How to Pin Manually, Faster & On The Go Without Using Any Tool

If you're a freaky and addicted Pinterest user like I've been the past few weeks which if you're not, You should be...

pinterest pins on mobile

There are many reasons to pin severally daily.

An average user pins up to 5-10 times per day. Someone who loves using Pinterest for marketing like me?

Up to 50 times per day.

Thank God for reliable tools like Viraltag and the popular BoardBooster pinterest marketing tool.

These guys have been a blessing so far when it comes to automating pinterest pins.

But there are times when you're browsing through Pinterest even at odd hours and you wish to re-pin some of your contents again.

Let me give you a quick hint as to where exactly we are going today with this article.

It's the official Pinterest App.

That's what we're talking about.

Why This Is Needed

If you're a contributor to several Pinterest group boards like me, close to 30 or so... Having one pin go round to all boards is time and energy consuming.

Now having multiple pins go out to each group boards? Even more draining.

This is where the Pinterest automation tools come in, My favorite so far is Viraltag follow by BoardBooster, I've written on each tool as they're so fantastic.

Even with these tools there are times you might just feel like pinning to your group boards whilst manually browsing through Pinterest.

That's okay, The best way to do this is using the Pinterest mobile App.

How to Pull This Off, Start Pinning On Mobile

For the sake of this post, I'll admit you already have the app installed on your mobile phone. If not, what are you waiting for.

It's available on the Andriod and IOS.

long press on a pinterest pin

Once you're done with downloading, you definitely want to sign in to your account first. You'll be prompted to do so.

Once you're in, Here's the simple technique to pin to your board faster, In 5 minutes... You could have pinned 30 times or more.

So there above is what my Pinterest account looks like on the mobile app.

Long pressing on a pin shoots out those options with the:

  • Pin Option
  • Like Option
  • Send Option
  • And the Hide Option.

To pin an image to what ever board you wish you'd have to swipe your fingers accross the screen to the pin icon and once you let it go...

It should bring out a list of your boards. Simply select which and you're done.

Here's the simple two-step process

pinning on mobile with pinterest mobile app
pinning on mobile with pinterest mobile app

See that? As easy as anything, With this... You can pin anyone's or your content faster than ever without using any tool.

Why Use This? When There are Tools?

Don't get me wrong, Having a Pinterest marketing tool like Viraltag is very crucial to your overall Pinterest marketing strategy.

Here's why:

  • Improved Pinning Effeciency with the aid of analytics and stats provided by your tool.
  • Automation of a whole lot of post, Even up to a month's worth of content.
  • Easy and stress free pinterest marketing, Let the bots do the job for you.

Yet with this beautiful method of pinning faster, you can finally achieve a few things, you know? Here's a simple list.

  • Finally, the you can apply the 80/20 pareto principle to your pinterest marketing strategy. Pinning other people's content. This also helps you get noticed and adds value to your account.
  • The joy of discovery. There's no limit to the amount of beautiful pins and contents you can find to read on Pinterest using the mobile app. In fact it's one of the best sources of inspiration for small business owners.
  • Increased reach. Just go to your Pinterest profile, long pin on your pin and start pinning them to your group boards. In 5 minutes you could've sent over 30 pins.

And many more reasons.

In Conclusion

This method of pinning faster manually can also save those who have pinning limits on their pinterest automation tool. Boardbooster users for example have 500 pins monthly limit for the first plan.

To avoid reaching the limits even before the end of the month, you can take it upon yourself to do the little work but if there's the budget?

...Then by all means, pin away and automate as much as you want.

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Hope this post helps.


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