Instapage Review: How to Create High Converting & Professional Landing Pages in Minutes

Review of Instapage Landing Page Software


For once since you've started your online marketing journey or perhaps your great startup, You've landed on different landing pages. Definitely some horrible and some so cool that you couldn't even resist the offer.

Has it ever occurred to you how great, effective landing pages are in 2015? and how good it is for your own business as well? Probably no right? It's not surprising that Dell has over a thousand landing pages. Yes over a thousand and they keep it that way.


instapage review

Cause it's working.

Landing pages are not only effective when it comes to helping you collect leads (Emails) They are also essential in helping you make a good first impression on a potential customer.

Have you heard? Hubspot found out that 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to garner new sales lead for future conversion.

A recent study by MarketingShepra also made us know that 48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign.

Why is this? Landing pages have a better shot at converting more than any other generic page on your website.

According to Hubspot research, the typical landing page converts at 5 to 15%, but some landing pages that are highly optimized convert at 30% or higher.

My Escapade With Landing Pages

Have done a lot when it comes to creating landing pages. Have messed up & got dirty with HTML codes. In fact i even resulted into using a shortcode to create one when i couldn't figure out how to go around the stuff in days.

Have researched and done a lot of readings. I found LandingPage monkey & wrote a review about it, published the top 5 Landing page creator plugins for WordPress and now InstaPage.

There was a time i couldn't come up with a good landing page until after spending about 3 days fixing and dealing with the CSS structure to put things together but here today with the availability of these tools you can easily come up with a nice landing page without getting dirty with codes.

Why You Need to Start Building Landing Pages

  • It Converts better when deployed than any other generic page on your website
  • ​It's Laser targeted and often contain Call to Actions that will Take over The Mind of your target audience.
  • They are Super effective in helping you acquire emails & qualified leads. 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to garner a new sales lead for future conversion.
  • Hubspot's recent study shows that companies with 40 or more landing pages get 12x more traffic than those with 5 or less (Not just landing pages though).

    High converting landing pages.

neil patel
Neil Patel Co-Founder Kissmetrics & CrazeEgg

There are 3 main reasons that marketers and site owners are resistant to using landing pages in appropriate situations:

They take too long to create, or are too difficult to create
They’ve never been able to achieve incredible conversion rates in the past
They don’t know how to systematically improve their landing pages

All 3 of these problems can be solved with tools.

These tools can help speed up things and reduce the thousands of dollars you could be spending to hire a developer so he/who ever it is can create one for you. So without taking much of your time, I would love to clarify things with InstaPage.

Who InstaPage Isn't For!

  • Marketers with Low Budget - Instapage software is top notch. The pricing starts at $29 a month when paid ann ually to get your hands on the Basic version.
  • Chronic online marketers who setup chunks of landing pages & email optin pages for each Affiliate offer they promote.

How to Create a Good Looking Landing Page Using InstaPage

Creating a landing page with InstaPage is so damn easy and am going to show you how right now.. InstaPage is so sure of its service so there's a 45 day Free Trial. Although back then it had a FREE Plan which was scraped due to reasons best known to the team.

So here's How to Get started​:

  • Clear your Browser's Cache first then Click HERE to visit InstaPage website
  • Grab your Account, Best go for your FREE Trial
  • Then Confirm your email address (Normal Protocol)
  • Finally Login to Your Instapage Account

Your dashboard should look like below, Click on the create new page.

Instapage dashboard

After clicking on that you should get a popup, Just click choose a template and you should be presented with a full suite of landing page templates to choose from.

Now you can either start editing the template or preview it before anything.

instapage templates

The moment you click on the start editing button, You should get a popup asking you to name your page, Do that and click on continue to set the ball running.

Once you do that then every other thing is just changing the default jargon on the page to your own words.

Then you're done.. Here's a couple of things you need to pay attention to when editing.

editing instapage templates

  • Variation A - Setting up split testing for your page. Another version. InstaPage compares how the two pages performs and tell you which is better.
  • Desktop - You can setup a completely different page for mobile, Preview mobile responsiveness And disable mobile version.
  • Settings - There's a lot to touch here. Adjust your landing page background colour or perhaps setup an image, Adjust fonts, Add SEO & Social Media settings, Setting up Conversion goals, view analytics, Add HTML/CSS Codes (Optin form code), Finally checking history of how far you've edited a page.
  • Add New - Here you are presented with options to add the following to your landing page. (Section, Headline, Paragraph, Image, Video, Button, Form, Shapes, Map, Social & HTML.
  • Arrows - Those will help you either undo or redo an action.
  • Save Icon - It saves your progress. InstaPage is cloud based. You can resume to building your landing pages anytime. Just save and exit. You'll meet it there.
  • Eye Icon - This helps you preview what your landing page will look like.
  • Publish - The publish option gives you four easy options. Publish to InstaPage (Host your landing page with InstaPage, Publish to your Drupal website, Publish to WordPress, Publish to Custom domain or Facebook.

publish instapage landing page

Click on any and you should be out in a Few minutes. There you go. Your freshly created landing done in just minutes.

InstaPage Pricing

When writing reviews, An important aspect i love to touch is the pricing aspect as i believe is very important to everyone be it individuals, small or large businesses.

What i particularly don't really like about InstaPage is the fact that there are monthly charges to keep your account active. Would have just loved it if it's Uhm! a one time fee but giving the quality of the services provided the pricing is still reasonable.

Here's what it looks like.


Good for beginners

Create Unlimited Pages

Unlimited Visitors

Unlimited Domains

  • 2 Live A/B Split test
  • Email support
  • No t Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available

$29 / month


Great for small businesses

Create Unlimited Pages

Unlimited Visitors

Unlimited Domains

  • Unlimited A/B Split testing
  • Chat & Email support
  • Read-only team members
  • 1 Client Account
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available

$55 / month


Awesome for large businesses

Create Unlimited Pages

Unlimited Visitors

Unlimited Domains

  • Unlimited A/B Split testing
  • Phone, Chat & Email Supp.
  • Read-only team members
  • 1 Client Account (Addon available)
  • Full Custom Code Editing
  • Web Hooks Intergration
  • Pro Template Reviews

$79/ month

Wrapping It Up

The need to create landing pages is ever rising as the total number of internet users keeps rising. As the need to acquire more qualified leads which will in turn become customers keeps rising.

Creating landing pages is very crucial to a business, Not just landing pages, Professional ones. Not generic pages generated via HTML.

Take advantage of landing pages and use it to grow your business the right and faster way. InstaPage is a software your business will find handy and useful when it comes to creating landing pages.

Use WordPress? You can publish your pages directly to WordPress as you create them on InstaPage using the InstaPage plugin. You may also check out these top 5 landing page creator plugins for WordPress.

Let me know what you think of this review using the comment form below and please share :)

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