Don't Be a Victim: 7 Things to Look Out For Before Publishing an Article

So you’ve just composed a wonderful article and you’re super excited to have it published online so thousands of people can read and benefit from it.

I can’t count how many times it has happened to me especially when i composed these 45 best social media content ideas and my complete guide to increasing twitter traffic and followers.

I put in a lot of effort in compiling those especially even when coming up with 10 most influential online marketing blogs 2015 there was a little bit frustration here and there as most blogs doing great in this niche are being run by companies, groups, e.t.c.

article marketing

What did I say happened to me again? I got too excited after completing the finishing line and most times spend a minute or two skimming through the article for grammatical errors. That’s one thing everyone would do.

So after those two minutes, It’s just hitting the publishing button that’s next then comes the generating social media buzz about the article.

I can’t remember how many times i have flopped after publishing an article then later spot it out myself or have someone spot it out for me and that could be so embarrassing. It doesn’t have to be embarrassing but then that’s how i feel. Have been blogging for over two years curved and i still make common article publishing mistakes.

I’m a Bit Lazy, Can’t deny that. Have been meaning to get some stuffs ready on MarketingWithBabs.Net for a while now but i haven’t although am working on it in all ramifications. Just wait for it.

Being like that affects my online activities a lot.ย  So i just decided it’s high time.

Recently i decided to make a complete checklist of the things i have to thoroughly check before hitting that publish button again so in this article you’re going to read and learn from them.

It doesn’t matter if you just started blogging or you’ve been in the game for years, These mistakes are common, They’re cheap either ways you can’t afford to make these mistakes.

eMarketer found out that there are 31% more blogs today than there were three years ago via Hubspot. Those are the immense amount of competition your blog has to fight to become a readers favorite and you need articles to win.

Without wasting much of your time with talks, Here’s 7 things you need to check for before publishing that article.

publishing an article

1. The Keyword Density

Am No SEO guru. At least i stopped considering myself that after the huge flop i made while starting this blog and not been able to drive at least 200 stable organic traffic to this new blog (Didn’t do proper keyword research).

But then SEO takes time, Even Neil Patel recognizes this. Babs Reviews Blog is only two month and a few days and besides this blog has only 21+1 articles. I haven’t even built much links at all nor did i make some outreach solely for link building.

But nevertheless in the nearest future i will be publishing my traffic reports as well as earnings down here for motivational purposes only.

oops! We’re deviating. This is supposed to be talking about Keyword Density and not SEO in full, It has to do with SEO though and among other factors it also determines your SERPs ( Search engine ranking positions).

Unless you’re publishing some community or membership only contents perhaps some private stuff, It’s everybody’s joy to be so search engine visible. I would so love it if the search engines would show my articles some love and rank them higher.

Everybody loves this.

In other to get a step closer to the getting the search engine love, You have to optimize your articles and targeted keywords (LSI’s). So therefore your keyword density has to be in place.

According to Wikipedia, Keyword density is the (amount) of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the amount of the words on the page.

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At about 10 months ago i wrote aย  short article about Keywords/Keywords density, There i highlighted a few things you should know when it comes to harnessing the power of keywords density.

When it’s in the right proportion it helps. When too much its called keyword Stuffing. Now we don’t want that.

What we do want is to try optimize our articles for the search engines.

For every article you’re publishing, You should have the keyword you wanna target in place and you should try achieving a keyword density of 2-3% in every of your articles.

Having a keyword density of 5% is good. Try having your target keywords appear in different places on your articles. This helps search engines determine how relevant your article is to a searcher’s query.

Tips to Make Your Keywords Obvious
  • Have it In Your Article or Web page Title.
  • Place it within a Heading tag <h1> <h2> and the rest.
  • Bold some in your articles.
  • Italic some in your articles.
  • Underline some in your articles.
  • Have the keywords be your blog post image alt.
How to Determine Keywords Density For Your Articles

Although most Free SEO plugins can do this. For example Yoast SEO does not help you generate sitemaps alone. It highlights how to improve your article’s SEO before publishing it online.

Going a bit further to make this process more comfortable by inviting a cheap Premium SEO plugin to do the Job: SEOPressor

Have used SEOPressor in the past and it’s so Good especially when it comes to your keywords placements. You know the most hilarious part? The way it’ll display your Red score if something is wrong with your keyword density.

This will make you adjust your article over and over again till it gives you a pass mark.

seopressor babsreviewsblog

Try SEOPressor, Am super Glad You’ll love The Plugin. It’ll Help Your Business or Personal Website’s SEO and help you Increase your SERPs in no time. This Plugin will automatically Bold/Underline In short decorate your keywords and all that >> Check it Out

2. Do The Spell Check

This is a very crucial part. Very crucial. I often don’t pay much attention to this part. The one i pay much attention to is next. But this can save you a lot of feeling.

Including the Embarrassing Feeling as i mentioned above.

Who would have believed i Spelt my Brand name Wrong when Creating my Facebook Fanpage until Adrian Jock spotted it and reported it to me (Thank you Adrian). He also spotted some other errors within my previous blog post which i invited him to see.

I also Made mistake spelling Erik’s name and he pointed it out on Twitter. So many and many like that. It was getting too much so here’s some of the things i did to overcome this challenge.

  • I started using The Proof Read option on My WP Writing Dashboard.
  • I typed slowly and fast at the same time to minimize the amount of misspellings.
  • I re-read over and over again before publishing.

Those three helps a lot and you should use them too. You want to get rid of errors from your blog posts as much as possible.

3. Format The Article Properly

This is my favorite part. I’m a design FREAK. I love seeing neat stuffs online and I do acknowledge them. I do cherish my designs a lot and have been told I have some very awesome design sense It’s what I know.

When making a design ideas just keep popping out.

article marketing

I spend so much time perfecting my designs and as well as my blog posts. I didn’t care much if errors could be there I did care for how fantastic and presentable it looks.

While this looks like am heading straight to the curb, It doesn’t Feel or look that bad as it sounds.

In fact i spend time adding What SEOPressor could do for me, Adding bullet points, Numbers, Designing images, Adding screenshots with annotations, Heading Tags, Call to actions, Putting stuffs together here and there before publishing an article.

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It helps make a good first impression, Continuous good impression and overall good user satisfaction (UX – One of the factors Google takes in consideration before ranking your articles higher on the search engines).

I do this a lot and you should too. Try Reasoning with yourself. If i present this article this way, What if i see it on another blog the exact same way, Would i still wait to read all the scattered and UN-organized content?

Tips to Help Out? Sure! Why Not?
  • Put More efforts into Putting Things in Place.
  • Use WP Edit Plugin – The successor of Ultimate TinyMCE to add more useful functions to your Writing dashboard.
  • Use Shortcodes plugin. I make use of a free oneย  from MyThemeShop. Its called WP Shortcodes.
  • Develop Some real formatting skills. Check other blogs, See sites. Check their contents and make most.

That should do it for you. See these three above! They’re your top priority when publishing an article. The rest I’ll be listing below are just commons but they’re vital too.

4. Choose YOUR Category

Not everybody needs this part so you may skip this section to others, But if you run a personal blog like i do or publish on a business blog with different categories.

You might wanna take this section into note.

I can’t count the amount of times have published an article then later realizing i didn’t set the category option. Oh Damn. Sometimes i go through the trouble of updating this and sometimes I just leave it.

While the first one in the screenshot above is supposed to be in the e-marketing category and the second in the WP plugins category i failed to do this and despite knowing it should be rectified i still haven’t done that.

This is a non-nonchalant attitude. Mistakes like this may look common but you shouldn’t make them while publishing an article, It saves you time and stress too.

5. Set The Permalinks

Chances are that immediately you installed and started your WP Website changing your permalinks to a more Search engine friendly one was one of the first thing you did.

I feel i should address the SEO traction of this section before going over the UX/the Attraction it commands which is still more or less related to SEO.

Some words when in URL slugs are not search engine friendly, They are called STOP Words. “to” is an example. Download the list of complete stop words you should avoid in your permalinks here.

It’s bad if your Permalinks contain such stop words.

Before publishing an article, You should edit your permalinks just right below the post title feed to give it a more simpler and search engine optimized edge.

Let me sight an example: When i was publishing this article, I forgot to edit the permalinks and published it. Immediately i did hit the Publish button Jetpack already sent it to my Social media profiles including my Twitter account with over 7400 followers.

If i make an attempt to change it, It will render the formal URL Shared on social media useless and clicks will probably be taken to a 404 page.

To the UX/Attractive part. Tell me: Amongst these two listed below which looks more attractive, Pleasing to the eye and Search engine optimized?


Sure it’s the second one. Its short, Durable and pleasing to the eye. Take note of this and do not make this Mistake.

6. Set The Featured Image

You should know that the human brain can process visual contents and remember them faster than written contents asides that you want to give your social sharing an attractive look with the thumbnail displays.

Your articles tend to get boring without images and won’t be so interesting to read. My bad! It’s a general thing.

You could upload images to a blog post but forget to add a featured image.

It’s okay. The bots will just pull the one they feel like and you’re good to go but having my own personally designed image as thumbnails always does it best for me.

7. Re-check All Over Again

Final part, Here you want to make sure all is write-up is perfect starting from the title to the conclusion. You might wanna use the Preview button just above the publish button.

See it live, The way it’s going to display to everyone and if you’re cool with it. That should do it for you.


Nobody is perfect. We’re all working towards it. Take note of this article’s content when publishing an article next time and make a swift difference.

I left out tags cause i don’t use make use of it much. If you do. Then do not forget to fill that space out with related keywords.

So with all these said, I’ll be putting an end to the article here. Totaling over 2000 words. Amazing. One of the longest have ever gone since i starting blogging. Heheheh! So that makes your feedback on this one super necessary.

Love this article? Then share it, Leave a comment, Get a cute reply. Everybody wins.

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