Get Your Creativity Going: Learn New Skills With Skillshare

There are a few things that shouldn't stop as long as we're alive, well at least some inevitable things.

skillshare creativity

Whilst some of these applies to some specific things, Some applies to the general including your blog and online business. Two of those things are:

  • Changes - This will always happen,
  • Learning - Quite optional in a way but never stops and alot crucial for small business owners.

As a small business owner (blogger), Online business at that you're expected to keep learning, In fact as much as you can cause changes will always occur.

You don't wanna be left out.

If you do, Then you'd be missing out a lot. Whilst all these learning for entreprenuers can be a cumbersome task and sometimes misleading due to the heavy load of information out there.

In this post where we'll discuss Skillshare, We'll be killing a lot more than two birds with one stone.

But before then.

Here's a Few Reasons Why You Need to Learn More

While it's fun to keep learning and getting better at what you already know, Learning something new is funner.

Like going back to college (but in your room) watching someone, a professional explain something you're so passionate about in a way that is super comfortable for you.

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Before we continue, Here's a few byte-sized reasons why you need to acquire new skills.

  • To stay ahead of the competitor - Your competitors are not there to joke. They have the money to hire lets say someone good at setting up ads especially re-targeting which is something that needs to be done.
  • Stay on top of your creative business with every new skills you've learnt, Whether it's to design amazing social media images, It's amazing.
  • To make money of course.
  • The feeling. The "Yeah, I know this feeling" Which should mean a lot to someone like you.

Moving On.

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online learning community for creators. Where people especially small business owners can learn new skills everyday.


  • Is a better Udemy alternative.
  • Is Made especially for online business owners and creative people.
  • Is Easy and free to join to get lectures but made better with the premium membership plan (more on this later).
  • Makes learning easier with the ability to download classes on mobile and watch later offline. Anywhere.

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With Skillshare you can Learn creative skills in just 15 minutes a day with byte-sized lessons you can fit into your tight schedule.


Not just because that's on the homepage, It's because I'm a premium user and I've witnessed it.

With over 8000 classes available in categories like:

  • Business
  • Culinary
  • Design
  • Crafts
  • Film
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Technology
  • Writing
  • Lifestyle and more.

You can get started with Skillshare and start learning things you're passionate about.

One Reason I prefer Skillshare Premium to Udemy

Udemy is amazing. No doubts. Skillshare however wins here when it comes to the way things work.

I'm talking about the "Pricing" of course. With Udemy you'd have to purchase a course individually and this starts from say $10 to $50. They were a lot expensive than that in the past.

Courses on Udemy were sold for as much as $250 but not anymore.

Skillshare however with it's flexible payment system only allows you pay once either monthly or annually then it's access to all 8000+ courses.

With this, you can learn as much as you can with no one stopping you.

Great. Isn't it?

How to Get Started With Skillshare

Easy. Simply head over to Skillshare.com (special referral link - more on this later) and create an account.

First of, you should know that skill share offers two types of membership plans. The free and the premium. Here's what you need to know.

See that? You can try Skillshare for free or even open up access to all of it's content for only $8 per month, According to Skillshare that's less than a movie ticket a month.

skillshare pricing

But who even needs to pay $26 for the first three months when you can get it for less than a dollar, Yep! Just $0.99.

How Do I do That?

Again, that's easy. If you click on the referral link I added above, It contains a link to a gift of 3 months of premium skill share for just $0.99.

If you're already on the skillshare website, then you'd have seen the bluebar with my picture and message for you.

skillshare offer

Click on it and sign up with your email or Facebook.

Then you add your payment options and Skillshare charges you only $0.99 for the first 3 months.

I know right? That sounds scary, But trust me, You only get charged $0.99

Once you're done with that, It's time to start learning. And as much as you can.

In Conclusion

I don't think this offer is going to last so if you're thinking about joining later, I'd suggest you join now before the offer vanishes.

I also want to answer one question that might be lingering in your mind. "What if I don't like it?".

What if you don't? You'll surely do and if you really don't... You can always cancel your subscription under the payment settings on your Skillshare account.

So that takes away all the hassles. Another cool thing I'd like to point out is that, You really should download the app. It makes learning anywhere so easyyyyyy.

So what are you waiting for?

Either ways, That's that for this post. Now it's your turn.

What do you think about Online learning & communities like Skillshare to be precise? Lets discuss using the comment form below.


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