Good News: You Can Now Integrate Your Thrive Leads With Mailerlite Via API

It's sorta stressful as a Mailerlite and Thriveleads user to connect the two together when creating a new opt-in form.

I was about making a step by step video for integrating your thrive leads plugin with mailerlite via HTML and have it published on Babs Reviews TV.

For some reasons I just keep pushing the thoughts away until now.

mailer lite big logo

Guess what? I was just scooping through my WordPress dashboard and I saw that there were two new updates.

Since I wasn't doing anything that important in particular, I decided to check it out and voila! Newer versions of Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Leads have been released.

Among the new features Thrive content builder got were:​

  • TU Shortcode element
  • Drip with 2 integration types: Automation and Mailing list
  • Everything in Drip's automation section
  • Fixed Drip automation section issues
thrive leads connection with mailerlite

The bold(ed) feature exited me. Updated only to see Mailerlite added to the list excluding my other favorite software (Benchmark Email) hope it gets added in the future.

So How to Get Started?​

First you must update the both plugins or the one you have.

Then head over to your Thrive dashboard by clicking the link on the left hand side of your dashboard (I'm sure you're familiar with it, It which looks​ below).

manage thrive content builder connections

Then ditch other options for the API connections, click on the Manage connections button.

Then add new connections if you haven't. Keep scrolling down the list and you'll find Mailerlite, Clicking on it then asks you for your ML account API key.​

How to Get Your Mailerlite Account API?

First you must journey far and wide into your account, once logged in! Click on your image on the upper right hand side of your dashboard, This opens a drop down list.

All you need do then is click on Integrations as instructed below.​

integration api with mailerlite

Once you land on the new page, You'll see the API key spelled out for ya like below.

It's usually longer than that, Had to blur some part of the key! So copy that key and paste in the field then click on the connect button.

my mailerlite api

Just wait till it's done and you'll get something similar to below.​

active thrive content builder connections

So that's it. You're done and when next you're creating a form or landing page you don't need login to your Mailerlite account to get your opt-in form code.

It's blue skies and sunshine from now on.​

What are These Though?

Was hoping you'd ask.  If you're not familiar with any of the software mentioned in this post then you're probably missing out on some good stuff.

Thrive leads is the ultimate list building plugin for WordPress and my favorite (It has everything you'll ever need to build your email list).

Mailerlite on the other hand? Is my favorite email marketing software​. The company is helping myself and other small business owners build their first 1000 email subscribers and send unlimited campaigns to them without paying a dime.

Now I've ​written article on both, It's only fair that you learn about them.

What's Next?

Complete that integration and get some more fresh leads for your business.

If you're not familiar with the two software I'd recommend you check the link above Kapish?



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