MyThemeShop Review: Best WordPress Theme Provider?

MyThemeShop Review
  • Awesome Premium WordPress Theme Provider


MyThemeShop is One of the Best Premium WP Themes & Plugins Provider With excellent And Well Optimized Themes Showcased In Their Portfolio.

MyThemeShop Themes are relatively Cheap and they Have very excellent support to help you with what ever issues you face in using their services

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Warm welcome to you today, what you’ll be reading here today is a review of MyThemeShop, Maybe also MyThemeShop Review, One of the best Premium WordPress theme providers, So stay calm, read and enjoy 🙂

So whats WordPress? Its an open CMS, So FREE and can be used anywhere anytime. Now the beauty of WordPress isn’t just that the Amazing CMS is free, It’s all in the fact that there are wonderful themes and plugin to accelerate the way your website which is built on WordPress looks and feel.

WordPress themes are whats responsible for any WordPress site’s look. I mean After installing WordPress unto your newly bought domain and web hosting space, You need a theme… Now there are free themes and premium themes which cost between $10-$100.

While free themes are good cos they save you money, You might wanna read “Why You Should Never Search For Free WordPress Themes?” Premium themes are regularly updated, contain neat codes and basically its understandable that whatever is paid should be way better than the free version.

WordPress themes are available on WordPress website for free and you can find a good amount of Premium theme providers and their themes on ThemeForest. Today we’re looking at one of the best theme providers in the industry, MyThemeShop, I personally use their premium themes on my blogs and they are way better, SEO optimized, Fully responsive on any device, and load with almost the same as the speed of light.

Yeah MyThemeShop Themes load Pretty Fast, BRB is a great example.

Why MyThemeShop?

MyThemeShop themes are very optimized – When it comes to loading speed, MyThemeShop themes has it, When i was about to start BRB I took turn to test a couple of themes from MyThemeShop and other Providers. I tried Best, Swift, Schema, MoneyFlow and all were fantastic but i later settled with WordX from MyThemeShop cos it’s got all i want.

  MyThemeShop themes are SEO Friendly and fully responsive. Ready to go with search engines and on any device. All of MTS themes are equipped with this very important feature.

Beautiful & Engaging Designs – When it comes to this, MyThemeShop has it… What i usually admire when i visit any blog even before i commend the article written there by the blogger i make sure to commend the blogger for such an amazing design. Now to achieve that is just like a piece of cake with MTS themes as the Admin Panel is so easy to figure out and it’s almost the same as all of their themes, Check out WordX’s panel.

One Click Import / Update – With MyThemeShop themes, You have the option of installing free plugin made available on WordPress where you can plunge in your MTS details and get updates as soon as it’s out.

MyThemeShop customer service  is off da hook – They respond fast providing you with detailed solution to your inquiry. They also have a dedicated, knowledgeable support which contains Q&A so as not to keep you waiting.

No Hidden Charges – Ever since i joined MyThemeShop have not been asked to pay a dime after for some charges or anything, Its just amazing.

Speaking From Someone Who Uses MyThemeShop Themes

That’s me thank you, I can’t find enough words to commend the Team Behind MyThemeShop for their creativity. its really nice. I mean if i wanna start any WordPress Website in the future? Am going over to MyThemeShop to find myself something really good from their list of amazing themes. MTS helps me save money as i get to spend on their membership once and that’s all.

I also enjoy some of the features listed below, Why? Cos i use MyThemeShop themes lol;

  • 24×7 Helpful Support
  • Fully Responsive Designs
  • Narrated Video Tutorials
  • Faster Loading Sites

To be sure am not giving you fluffs, You can check out what others are saying about MyThemeShop on the Official Website.

MyThemeShop also has Free themes, Good ones. I have also used some in the past like Point for an event website and it’s really good. My favorite among MyThemeShop themes are;

  • WordX (Best)
  • MoneyFlow (Tempting)
  • Interactive (Beautiful & Engaging)
  • NewsPaper
  • JustFit
  • Yosemite
  • Schema (Very fast and SEO optimized)
  • Nominal
  • Cool
  • NewsOnline
  • Entrepreneurship
  • SteadyIncome

In short i love all MyThemeShop themes and i implore you to get some of the themes for yourself. They are available HERE & you can see demo of each before you buy.

There’s one thing with MTS though, Their demo’s are not always as attractive as how you can customize your site to look like. I mean can you compare BRB’s look to the real WordX demo on MTS? OK maybe am bluffing lol but seriously MyThemeShop themes are worth it. Take it from me. MyThemeShop if any of you guys among the team happens to find this blog, Tell others! YOU GUYS ROCK.

MyThemeShop Review Conclusion

Okay maybe it’s high time i show you how many people are using MyThemeShop Themes, According to WPTD (WPThemeDetector) A website that helps you find out what theme a WordPress website is running on, MTS themes is the one Powering of 1.30% of found themes competing amongst other top providers including TieLabs, StudioPress, WooThemes, ElegantThemes and the rest. You can see the full ranking details HERE.

MyThemeShop themes are crazily cheap and you can get one for as low as $45, Their lifetime membership club is also ridiculously cheap, for as low as $165 or so. You get the future upgrades, And everything Free. Its just a one time payment.

I will recommend their creations to anyone. No bad experiences so far, You can check out their official website HERE, Benefits & Portfolio.

They also have an affiliate program that helps you make money online, You can join, Refer and earn  some cash.

So how about you, Have you used MyThemeShop Themes in the past? or currently using it? What’s your experience so far? Pls lets hear it, You can use the comment section, Do not forget to SHARE! 🙂

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