Why I Love And Use Pinterest For Marketing + Why You Should Too

There are many reasons why most businesses chose whatever social media network they focus on.

why i love and use pinterest for marketing

For example, Facebook is every one's chosen because it has over 900 million monthly active users.

Pinterest on the other hand is another social + search engine network that inspires people visually.

Pinterest reported reaching 100 million active users recently from the measly 10 million from April 2012 (more on this later).

That's a massive growth and according to research, the network is predicted to even grow more in the coming years.

I've come to rely on Pinterest to drive traffic to my websites.

Basically for marketing purposes and so far? It's been awesome.

In this article I share a few reasons why I love and use Pinterest for marketing.

Probably when you see this? You'd be tempted to try it too.

Lets get this blog post on...

1. Pinterest is FREE and Easy to Use

Yep! Just like every other network, Pinterest is free to use. Just go to Pinterest.com to sign up for an account and you'll be up and running in 50 seconds or less.

It's as easy as that. How about using the network? Piece of cake. Humans are hardwired to love visuals.

The social media search engine network is a visuals only platform where people create boards to add pins (contents) to.

Pins could be in form of anything:

  • About Ecommerce products
  • Linking to DIY, Crafts or recipes.
  • Links to blog posts.
  • Or even a reminder.

Pinterest is more than just a tool for finding stuff to me. It's a way to effortlessly market my websites and drive traffic.

2. You Can Easily Tap Into Other People's Audience

Or let me simplify it by saying, you can easily gain access to other people's followers such that when you post your content (Pin) it gets seen not only by your little followers but it also has a large amount of possibility to get seen by followers of other people.

How is this possible? Group boards.

Group boards are a way of reaching a larger audience on Pinterest, They're like Facebook groups but guess what? They're much more than that.

Let me give you an example: I'm one of the collaborators in Elizabeth Kelsey's Blogging Boost Board. Elizabeth has over 20,000 followers whilst I just recently crossed the 1.1k followers mark.

blogging boost group board

The minute Elizabeth creates her board, The people following her profile automatically followers the board (At least part, a bigger figure) and if she opens it up for collaborators to add pins which she did.

The moment your pin gets published in that board.

It has the potential to get seen by the amount of followers that actually follows the board. With Elizabeth's Blogging Boost group board, it has over 14.5k following. And that's just one GROUP board.

Thank about the others you can get yourself an invite to contribute to.

Pro Tip: If you're in the blogging and online marketing niche, you can start from my profile. I'm currently a contributor in over 27 group boards and most of the owners of these group boards are friendly. They'll most likely hand you an invite to contribute like they did me. (Link to my profile) You want to follow me as well.

Hint: I pin bomb as contents to supercharge you.

And as you may have guessed or didn't know! There are no limits to the amount of group boards you can join on Pinterest. I've come across profiles with over 500 active group boards with tens of hundreds of thousands.

3. You Can Easily Get More Results From Pinterest Marketing

Let me explain:

Pinterest was launched in March 2010 by three good looking guys and ever since then the growth has skyrocketed. That's six years ago but IMO Pinterest is still fresh and you can gain some decent results from just using a couple of tactics.

You can get those results without having to pay a dime as it's not like Facebook where you'd have to pay a few dollars to reach a decent amount of your fans.

The growth + amount of people you can reach on Pinterest by just engaging with others is far bigger and better that what you'll achieve on Facebook + Twitter combined without paying for ads especially when you have very little followers.

A Quick Case Study

Myself and Alicia launched Nutritionrealm.com about 8 months ago. We picked three social media for our target audience. Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. Oh, tons of health and food lovers are on Pinterest since 71% of Pinterest users are women.

Right now, we are at 3500+ facebook fans cause we bought (ads) them, We've been stuck at 735 twitter followers + 3-5 daily visits from Twitter for months now and Pinterest? We haven't spend anything other than investing in a Premium tool: Viraltag (More on this later).

Here's Our Pinterest Stats As at 05/08/2016

2170 Cute Followers As at the time of writing this post
240000 Monthly Reach Without spending a dime
200 Average DV Yesterday, It was 300. Resulting in more Page views.

Now check that out, Note: This numbers are increasing every day. Know what's funny? We had only started taking Pinterest for Nutritionrealm serious a few weeks ago.

Quick update, We're now at 2,205 Followers.

We've not even talked about the possibility of your pin going viral sending an avalanche of traffic to your website, We have an article with over 3k Pins, It accounts for most of the steady traffic we get today.

Bottom line: For now Pinterest marketing is easy and you can still get some decent results without breaking the bank and if you have money to spend? All the better! One Ezra Firestone generated $41,254.32 from just $775.50 Pinterest ad spend.

4. Content Promotion Made Easy With Pinterest

Yep! That's right,

Tell me if this below sounds familiar.

You've just published a new post. You shared it to your Facebook page with xxx fans, Yaaay! Only xx fans ended up seeing it and even a fewer amount of that xx fans actually clicked on your link, but then you can't do no more than that (share the link again).

At least for a while else you'll  ruin your overall page reach.

Facebook Page Marketing. Sound familiar?

You've just published a new post. You tweeted it to your followers and even went on a spree to use Buffer to schedule a tweets for the new post with custom headlines.

And because you have very little followers, well, you're not going to reach a lot of people that way so you just reach out to a few bloggers who M.I.G.H.T tweet it to their followers that could even be time consuming.

How About This Twitter Marketing Tactic?

Not to talk of other tactics. Pinterest marketing however is quite different. Uniquely different. You can add unlimited pins about your contents (Not the same thing) Different designs at totally different times and they'll all be linking to the same post.


Ready to be seen by your followers, people following group boards you participate in and people looking for exactly what you have in your blog post on Pinterest.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Pin number 1 may not be visual appealing, your next pin about the same content may be. I've confirmed this.
  2. Adds more value and pins to your Pinterest accounts.

Basically you can promote unlimitedly with Pinterest. Know what's more even interesting?

The lifespan of Pins on Pinterest.

An average pin can appear in one's SmartFeed (Pinterest's version of Facebook's NewsFeed, Twitter's Timeline) for up to 3 months before it disappears...

And guess what? Pins don't just go into oblivion, they can be re-pinned and pinned over again.

You can promote almost everything, anything on Pinterest. Even direct affiliate links are allowed again on Pinterest. There was a time it was disabled due to spam but now? It's back and better.

Pins can always link to anything so far there's an actual Pin for it and it's not against Pinterest policy.

5. Pinterest Content Posting Made Easy With Tools

This is one of the reasons why I love Pinterest the most. The most.

Here's the thing. I love sharing my posts on LinkedIn groups: It gives me a handful amount of results when I do but then I have to spend time selecting groups, setting up titles and more. To sum it all up? I have to be online to make a post.

When I'm not? No posting. why? There are no tools to automate posting to LinkedIn groups. At least I haven't discovered that one yet.

viraltag is an amazing tool that makes social media automation for brands easier. In this post I explained five great ways this is done especially pinterest.

Pinterest on the other hand? I can schedule up to a month's worth of post to my profile and group boards with tools like Boardbooster and even easier with Viraltag (The one I use currently).

This alone makes me feel at ease as I'm rest assured. Away or around! My pins will always go live no matter where I am.

6. These Stats

I made a list of 17 super awesome stats and marketing facts about Pinterest in a post I published a while back. Here's a few:

  • Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as 2-3 times as efficiently as Twitter was at a similar time in their history.
  • Shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who arrive from other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. They'll also spend 10% more on average.
  • Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than visitors referred from non-social channels, including search, according to industry reports.
  • In January 2012, Pinterest reached 11,716,000 total unique visitors. Now it's well over 100 million users.

Pinterest is expected to grow and keep growing steadily. I wanna be part of that growth, How about you?


I'm creating a couple of made simple series. The first article coming out is about Pinterest marketing. So brace up and wait for it.

Now that you've seen why I love and use Pinterest for marketing, It's your turn.

If you're not using Pinterest yet, I suggest you do and if you're a Pinterest lover like me, then lets discuss that in the comments section. Why do you love Pinterest?

Can't wait to hear from you.



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