A-Z SEO: Everything Search Engine Optimization You Need to Have an Inkling About

New to SEO? or should i say search engine optimization? It’s okay… There’s always a day to start something and each day is a day to learn something new. Even if you’re not new! Still i can bet there’s something on this graphic you don’t know about πŸ˜‰

We’re featuring an infographic from the creative Meerket today and it’s all about the a-z of SEO. What each alphabet stands for in the Search engine optimization world.

Incase you didn’t know; Search engine optimization is the process of affecting your website, tweaking it to increase it’s position on the search engine ranking positions.

It’s when you do everything off page SEO, On page SEO, Techincal stuff which includes fixing your site structure using XML Sitemaps and so on like that.

The SEO world is constantly changing and one can’t predict what’s going to happen in the future. Actually when doing things i prefer to get a good hangΒ  of what we’re getting into.

…That includes SEO ( Search engine optimization)

So this infographic displays every term in SEO You need to know basically from A -Z! Enjoy.

Source: Creative Meerket


Pointing out some important letters … From the infographic. So here’s:

A & B β€” A Stands for Anchor Texts While B Stands for Backlinks. Both has one thing or two in common … they both have to do with off page search engine optimization, One of the most factors Google and other search engines look at before ranking a website high on the search engines.

To get off with this, You’re required to earn/build backlinks with various anchor texts (Your site keywords preferably). See how this relates? See the article i linked to above to learn more.

C & F – C Stands for Content While F Stands for Fresh Contents. Something in common right? Some weeks back i met a developer who build websites from scratch and he does it for a lot of clients. When i saw one he did recently… I was blown away.

… Not because it was amazing! No No! It’s cause most of the websites has close to no content on page the search engines can scan through.

content marketing

Wish i could go deeper. But do you have an idea on why many and lots of people have switched to content marketing in the past few years? 70 percent of B2B organizations and 69 percent of B2C organizations report that they made more content in 2014 than in 2013.

Care to know why?

Every piece of content (Information) on your website be it text, images & videos is what the search engines read on your website in other what determine what it’s about, That’s why blogging is advised for your business. There you can write unlimited contents about your blog search engines can pick up and rank you on.

And fresh content? Google recently released their search quality guidelines. How they rank websites and all… It’s a big guide but Julia did a great job summarizing the whole guide.

Guess what’s among the list? Fresh content! Google doesn’t like a stale page. It likes one that updates frequently. It’s not all writing fresh irrelevant stuff but updating what’s on your website frequently.

Someone that does this perfectly is Brian Dean from Backlinko

Y & Y– First Y stands for Yahoo while the other Y stands for YouTube. Incredible right? You definitely know about both services. Picking Yahoo first. The problem with with most SEOs is that most focus on Google which has the largest search market and often ignore others with less competition.

search engine market share

And YouTube? Not a search engine but a video sharing website. What else? People search YouTube than most of the other search engines, This makes it need optimization as well β€” Take note.

Hope this post has helped you one way or the other and you’ve learned something new in SEO.

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