How to Send Your Website Links to Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

That sounds like spamming right? Posting to all that many groups you're in like that without even visiting Facebook. Depends on how you handle this method am going to show you.

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Back to today's article, I'm going to show you an easy way to send your website links or should i say how to post your blog article to multiple Facebook groups at once without paying a single dime for a software to do the job for you.

post to multiple facebook groups

Sounds interesting Eh? Would also like to point out that a software (PAID) Might be required later on if you can't handle posting to multiple Facebook groups with this method but it's not necessary. If you don't want to be a deep spammer.

Before we go further to the main thing, There are a few things you wanna know!

  • This method is fully ethical and supported by Facebook
  • You'll Get some decent traffic back to your blog or website whilst doing this
  • Your Facebook account is completely safe (Well maybe partially). I like the idea of keeping things slow.

Why Facebook?

Almost all Internet users do 2 things on a regular basis:

First, they use search engines. Secondly, they use Facebook.

As a marketer or business owner, one of your biggest jobs is to funnel people from other websites to your own.

Your target audience hangs out in various parts of the web, but a huge percentage of any target audience uses search engines and Facebook.

That’s why they are so important, and why we pay so much attention to SEO and social media marketing.

neil patel
Neil PatelCo-founder Kissmetrics

Why Facebook? It's the worlds largest online community that's it. As at september 2015, Few months ago the total number of daily active users climbed up to 1.01 billion whilst the monthly active users caps at 1.55 billion actives.

894 million of those people use Facebook from mobile. Whilst the other 111,000+ Use Facebook from their desktop computer.

Remember the recent upsurge in the use of mobile phones lately? Kikolani or should i say Kristi Hines a famous freelance writer concluded that 47% of total mobile phone users browse social networks and 33% post photos to social networks.

facebook social media usage

As if it's not enough reason? I recently read on Fortune.com and quoted on one of my recent blog post here that "Facebook now drives the highest number of traffic to other websites even than Google.

This is not surprising giving the fact that the network's got huge number of people using it's platform everyday. Millions to be precise.

Among these millions of people are your customers (to be), The traffic you need to increase your earnings, The visits to increase your visibility and so many more.

There are many ways to reach out to that many people on Facebook. There's;

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Events
  • Facebook Notes
  • Facebook Hashtags
  • Facebook Advertisements and many more

We're picking Facebook groups in this blog post as it's one of the Inexpensive ways to reach out to a lot of people. When i Published the first Infographic i created on Simple Ways to Promote Your Clickbank Affiliate Links i mentioned how you can easily get up to over 100,000 impressions on your links just by posting to Facebook groups.

Enough with all the talks, Lets get started right?​

So to set the ball rolling you need two things;

  • An active Facebook Account
  • The Directions in This article

I can guess upfront you have those two. A Facebook account and look at you right here! You're reading this... Fantastic.

As a marketer or business owner, one of your biggest jobs is to funnel people from other websites to your own - Neil Patel

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Step One

Head Over to Facebook Social Plugins Page

The facebook social plugins page is located on Facebook. It's a suite of plugins available to use on Facebook and for other sites. Click Here to go there and click on the Send Button as it looks like in the screenshot below.

facebook social plugins

Step Two

The steps are Already There...

facebook steps social plugins

But in our case we're not choosing a URL or page, This takes us to the next step.

Step Three

So scroll down a bit and you should get presented with a form that looks like below

facebook developers

Clear that default URL, Leave it empty and click on the get code button.

Step Four

After clicking the "Get Code" What's next? It's a popup presenting you with a code to install on your website. It usually looks like below.


Very quickly you need to paste your Code 1 after the <body> tag of your website. What i like to do is head over to my MyThemeShop awesome panel and paste the code in the footer section or just open the footer.php on your theme and paste it anywhere before the closing </body> tag.

Step Five

Copy code two and paste it where you'll like your send button to appear. As you can see mine below, I have pasted it on top of the single.php page so it displays on top of every blog post. That way i can easily post to multiple Facebook groups.

post to multiple facebook group

See that? Click it right above this blog post, select the groups you want to post the article to and hit the send button. Watch the magic happen.

Placing Your Send Code Right Above Your Blog Post Title

I figured you guys might wanna add your send button before your blog post title just like i did so i decided create this section for interested folks. To get started login to your admin dashboard and locate the editor link under the appearances menu.

Click the link and after landing on the editables page scroll down and find single.php. Open the file. That's the Thug responsible for displaying your blog posts.

Scroll down or use CTRL + F to find the below code.

<h1 class="title front-view-title single-title" itemprop='headline'>
<?php the_title(); ?>
<?php mts_the_postinfo( 'single' ); ?>

Place your code 2 right before the opening <header> tag and we're done.

This may defer in themes so if you're finding it hard to pull this off all on your own shoot me a message via My Facebook page. Just a mention would do.

Alternatively you may add it as a standalone text widget on your sidebar. Have tried that out in the past and it works.

Wrapping it All Up

Facebook is a great place to draw new customers, get more brand exposure, make money online and many many more.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. There are a few options whether FREE or paid. With Facebook groups you have a shot at getting it free so utilize it. Reason? 42% of all the marketers in the world says Facebook is important to their business.

So get on it.

You can also look into any of these Software that helps you post to multiple Facebook groups. With these guys you can automate a lot of stuff and be in more control of what goes into your Facebook groups.


Facebook Multi Page/Group Poster

Helps you do the posting to groups and automation. Scheduling is also a great function present here.

Check it Out


PHPsfp - Schedule Facebook Posts

Helps you do the posting to groups and automation. Scheduling is also a great function present here.

Check it Out

This will lead us to the end of this article. Hope you've enjoyed it so far. Before you start working on this kindly leave me a comment. Let me know what you think about this and do not forget to share.


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