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Search engine Optimization: The online marketing strategy that commands targeted traffic to your websites via placing your web pages on the first page of the Search engine results for a keyword.

But then, For that to happen... It requires a lot of work, Tons of efforts which is even a one sided thing. Might work out and might not.

Well it has to work out. Why? Without the traffic your online business will die in no time.

Search engine optimization isn't what it used to be in the past, It's getting more complicated and complicated as each search engine is doing it's best to filter out the bad results and prevent them from showing up above the good ones.

seoclerks seo markeplace

If you've been in this game for long, You'll agree with me that it wasn't this hard. Create one site, Optimize the title tag, put on some shabby content, build a few links to it and you'll rank. Easy as that. But now? Not so simple.

In fact with the way top engines like Google is rolling out updates, No SEO out there can say for sure if he knows what's coming except he's an in house member at Google.. Even if so?

One reason the search engine traffic is considered better than others is the fact that you just have to get your page ranking, then relax... See the traffic rolling in! Sounds easy right? Trust me it's not that easy at all. Take a look at these stats.

search engine optimization facts

Your business needs to be on that first page of Google rankings at all cost even if it means paying but hey. No black hats. You have to do this the proper way so as to maintain your stand in the eyes of the search engine.

SEO might be hard/tough for some folks in some Niche. If SEO looks hard and isn't working for your business rather than just folding your arms and looking into other forms of making sales with your website like email marketing you should look for help.

Ask an expert or get in touch with an agency better still a community like Inbound Now? Very helpful. But I must warn you. Most agencies will charge several thousand of dollars to get the job done for you. You have have that kind of budget? Then you might wanna keep reading.

seoclerks website

I know a place where you can get help plus at a much cheaper price and it's at the SEOclerks SEO Marketplace.

What is The SEOclerks SEO MarketPlace

The SEOclerks markeplace boasts as the world's largest SEO marketplace hosting several thousands of the best SEOs helping small business rank their websites using various techniques known to them which may actually be Spoilers (blackhats).

Hold up.. Don't freak out yet? We'll look into this closely.

Why SEOlcerks?

Just two answers

  • It's cheap and it works
  • And it works

Here let's take a look at a few cheap SEO services we could be getting on SEOclerks.

seomarketplace seoclerks scr 1

This seller on SEOclerks promises to explode your rankings, Increase your rankings (Guaranteed for just $47) Now there are a few things to note from here:

  • You're guaranteed to rank
  • It's just at a $47 bill
  • He's a Level x3 Seller. What do this mean? He has sold a lot to be promoted past lvl 1,2,3 to level x
  • He has 25 Orders in queue! 25 People are waiting for him to work his magic on their website
  • He delivers your order in 12 days (An average)
  • Take a look at his ratings
  • Last logged in: He's around to answer your questions.

The SEOmarketplace works like any other place, There are ratings & reviews... If you sell trash you'll get bad reviews. It's clear! This guy knows what he's doing and from what I can deduce he makes this possible through his PBN.. Cool eh?

Lets take a look at another one of these guys. This one promises to help push your website to the first page of Google rankings via creating 380+ high quality SEO backlinks to your website... Sounds too unrealistic eh?

seobacklinks from seoclerks marketplaxce

If you look left way down on the gig ordering page, You'll see the guaranteed badge from SEOclerks on the services these guys are offering. A few things to note? Heck! Yeah.

  • This guy is a Top Rated seller
  • Backlinks coming from different sources
  • Over 21 orders in queue as at the time of screenshot
  • Owns a guaranteed badge from SEOclerks. What does this mean? The SEOclerks folks have checked and verified this service themselves which makes it safe?

Spotlight SEO will shoot your website to the top of Google rankings with his all in all PR quality backlinking strategy for just $19. This seller seems to me like a link building expert and apart from just optimizing his Gig title.. He has a ton of positive reviews.

I'm talking over 900 people likes his service and has been recommended to people over 100 times.

spotlight seoclerks seo marketplace

High rated seller, Over 38 orders waiting for delivery (People are really buying this thing - Why? because it works). Not only those? The seller also guarantees to deliver what he promised. 100% safe. Panda friendly and backlinks from over 180 domains. Totally worth checking out.

Lets take a look at this one with the new bulletproof SEO strategy to help you rank for sure. The gig has been up and running for the past two years and it cost $97. Now here's a few things to note about this gig.

high impact seo rankings seoclerks

This guy looks credible. Level x3 Seller. 9 Orders in queue and tons of positive reviews. Might be a service worth checking out if you ask me... Not a single person out of the over 500 that has ordered the gig dislikes it, That won't happen if he doesn't deliver as expected.

There are lots and lots of valuable gigs we can look out for on the seo marketplace. For example here's one cheaper service than $97 Promising to rocket you to the first page of Google rankings in 10-20 days and it has been ordered over 4000 times.

alpha seo services seoclerks

This guy looks really special. Lets take a look at what he's got.

  • Over 4500 Copies of this Gig has been sold
  • It's just $29
  • 30 Orders in Queue
  • High ranked SEOclerks seller - Level x3

In addition to these, This guy delivers the order in 15 days. I think it's worth checking out.

In Conclusion

The SEOclerks marketplace is a robust marketplace to hire lots of freelancers to get help with search engine optimization. I've been ordering since I knew about the website and it's really good.

My partner and I are working on a new Niche/Authority website... Brand new, We just bought a few of these services to help shoot our rankings up so we're expecting results and of course I will be sharing them with BRB readers.

With so many dangling questions out there like won't this be spam-my or get my website banned from the search engines or get penalized... It's good to note that it depends on the service you go for to buy.

That's why it's good to read reviews before anything.  Those promising  rankings overnight or 50000 doffolow backlinks might not be the way to go. The question now is Have you bought a SEO service for your website from anywhere? How was the experience? Please let us know using the comment form and please share this article... Till next time.

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