15 Things Newbies & Almost Expert Email Marketers Will Understand

Warning: This post isn't what you think it is but Yep! I made a list of 15 things almost every newbie email marketer can relate to (experts too).

I decided to take ​a different turn with this one.

It explains real life instances, behaviors and patterns at which most online marketers will react to situations related email marketing and list building.

And because we're online marketers: All we want to do our lives is learn, apply, drive more traffic and above all increase revenue.

​Are you ready? Here we go.

1. When You Learn That The ROI On Email Marketing Is Way Higher Than Others.

email roi meme

Because it's online marketing and the possibilities are endless. You're joining too.

2. When You Decide to Start Collecting Email Subscribers.

Not just for the fact that it can generate consistent traffic to your website but because you don't want to end up losing millions like Derek here.

Anything's possible you know? Your website may end up going viral.

3. When You Choose a Crappy Email Marketing Software For Starters.

email marketing software

The look I'm giving and the question I'm gonna ask you.

There are just too many options, I love Mailerlite and recommend it. No money? 7 Places to get started with email marketing fast.​

4. But You Switched to A Better One.

email blasting

Haha! Good for you. Just take it easy.

5. When you're Thinking of Which Plugin to Use in Displaying opt-in forms and popups on your website.

How the Speed-Force sorry Email-Force look at you when you're thinking: Thrive Leads? or OptinMonster, Wait what about Bloom? Shit there's Popup Domination.

dr evil email marketing

Do yourself a big favor and choose Thrive leads, Convertplug's also a nice alternative if there's no big budget and you're after the best (Read the review).

6. You, When you find out your Software Service Provider has no option for single optin

single opt-in form 2016

Sorry bruh! Grandma, You're gonna have to call in on this one.

7. Your Face When People Finally Starts Subscribing to Your Email List

so much email marketing win

So much email marketing win there. 4000 subs?

8. Your First Blast & The Email Open Rate + CTR Was Electrifying

Absolutely, Just be careful and don't mess everything up. Congratulations on your success though 🙂

9. How it Actually Looks Like When You're Calculating How Much You'll Earn Per Blast

Wow! So fast? You're the man.

10. But Suddenly People Started Unsubscribing From Your Email List

It's just a few people proving what Economics thought us about humans, It'll be alright.

11. First It Was 50, Now It's Up to 200. Turns Out It's Your Fault & Your SP Obliged.

Maybe it was one of those tipsy nights, or something.

12. You Thinking Where The Issue Could Have Originated From

And Neil Patel warning you, You're Hnshah right now "Lets not wait around to find out, It's dangerous".

13. The Kinda Face Pat Flynn Gives You When You Buy a Blue Host Account With His Affiliate Link.

But that's kinda like me giving you that when you buy Benchmark Email plan through my affiliate link. (PS: you're gonna love it there).

14. When Everything Is Finally Working Out Great For You Again!

Cause I'm totally not sure how the whole dancing thing works everywhere? I decided to split this into two or more.

If you're white this is probably you:

ace dancer

And If you're black? this is probably how you do the whole thing:

tumblr dancer

But if you're from down here? Where I'm from? This is the most likely way to do it.

tumblr dancer

15. Your Face When Someone Tells You to Stop Doing What's Converting Well for you.

Maybe in their blog post. This is just an example folks, Lets not get sensitive. You ever heard of being unique and testing things out for yourself? One of the best things about online marketing.

Relate well? What number are you most familiar with it?

Me: Number 12.

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