27 Ways Bloggers & Small Business Owners Can Get Inspired In 3941 Words

Let me ask you a quick question...

27 Ways Bloggers & Small Business Owners Can Get Inspired In 3941 Words

As an online marketer what do you think of or where do you go to when you need new (creative) ideas?

The quiet part of your office? Or wait till night fall when there's no much noise then start all these crazy brainstorming yourself with deep pacing attached to it or perhaps check out a few stuff online starting with a search from Google.

Well that's kinda sad. While these might work most (less) times, It can be a very daunting task as you have no idea what exactly you're looking for.

Anyways, worry no more...

In this article I'm going to show you 27 super awesome sources of Inspiration & new ideas that will not only bring out the creativity in you.

It'll also get you to work... So are you ready?

1. Pinterest

Pinterest helps you discover ideas for all your projects, interests and help you save them.

Yep. Anytime I need to come up with something new Pinterest happens to be my number 1 resource.

Pinterest marketing

Here's what Pinterest does: The beautiful social media network gauges what you like, have interest in, follow and presents you with thousands of ideas you can practically use in your own context.

What's more? If you come across something great and you're not ready to use it right away, you can always pin it on any of your boards which could be kept secret for later purposes.

What's even better? The inspiration are in visuals. Know what that means?

human ideas

As a human being, According to most research studies and results... You can process images 60,000x faster than plain text.

Pinterest being a visual only platform makes it the perfect spot for your brain to simply like and process what it just saw faster.

With Pinterest, Just looking at what so many people are pinning across the world it gives me new ideas for my websites, for clients and business development purposes. What's more? The ideas you come up with are yours and yours only.

2. Crayon

Next on the list is Crayon.co. Know why I love the platform? It seems to be the first of its kind and as someone that deals with landing page creation and designs it helps me a lot.

Crayon houses the best designs on the internet and is a huge archive of multiple landing page designs from different industries and platforms aimed at helping marketers become better, get great ideas and build amazing stuff on the web.

inspiration for online marketers crayon

With over 27 million real life examples of landing pages, Crayon is the next place to get started when you need to design or re-design a page on the web. It helps you come up with something great.

Here's how it works. When you join Crayon.co you instantly gain access to tons of landing page designs, get new ideas for yours and simply come up with something amazing. Just like Pinterest when you see something nice on Crayon you can save to your collection so you can always see it later.


Now you know where I head to when I need to have a landing page done in less than 20 minutes. Enjoy.

3. StumbleUpon

I used to dislike StumbleUpon until a week ago when I tried it on a niche website and got 6000 shares, huge incoming traffic and a handle of subscribers in practically days (Case study coming soon).


Know the beautiful part? Our post that got that much stumble was Stumbled Upon on StumbleUpon by my Partner and Immediately she buzzed me asking me to take a look at this piece of content and if we can create something similar.

I saw the page and Liked it 🙂 Immediately what came to mind was Brian's skyscraper technique and guess what it worked... Although other factors such as time we stumbled our content and interest location matters but the thing is we got the idea to do that on SU.


StumbleUpon is a free discovery engine that finds and recommend web contents based on interest to it's users.

You see that? It makes SU the perfect place to get fresh ideas and Inspiration for your works

When in need for a new idea for one of my niche websites, I don't stumble past the fifth web page before something comes to mind.

Sign up, add interest, get ideas. It's that simple and it works.

4. Long Tail Pro Software

Starting a new website or perhaps in need of some fresh ideas on keywords to optimize for and analyze the SERPs....? You need a good keyword tool. Not just one that will show you keyword ideas and the bids like Google Keyword Planner.

But one that will help you with uber-fresh ideas and Inspiration on how to take off with your next search engine optimization project. You looking for that kinda tool? It's the latest version of the Long Tail Pro Software.

long tail pro v3

The long tail pro software has been battle-tested by over 70,000 marketers and SEOs around the world who sees it as one if not the best keyword research tool.

Know the best part? You only need to plunge in a keyword you have in mind and boom... Thousands of great keyword  ideas for your next project. For example if I'm working on a project/website about "Whey Protein Powders" which I am...

Plunging just that keyword gives me tons of keyword ideas I can optimize my site and rank for. How competitive a keyword is and many many others. Take a look at the below screenshot.

long tail pro

That keyword got me a total of 799 keyword ideas people are searching for all over the world, the volume and details of people ranking for each keyword... Seeing this? For yourself? Your next project?

You should've gotten something by now...

5. Buzzsumo App

Quick one: When last did you use the Buzzsumo app? Like never? You don't know what you're missing. Buzzsumo is one of the best online marketing tools out there.

buzz sumo tool

This tool not doesn't just dump ideas in front of you, It helps you find the most shared content in your industry. You know that means?

  • Gets you ideas fast...
  • The most popular ones only...

This is very similar to the mentioned one above about StumbleUpon. Buzzsumo helps you come across the most shared content based on the keyword you've searched for.

An example? I did a test for 'Whey Protein". Here are the most shared contents on the internet related to whey protein.

shared contents found on buzz sumo

Merely looking at the results only? I can see that my title has to be something related to the one on Muscle & Fitness. It's been shared by over 38,000 people. They can't be wrong! And looking at the article? It gives me tons of fresh ideas for my next post.

And more, In fact you already know where most of your shares would come from if you write an article related to that topic. "Facebook.

Other than content research, Buzzsumo can also help you do Content analysis, Find influence-rs and alert you of amazing contents related to you.

6. Canva

Lets move on to something more fun. Like Inspiration and ideas for your next graphic design  project. Ever heard of Canva? The FREEmium online graphics design tool.

canva interface

Canva is not only a design tool. It's a huge resource for images both FREE and paid... The good thing is you don't need to pay to look around for the sole purpose of getting new ideas though.

The canva tool is packaged with tons of pre-made high quality images and templates you can simply copy and fine tune for your next project. The beauty of it is you can even finish the design project there on Canva.

Canva makes designs easy. Whatever it is you wish to design... For social media posts, Facebook/Twitter covers, Blog posts, flyers... First head over to Canva.com, sign up for FREE and take a look around.

Surely you'll find something that will spark up another better something in you.

7. WarriorForum

Forums are great places to network, find a bunch of people in your niche, build links, drive traffic and brainstorm new ideas for your next project. Lucky enough we have the Warriorforum. The largest digital marketing forum.

The WF has been online for a long time. Since 1997 to be precise and holds over 1 million members. Know what that is? Some great stuff. Why?

warriorforum  logo

Most of these guys ain't pros, They there to ask questions, learn new stuffs... Basically need help and you can give it to them. A couple of the stuff and articles I publish here are as a result of threads found on WarriorForum.com

They ask questions, I know about it? I write about it here.... With that much member base? You'll get more than you've bargained for on WF.

8. Inbound.org

 Inbound.org is where the smart marketers hang out to stay connected and current. What's more? The member base is huge. The amazing thing about this community is that most folks here are experts and ready to help.

inbound.org homepage

With Inbound, you can sign up for an account FREE in minutes and get instant access to diverse types of contents like what's trending in the online marketing industry, AMAs, Original articles written by experts, even questions that could make a light bulb go off in your head.

What more do you need? A community of experts, Several questions asked (you can find a solution to or already have a solution to) seriously related to you and one last thing.

You can even validate that bright ideas of yours by asking what other experts think. For example the will email marketing last thread got wonderful answers like this:

ibound.org community

You can even come out clean and ask the community for ideas, Most are ready to help you.

9. Quicksprout & NeilPatel.com

Looking for ideas on how to make your website or that of your client better? Or perhaps your online marketing sucks and you need new ideas  to make something work.

Neil Patel runs QuickSprout.com (Top content marketing blog) and NeilPatel.com (His personal Online marketing blog) Where he shares articles related to several concepts of online marketing.


Quicksprout helps you make better content whilst his personal blog will make you a better marketer. I've been a fan of Neil right from the start and he inspired my content marketing mistakes article on BRB. Neil is well known in the industry and his articles are detailed.

Touching every nook and cranny of a topic and finally giving you so many to take away. Lets try something. Read 10 or 15 of his articles and tell me you feel after that 🙂


10. Backlinko

A guy named Brian Dean created Backlinko. One of the leading SEO Blogs out there. Brian is well-known in the SEO industry​ and has created many many many methods of ranking a website on the search engines.

It's safe to say when it comes to SEO? Brian has certainly earned a place and his blog? Backlinko is the home of many new proven to work actionable SEO techniques anyone can implement today to get higher rankings.

Never heard of Brian? Check out these 21 SEO techniques article. That alone gives you tons of new Ideas to work on when it comes to search engine optimization. He has invented so many techniques that works. The skyscrapper and Guestographics is an example.

brian dean founder backlinko

If you want to do SEO the better way, You need to see what Brian's all about. PRO Tip: Join Brian's email newsletter... You'll get updates that will help you get better at SEO.

Brian doesn't send out mails unless they're important and you need to see it, You won't get spammed, that I can assure you.

11. Codecanyon

You a developer? Great at designing stuff like WordPress plugins and PHP scripts? Then you need to see what Codecanyon is all about. Eh! Nothing much really.

Codecanyon is the largest marketplace for codes and scripts online. There you'll find many jquery, CSS and more related stuff. One more thing... Ideas for your next project of what to build.

For example you can browse through Codecanyon to find what people are buying and looking at.

codecanyon items

As a developer, Merely looking at a couple of these. What comes to mind?

12. Moz SEO & Inbound Marketing Blog

There was a time I was a frequent visitor here. When I worked with an advertising agency... We had this crazy task of coming up with new ideas for our clients or pitch to new clients. Moz blog really helped me especially on Fridays.

Fridays are called Whiteboard Fridays on the Moz blog where  in most cases Rand fishkin himself explains issues related to SEO and how to fix them.

moz seo

Not only that Moz features the best in the industry and shares the best research results, ideas, tips and how to articles that will make you better at what you do.

When it comes to Inspiration and new ideas for SEO, You can get all that on the Moz blog. Thank you.

13. Udemy

Lets dive a bit deeper. Ever heard of Udemy? The website where you can learn anything and become an expert in days? If not... Ha ha, You've been missing out.

Udemy features the best instructors to bring you top lectures in video formats.

Here's how to get inspired on Udemy and generate thousands of ideas for yourself. For example if you're a developer and you take one of these Python, Java or Excel courses you can get inspired to make yours, get new ideas for your projects or even learn more on a that particular topic.

udemy courses

Perhaps you're a social media and Facebook ads guy like me, Then the listed courses and their title tags will also get you a hoard of ideas for whatever purposes you want to use them for.

Merely looking at below, Do you want to create your own online course and sell on Udemy as well? Inspiring others to do and learn something new then making money in the process.

Bet that sounds nice eh?

udemy courses

Extra tip: You can also use Udemy to find keyword ideas to optimize for. Head over to the search bar and type something... It automatically completes and tells you what people are searching for.

keyword ideas from udemy

You can get a lot from Udemy. Just have a look around and have fun.

14. Themeforest

Something for the designers. Themeforest is so similar to the Codecanyon. In fact they're owned by the same company, Envato. Themeforest is the largest online repository for Premium WordPress themes, web design templates and scripts.

If you're a web designer, With over 22,000 design listed by other top designers and coders you can never go wrong.

themeforest items

It's a great place to get inspiration and ideas for your next design project looking at what other people have done and what's selling fast.

Inspiration and new ideas are waiting for you on Themeforest. Go discover 🙂

15. Seth Godin's Blog

Seth will make you think.... As a lot of questions you probably haven't asked yourself and finally? He'll get you to do that thing. Wait Seth who? Seth is an American Author, Entrepreneur, public speaker and marketer.

seth godin

He wrote the best selling book, Go. make something happen. And as expected Seth runs a blog where he shares very short but attention grabbing and inspirational articles that gets a lot of shares.

Get plugged in and inspired by Seth.... Check out his blog.

16. Authority Hacker

You ever head of those guys? Gael and mark, Experts at building authority websites. If not, then you're about to be blown away by these guys and what they do.

These guys will help you build long term web properties that earn for you not shabby adsense niche websites you're not proud of but real ​online properties earning thousands of $$$ online.

authority hacker

Gael and mark after many experience went further to create the Authority Hacker blog where they break down their journey, how they've built their business and how you too can. If you follow these guys you'll not only get ideas on how to build your own authority websites.

You'll also be inspired to do so.

17. Medium

Medium is an online publishing website founded by Twitter's  Evan Williams. Different people from all over the world share stuff on Medium, It's a very powerful platform. What makes it even better is Most stories shared are real life experiences.

That will not only let you discover that part of yourself you haven't discovered yet... But make you work on it as well.

medium online publishing website

People share ideas on medium, Something you can pick up and make yours in a matter of time. From medium:

“Medium is a vibrant network of thinkers who care about the world and making it better — through their craft, their stories, and their ideas. More than a network of thinkers, though, Medium is a network of thought. Connecting people together increases their knowledge and capabilities. Connecting ideas together increases their value, as well.

Getting started is way easy. Best signup with your Twitter account... Then browse through stories, read them.. Highlight parts as soon as you come across something great which you definitely will and go along with the flow.

When you join Medium, You'll see what I'm talking about here.

18. Issuu.com

issuu logo

Got to learn about Issuu from Neil Patel. Remember him? We mentioned him above. Issuu is a digital publishing platform for magazines, newspapers, catalogs and more.

If Neil goes there to find new ideas, Why shouldn't you?

Issuu is great especially when you're in search for content ideas. You'll get a ton of them.

It's easy. Just go to the homepage and type in your keyword or perhaps give the search bar an head shot of what you're looking to find and you'll get tons of great stuff staring at you already.

issuu screenshot

As you can see "marketing" was typed and searched for, We got these results. Now the beauty of using Issuu for new content ideas is that it doesn't really matter what niche you're working on.

You'll always find something.

19. Dribble

Dribble is an amazing resource that lets you show off what you're working on so anybody can see them. What does that mean? People especially (mainly) graphics designers show off what they've done on dribble.

This is for designers.

If you need some sort of inspiration + new design ideas, Why not check out dribble? There's so much to see, so many fabulous designs that could help you out.

20. Quora

Millions of people use Quora to find answers to their questions. You can use it to get ideas for numerous projects.


For example browsing through quora, You can:

  • Get ideas for your next content
  • See what people are asking about and use it as keywords for SEO
  • Find LSI Keywords
  • And more...

Bottom line? You'll not only find answers to your questions... You'll get more with Quora.

21. Magazines.com

Magazines.com is just like Issuu.com and guess what? I got to know about this one too from Neil Patel. Magazines is where you can buy discount magazines on almost any topic online.

You name the niche you're working on, You'll find something related on Magazines. That's how powerful such platforms are.


Great thing? You'll just need to look around to find that Aha! moment... You don't need to pay for anything, or you could just buy a Magazine if you feel you need to find more.

It's super easy. Browse through categories, listings, find something great. It's that easy.

22. The Growth Hackers Community

What more could be great than a community filled with experts at growth? You tell me... Growthhackers.com is very similar to Inbound.org where people (Experts) share stuff related to growth and developments of their business ideas, startups and more.


Most stories shared are detailed case studies. Know what case studies do? They inspire.

Immediately you land on the homepage you'll find the trending stuff related to growth. You can actually use those.

23. AffiliateFix

Yep! Another forum... For affiliate marketers. Are you an affiliate marketer looking to find ideas on how to promote your next product? Then you should checkout AffiliateFix.com where members share strategies and how things have worked for them.

You can actually sign up for a free account right now... Create a new thread, Introduce yourself, Browse through threads and mix with the members.

It does a lot good plus they have a premium membership option I've never subscribed to but always heard its good. So help yourself 🙂

24. The Smart Passive Income Blog

Join Patt Flynn on the smart passive income blog where you'll get inspired. Why? Pat carries out experiments and he shares what works only... They're FREE.


The Smart Passive Income community consists of over 150,000 People. They can't be wrong.. Pat invites Experts over to the SPI podcast where they talk about stuff you wanna hear about.

Entrepreneurship, case studies and more. Patt makes over 100k online monthly from his web properties. You think it's time he inspires you to do something? Click here to get started.

25. Facebook Groups

Right now I know what you're thinking. Aren't Facebook groups spammed? No no sweetheart. Not all of them in fact some group owners have been able to manage theirs so perfectly you'll love it,

I can bet you're in one or two. I've joined and been added to over 800 groups on Facebook, I only trust 5 of those groups... The other 790+? Totally filled with links and all that buh we're not focusing on those.

facebook groups

If you need some ideas and inspiration joining a few un-spammed groups on Facebook might be another great option to consider as they contain people who are very interested, expertise in what you're working on and so on.

Dan Norris has a facebook group for his 7 day start up challenge. It's amazing and one of the few groups I trust. Here's a link to join.

26. Instagram

I love Instagram mostly for one purpose. It's ability to gets me inspire me even if not great ideas. It's not Instagram's duty to inspire me, Its the people I follow. Since Instagram is visuals only like Pinterest.

instagram logo

This only happens when you follow the right people in your niche. The authorities, those who have established successful Instagram followings and post regularly.

You'll get fine quotes and images to motivate, inspire even make a light bulb go off in your head. You get? Join instagram, search for people in your niche... Follow the top dogs.

Follow me on Instagram: @Socialbabs

Thats it.

27. Your Thing!

Oh! You know that thing you do to keep up and get those ideas coming. Everyone's got one. Can't tell you mine.. It's extremely boring. Okay fine! I walk around the whole area I am till something comes up.

I also do a lot of writing which makes everything Certainly easier.

You know your spot, your quite time and all. Use it too. Trust me, It works.

Wrapping it Up

The whole concept about getting fresh ideas and inspiration to do things.. Well it all starts from getting started somewhere and if you don't get to it, You're really not going to get anything understood?

Look around, ask questions, let yourself get in the mood, drink some coffee, listen to some great music just let it happen and you're very much on your way.​

Now lets get to it okay?

Did I leave anything out? Let me know when you use the comment form. Do not forget to share too.

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