How to Use Mailerlite Email Marketing Software: The Complete Guide

Lets face it, Email marketing is somewhat hard.

You're probably thinking, The only hard part is the where you have to collect subscribers.


Email marketing can be hard for you when you:

  1.  Choose the wrong software.
  2. Chose the right software but don't know how to use it properly.
  3. Know how to use it but can't build effectively a list of subscribers.

That's not all. There are many others. In this article we're tackling problem number 2. How to perfectly use an email marketing software called Mailerlite.

Mailerlite is one of the best email marketing software out there.

It has everything you need to excel when it comes to email marketing. Quote me anywhere. There's:

  1. A free plan to get started
  2. Nice Nice email marketing features you'd have to pay for elsewhere
  3. The simplicity and ease of use is 10/10
  4. And the customer support speed is amazing!

Without wasting time, Lets get started. Shall we?

The Basics: Things You Should Know!

For most folks who haven't heard of mailer lite before, used to Mailchimp all their lives: Then this section is for you.

Mailerlite is an email marketing software and newsletter service with over 150,000 customers worldwide that will help you send beautiful mails your subscribers would love.

That's not all about Mailerlite.

mailerlite emailmarketing software babsreviews.com

The mailerlite email marketing software is an easy to use one with smooth interface providing everything you need in one place.

(I've also written about Benchmark email marketing software as well, My second favorite email software)​

You might want to ask this question, The answer is Yes! They have a free email marketing plan that's even far better than that of MailChimp.

  1. All the tools you need to succeed with email marketing without paying a dime.
  2. Store up to 1000 subscribers and send unlimited emails to them.
  3. Support like no other. Mainly through Chat! It's as fast as anything.

But that's not why we're here. Sure, You can hop on the free plan to grow your list.

Overall Mailerlite is a platform good enough to hold and help you market to just any amount of audience you have.

Getting Started With Your Own MailerLite Account

You're just starting out email marketing? Great! You already have a list of subscribers already? No problem.

By the time we're done with this article, You'll be moving 🙂

- Mailerlite plans are cheap!

MailerLite Email Marketing Pricing

You pay only as little as $10 per month if you have between 1000-5000 subscribers. How much does Aweber cost?

If you're looking to test then you could hit the sign up free button to create your account.

Signing Up For Mailerlite

It's all easy. Fill in the form, Confirm your email and you're In.

Your Own Email Marketing Dashboard

Then it's time for your dashboard. It looks exactly like below.

From here you can navigate through to any feature you want to use on the platform without having to look around or think twice. It's all clear.

Mailerlite dashboard 2016

There you get details of your last email Broadcast, Your subscriber stats and so on.

Since we're picking this from the root. The next thing we're talking about is creating your sign up forms after all you need subscribers to market to via the mailerlite email marketing software right?

Lets get to it.

Creating Your Sign Up Forms

From the snapshot above you can see a link on the navigation menu that says webform, Clicking on it should take you to a page that looks like below.

Creating signup forms using Mailerlite

Click on Add a new webform and you should be sent to the step one page where you'll give your form a name and decide whether it's a form you want to embed on your website or just a sign up button.

We'll go for the embed option. Give your form a name and hit the save and continue page which should take you to the next page that looks like below.

Mailerlite subscriber groups

Here you'll decide where you want the subscribers collected by this form to be stored.

In mailerlite they're called subscriber groups and not mailing list. Choose one and you're all set.

Now here's where it starts to get interesting. One of the reasons I love this software is cause you can always turn off the double opt-in feature with one click.

Designing Optin forms using Mailerlite

And if you prefer having double option, Activating it would leave two options like these for you to configure your confirmation emails and landing page.

You can see it up there.

Publishing Your Sign Up Forms

What's next after configuring your opt-in forms? Publishing it right? Here you have three options:

  1. Get the form's Javascript code to paste on your website.
  2. Or switch to html code to paste on your website.
  3. Get your signup form direct landing page

While the first 2 are the most popular options, The third one isn't such a bad idea at all.

You can as well use List building WordPress plugins like Thrive Leads to even make your sign up forms more attractive and pleasing to your visitors.

That's not all, With this you can deploy high converting multiple opt-in forms of different types through out your website.

Plugins like WP Subscribe Pro by Mythemeshop now offers direct connection via API to mailerlite.

Whilst thrive leads does not? You can easily integrate using HTML and that's that.

Getting More Details About Your Subscribers

Again, This is one thing we should talk about in this complete guide. If you're not into using plugins like Thrive Leads that helps you build your email list faster.

And display your subscriber details in your dashboard.

Mailerlite does this too, In a simple yet comprehensive way. To get there you'll need to click the Subscriber Option on your menu and a page like below with your subscribers stat should popup.

Viewing Subscriber Groups in Mailerlite

On this page you can:

  1. Add a new subscriber group (also known as mailing list)
  2. See your subscriber stats as usual.
  3. Check out the integration modules available to grow your email list.
  4. View the page people who unsubscribe from your mailing list sees and constomize till you're tired.
  5. Set up subscriber alerts and notifications.

Got it to this point? With Mailerlite, It can only be this simple.. Now lets get into the meat of this guide by visiting other features.

Creating and Sending a Regular Email Marketing Campaign

Creating a regular campaign to your subscribers, sending newsletters is an easy process with mailerlite.

Simply follow the steps below. Click on the campaigns tab on your dashboard then create campaign.

This takes you to a page where you'll set your sending details along with a couple of other features we'll look at very soon.

Set the name of your campaign and move along with the save and continue button below. Then you choose your email editor.

You have the:

Choosing Email Design Options in Mailerlite
  1. Templates Section
  2. Using the very popular drag and drop method of creating emails.
  3. The Rich Text Editor
  4. And the HTML function for the experts.

I like to use the Drag and drop editor and unless I'm sending a newsletter with lots of links, I go with the one single column option then the dragging and drop starts.

Once you're done designing your emails, hitting the done editing button up there will show you the final settings then it's boom time.

See how easy that was?

Creating Other Types of Email Campaigns On Mailerlite

Yep. You can create the normal A/B testing campaigns where you can test almost anything in your campaign, An RSS driven campaign.. One that drops in your subscribers email as soon as your feed gets updated.

Same as publishing a new post.

There's also an option for an auto resend campaign.

How this works? Needs a section of it's own.. It's really an interesting one. In fact when I reached out to the Mailerlite team about my upcoming guide, It's the first thing I asked about.

Using The Auto Resend Campaign On Mailerlite

The mailerlite auto resend campaign feature helps resend your previous campaigns to people who didn't read it in the first place.

Make no mistake, This is a really powerful feature and it has the potential to increase sales as people who didn't see the first promotional email you sent could be seeing it again.

Using Mailerlite autoresend feature

The team has written the perfect guide on using the feature. When and how to use it, Check it out here.

Make sure to use this feature.

Using The Automation Features on Mailerlite

I love everything marketing automation, Who doesn't like it. It helps you save time and do things no ordinary human beings can do.

Speaking about email automation and autoresponders, Mailerlite's own is so cool and easy to use.

Again from anywhere on your dashboard, click on the automation link and create one on the new page you land on.

Creating an autoresponder using Mailerlite

Lets create one right now set to go live as soon as someone signs up to our email list.

Creating an autoresponder using Mailerlite

For that we'll be choosing the option below and bouncing to our next step which is the autoresponder rules and settings.

Set emails to go out anytime, anywhere. Then you're off to designing your email which is the same process as the above feature, Using the drag and drop editor.

Once you get past that? You're done now! No hassles. Your emails go live when you set them to go live isn't that great.

So What's Next?

You're done 🙂

I've shown you how to use mailerlite email marketing software, It's cheap, easy, reliable and helps you design and send better emails.

Goto Mailerlite.com (Aff link) to get your account.

If you're not clear on anything simply leave a comment below or reach out to the support team via chat! They respond very well.

If this article has helped you gain something new? Share it 🙂 If not... Still! Share it.


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