10 Pinterest Marketing Experts Share Their Best Pinning Strategy

Pinterest is an amazing tool. It can serve many purpose and help online business owners especially bloggers and companies running an e-commerce store.

For example you can use Pinterest as a source of inspiration and new ideas for upcoming projects, As a social media network to find and connect with like-minded people.

You can also use Pinterest as a search engine to find things that matter to you and get your results visually. Finally? You can get use Pinterest as a traffic driving machine.

Already getting complicated?

Lets break this down so as to fully enjoy this post and make the best of it.

A while back I published a huge load of Pinterest statistics which has a whole lot to do with marketing and using the platform to promote your business and acquire targeted leads.

Lets take a look at a few of the stats that might gear you up:

  • Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social network in the U.S. in terms of traffic.
  • As of February 2012, Pinterest had accumulated 10.4 million users and now has 110 million active users.
  • As of January 2012, American users spent an average of 97.8 minutes on Pinterest.
  • As of January 2012, Pinterest accounted for 3.6% of referral traffic. (Now it sends more).
  • Shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who arrive from other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. - View Full Stats.

A few of these stats give you clues as to why you should take Pinterest more seriously? Pinterest drives traffic and according to RJmetrics Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as 2-3 times as efficiently as Twitter was at a similar time in their history.

Pinterest like every other network is dominated by experts and passionable users. To gain ground like every other network you need a good strategy in place to stand out.

The good thing is Pinterest isn't even hard to use. I acquired my 730+ followers via pinning not just my contents but others too consistently. If your entire business doesn't have a social media strategy, Here's 6 reasons why you need one from SmartInsights.

Pinterest is no different from others and since I wanted to do more Pinterest I set out to ask several Pinterest marketing experts.

Some of these guys have Pinterest accounting for most of the traffic to their website.

Allison Marshal From Wonderlass says Pinterest is responsible for up to 90% of her blog traffic. A few others drive more from Pinterest. Want to know their biggest pinning secret that helps them get those big wins? You'll see them here.

So I sent an email to them and the replies I got wowed me. I simply asked them.

“What’s Your Favorite Pinterest Marketing Strategy! The One That Gets You More Results”

These are the answers I got.

Raelyn Tan

raelynn tan

​My #1 Pinterest marketing strategy would be to create very attractive images that I know will do very well on Pinterest.

​I create long vertical images with a strong font and attractive colours, and they get me a ton of re-pins. As each pin stays on Pinterest forever and brings me new visitors everyday, I find that it is well worth the effort to whip up something good.

​When you combine having a long pinnable image with a topic that people are interested about, attention to your pin goes up exponentially.

​For instance, some of my best pins are about how to write a perfect about me page and the 101 best blogging tools - those images took me quite awhile to make, but are doing really well.

You can check them out for some idea of how my pin images look, as these pins are currently doing very well for me. -Raelyntan.com

Krista Rae

krista rae

My top tip for Pinterest is to be consistently active. My following didn't start growing consistently until I was pinning about 50-100 pins per day.

Now, this may sound a bit excessive, but with the right tools it doesn't take much of your time at all once you get started. In fact, I generally spend 30 minutes per week or less on Pinterest! My favorite tool is BoardBooster.

They make it really simple to constantly have pins going out to your own boards as well as group boards.

With this strategy you're more likely to get new followers as well as receive increased engagement from the followers you already have. - Kristarae.com

Ashleigh Blatt

ashleigh momprenueronfire

My #1 Pinterest marketing strategy is to create valuable content that will speak to and for the people who read my blog and listen to my Podcast, Mompreneur On Fire.

That was the hardest lesson for me to learn. I kept researching tips and tricks for gaining more traffic and listeners and sure I have learned a lot.

But when you look at the analytics of what people are connecting with, it’s the most direct and most thoughtful posts that gain the traction you desire.

Everybody says valuable content is key and they weren’t lying. The most eye-opening Pinterest Marketing strategy was learning about Pinterest itself and learning about the value of Pinterest as a search engine.

I used to think Pinterest was good for only entertaining ideas. I would go on there when we were about to host our Super Bowl Party to get entertainment idea.

Not many people understand, I surely didn’t understand, that Pinterest is the #1 Search Engine and people go on it for everything. It has this wealth of information that isn’t bogged down by corporate brands.

You can add value and get value, immense value from Pinterest. Once you learn to respect Pinterest for the machine it quietly is, you will want to put all of your focus there. - MomPreneurOnFire.com

Lauren Hooker

lauren hooker elle and co

"Create original pin-worthy images and graphics."

Pinterest is an image-driven social media platform. In order for Pinterest users to access your site from a pin, they have to choose one of your photos from among a sea of other images.

Grab their attention and set your pins apart by adding original, well-designed images to each blog post.

If your post is purely text, take time to create a graphic that includes the title. It may take a little longer to prepare your post, but the extra time spent on taking better photos or creating an eye-catching graphic is well worth free marketing through Pinterest shares. - Elleandcompanydesign.com

Louise Cottrell

My number one strategy that makes all the difference is to pin consistently! It helps if you get a scheduling program like BoardBooster or Tailwind.

When you pin often and consistently, your pins get shown to more people and reach a wider audience.

But who has time to be pinning all day, every day? Scheduling programs save you the time and hassle and also give you good ideas for new content in your niche that you may not have found otherwise. - TravelPinners.com

Sue Dunlevie

To turn Pinterest followers into blog visitors, you need to be engaged with them. You can easily increase your engagement by pinning VERY consistently so that pins appear in the feeds of your followers.

If you can’t find time to pin regularly, you can schedule pins with Tailwind (like I do).

I pin 20 times a day using Tailwind and it only takes my VA an hour a week to set it up. You should also check pins and boards of your followers and repin content that’s relevant to your business/niche.

It’s also a good strategy to repin content from influencers – it would increase your Pinterest referral traffic if they pin one of your pins.

High engagement using branded pins will help your Pinterest traffic to your blog. - Successfulblogging.com

Allison Marshal

allison wonderlass

Honestly I don't know if I could pick just one strategy as the most important, because the strategy that I do includes 28 or so different steps.

🙂 So I would say, "My number one Pinterest Marketing strategy is doing the 28 steps right here. Doing these things doesn't just bring me traffic, they allow me to attract engaged ideal clients!" 🙂

But yeah, I can't pick just one thing without it being a million words long since I believe there are several key points that you must do to really kick Pinterest butt. - Wonderlass.com.

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

elizabeth kelsey holistic writer

My top tip for Pinterest is to make everything you do focused.

So pin posts your Ideal Reader would enjoy to group boards they're frequenting.

Pin often and share other people's content. Optimize your own content for Pinterest and have a good pin.- ElizabethkBrardley.com

Pauline Cabrera

pauline cabrera twelveskip

My #1 Pinterest strategy: I always create two different pins for my content and pin them in two different times and different boards (one could be my own board, one could a group board created by someone else).

People have different tastes, what is pretty for you may not be for others. So having different pin designs can help me generate more views.

Also this way, I can track which design performs better then I can focus on creating similar design next time. - TwelveSkip.com.

Angie Lalonde


"GROUP BOARDS! My Pinterest success started when I was invited to large Pinterest boards, allowing me to pin to thousands more eyes than my meager few hundred followers...

Group boards are how I get the most exposure, click-through's and re-pins. Without them I would not have made it to my 10K followers alone.

Pinterest is where I get 70% of my blog traffic- once mastered it can really serve you well!" - WhippedGreenGirl.com

In Conclusion

There are too many things to learn from this post. Lets try to summarize.

Pinning consistently is very important to gain momentun on Pinterest. Even myself have confirmed that. As a result I now use Viraltag to send over 20 pins a day to Pinterest without breaking a sweat,

Another important thing is to engage with other people's content.

Sue says to turn Pinterest followers into traffic you've got to engage with your audience. What better way to do so than to:

  • Re-pin their Pins
  • Like their Pins
  • Comment on pins and so on.

Personally I try to dedicate about 20 minutes everyday to Pinning other people's content and on days when I do so my followers count increase by 40% or more. It's a way to appear on influencers and other people's radar.

Joining group boards is also a very important step to take as these boards have literally thousands of followers and will help get your eyeballs in front of thousands of Pinterest users.

Take it from someone who's manage to join over 15 group boards in a week and send pins to them each day. Taking your time to hustle into group boards pay. My two favorite strategies for finding group boards is find them using Pingroupie.com

Pingroupie is a directory for Pinterest group boards and you can filter your results by categories to find your niche.

Click and on the description of any board you find, You're most likely to find directions on how to join the board.

Another strategy is to find check a popular figure in your Industry's niche and visit their profile. For example Meera Kothand's profile gave me a couple of insights on which group boards to join.

So I guess that's that for today. Hope you've enjoyed the post! If yes then it's only fair that you share with your friends. Oh and feedbacks. Yes, I love them... Leave 'em below using the comment form.

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