45 – Post Valuable Contents ONLY.

This should be a collective of all the above social media content ideas. Anything it is that you’re posting, Make sure it makes sense and adds a lot of value to your followers. Posting trash will only result in loads of un-follows and seriously i don’t want it for myself and i don’t want it for you.


These should do it for  all the social media content ideas you’ll ever need. Be sure to work smartly and make no mistake when executing any of this posts on your social media accounts.

Bonus content idea: Post photos to show you’re a real person with a real life. Examples are dinner photos or of you meeting an important fellow.

Hope this post has inspired and created literally tons of ideas for your next social media post. If yeah! Then Share this post on your social media profiles. Let your friends know about it.

If i have happened to let any amazing content idea out or have better content ideas for social media let us know using the comment form, Would be glad to see them 🙂


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