I’m Starting a Round Up Series: Online Marketing This Week (OMTW)

I've thought about it several times.

​I've reflected on it.

I've asked questions.

I've finally made the decision about 3 months ago and here I am just publishing an introduction to my new idea.


In fact I've written an entire introduction about this new venture months ago as well, The reason I haven't published?

Say hello to #OMTW! Basically it's supposed to feature the best online marketing related contents and each episode can feature unlimited posts from great authors then in addition to that go out every Friday.

No Idea or wait! I'm waiting for the right time...

Then recently I asked myself! What right time? When is the right time? Is it coming anytime soon?

After parking up the thoughts for a while and dumping it somewhere then moving on to Instagram where I follow a few successful people and profiles including Chris Ducker, Forbes, Foundr Magazine, Gary Vee, GetOffYourButt, SuccessField, BuildYourEmpire_ and a couple of others.

Even most of the content I share there is Inspirational, All these words to pinch you to take action and never give up.

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From day to day, I would see posts like below from Foundr and remind myself not to give up. But how?

Most of the ideas I've got have been flushed down the toilet inside my mind due to one reason or the other:

  1. The time isn't right.
  2. I just don't have enough money or resources yet.
  3. Lets wait till after I get to 1500 email subscribers, oh no! When my Instagram followers hit 1k then we'll start.
  4. You don't feel comfortable! (Comfort zone-ish)
  5. And the biggest of them all (The time isn't just right).

The time isn't just right. That's what I would murmur to myself.

Let Me Inspire Someone Before I Introduce You Fully to OMTW!

You see you don't have to start big to become big! Most these huge startups and companies today started from somewhere.

There isn't going to be a right time to do something unless you do it.

I don't know if it's the words the folks from Blog Biz & Bffs told me when I wanted to give up, The Instagram posts I've been seeing lately or the success stories.

I just woke up feeling this way and as soon as I finish this post I'll go to my abandoned journal, my Google keep account where I store every single idea I get then start tackling all of them one by one.

PS: I went to bed immediately after reading the Growth Model Behind RankXL blog post by Chris Lee. You might want to read it too.

start small, think big

The idea is to start somewhere right? So what's stopping you? Anything holding you back other than those thoughts in your head?

Here's how to say goodbye to self criticism if that's what's stopping you.

Don't forget Mark Twaine's words. If you want to get ahead, you have to get started first then failure? Can always be the thing that gets you down.

But you can't let it get to you.

Why? Always remember.

We Rise Up and We Fall Down only to Rise Again.

Whatever it is. Get on with it! You'll smile at the end and thank yourself for taking action.

Back to Back & Introduction to OMTW!

Since I'm always reading and seem to have this gift of stumbling upon great stuff related to online marketing and growing businesses online.

"Wouldn't it be nice to put all the great things I've read in one place and have it published weekly so people who have missed it can read and learn from it".

I thought.

Then from there the Idea of Online Marketing This Week (OMTW) was born.

Basically it's supposed to feature the best online marketing related contents and each episode can feature unlimited posts from great authors then in addition to that go out every Friday.

And it will starting Next Friday.

How You Can Help Me!

I actually could use a lot of ideas cause I really want to make this something huge?

OMTW Can and will feature any blog post from anybody just as long as it looks great and adds serious value.

I could also use some awareness (Main reason why I have always postponed this series) Wating for my email subscribers to reach XXXX Numbers and a couple of other things.

Screw it, I'm asking you:

  1. If you have an email list, Send an update on my behalf. If you can't.. Add a "PS: My friend Babs is going to be starting a series to help struggling bloggers and business get better at online marketing, Here's the link for more info" for me when next you're sending a campaign (I'll be so grateful for any of those).
  2. If you have a community of people who might be interested in the value OMTW will be providing? You might want to help me share it with them.
  3. Share! Share!! Share!!! I've made sharing contents on Babs Reviews Blog ridiculously easy using Easy social share buttons. Share on Facebook, Tweet it, Pin to Pinterest. You'd be helping me.
  4. Basically, Help me spread the word.

If you have any ideas on how to make OMTW even better please use the comment form, Expecting your feedback on this one.

That will be all for now! See you in the first episode of OMTW 😉


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