Introducing #InfographicThursday


Wohooo! I've finally decided to start featuring infographics from different authors every Thursday on

...Isn't it great?

I'll feature yours, then yours, and yours... Everyone gets featured Damnit! "Feeling Powerful".

Hey, don't mind me... I've decided to host an infographic sharing session every Thursday themed #InfographicThursday and it's going to be real good.

So far, I haven't really thought about it 100% thoroughly but I'm 1000% sure I'll feature your Infographic any open Thursday as long as it's:

  • Related to online marketing
  • Neatly designed and visually pleasing.
  • Contains all the information we'll ever want.
  • Belongs to you personally...
  • What else?

I'm not charging a single dime from you since it's something we can learn from... Got just the right infographic you want me to feature on my blog? Box me up using the form below with the link to the infographic and if I deem it fit then I'll publish it as soon as I can. Got any questions too? Just send an email.

... I check my inbox every hour and I'm always eager to hear from you.

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