Add These 7 “Incredible” Social Media Tools To Your Arsenal

I Never imagined I'll be revealing 7 more of the most powerful social media tools that have helped me and my blogs get noticed online.

social media tools

But here we are.

Myself and a couple of folks run a nutrition blog with very little budget for Advertising.

That's why we've turned to using different social media network and services to increase our reach.

It's hard to keep track of everything which is why we've turned to using tools to keep our game going high.

Most of these social media tools are free while some you'd have to pay a few dollars to gain access to it but I can tell you something. They're all worth it.

This list is not your normal, basic social media tools list that has Buffer in it.

C'mon everybody uses buffer. Most of these tools are network, aim or design focused.​

I'm ultra sure you'll find one or two to add to your social media weapons arsenal.


1. Missinglettr is a social media automation tool for professional bloggers.

Started using Missinglettr not quite long since it came out. What this tool does is create a years worth of content and drip feed to your Twitter account at designated times.

This tool pulls data from your site feed.

When you create a new content, It extracts its content and use it to create a marketing campaign for you then sends you an email notification once your campaign for an entire year is ready..

...So that you can edit and approve your new campaign before it goes live. Here's a list of campaigns I have to review.


Click on Review campaign button to see all that this tool has drafted up for you.

Once you're inside which looks like below, You want to approve the ones you like and make changes to others that just doesn't look right.

missinglettr social media tool

Hit the approve button on all created tweets and finally at the bottom, set it to go live.

If you're the type that runs a site that creates contents on a regular basis, This might be the tool to properly distribute your content properly on Twitter, I mean...

...It shares one content for a year in different time frames and different manners. You may try the free plan first if you're not sure.

You'd love it.

2. ManageFlitter helps you work faster and smarter with Twitter.

This tool is one of my favorite Twitter marketing tools, Not only because it is trusted and used by over 3,000,000 people. I love the way it helps me manage my Twitter account.

I use the Free version of Manageflitter which although gives me limited access to the tool, It leaves one very important one which I'm very happy about out.

A free Manageflitter account can help you clean your Twitter account in ways you can't even imagine.

For example with it's smart Twitter tracking it helps you filter out the bad people you're following. What makes me love this tool even more is the fact that it has many many unfollow options and you can unfollow as much as 1500 people per day provided you have met some criteria.

With this tool you can track and unfollow:

  • People not following you back
  • Inactive following ~ People you're following that haven't tweeted in the past 30 days.
  • Profiles with no image ~ Just the default egg
  • Non English account ~ If english following is just all you need

You can filter people you want to unfollow to the core, This is why this tool is an absolute genius.

manageflitter dashboard

I've just highlighted the free features of this social media tool. The paid version is even said to be better and feature packed.

Try it

3. CoPromote is a cross promotion tool for creators. A network of creators dedicated to helping each other reach new and larger audiences.

How about a platform where you can submit your content for shares from real people to real followers without paying a dime, But there's a catch. You have to share others content too.

Copromote however is different from your average social media exchange platform. This network is so neat, organized and easy to use. Here let me guide you.

Once you land on the homepage after clicking the link above, You'll have four signup options to chose from.


For me I've chosen the Twitter option and signed in.. The network works on Reach and it gauges your social media following to get you the potential amount of "Reach" you'll earn for every other person's content you share.

Here's what Alicia's profile looks like after joining and submitting a new tweet.


Since she joined and submitted a Tweet, she has reached 40,000 new people and that's just one. We have over 230,000 reach as at now and all we need to do is submit a link.

Incase you're wondering Copromote doesn't stop at Twitter and Facebook shares only. It extends to Instagram, YouTube, Vine & Tumblr as well.

Copromote also has a premium membership option that allows you reach more people. It depends on the membership option you opt-in for.

IMO this tool can get you exposed to new people as we've started seeing trinkets of results already. Join to start earning and reaching people today.

4. Pexels is a website to get Free stock photos.

You might be wondering. "What's this got to do with a list of social media tools?" I'm telling you "everything".

With the stock photos from Pexels, you can create social media images in minutes. Without fear of being persecuted for using copyrighted materials.

All my life I've used Pixabay (Infact this tool really saved me) However Pexels has one edge over Pixabay which is why I love it the more.

You can download images in any dimension from Pexels. When you see an image you wish to use, Simply follow below.


As you can see, Pexels also draws images from Pixabay but with that highlighted area of the screenshot above, you can download images in any dimention you've chosen to enter.

This makes creating Pinterest content dead simple for me. This tool? Is part of my success with Pinterest.

5. Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social share buttons is a WordPress plugin that handles all social tasks on your blog.

This is one of the most feature jammed, cheapest social media tool I can't live without. In my post about 9 reasons to choose easy social share buttons, I highlighted  various reasons why this plugin rocks.

Sharing your content made simple, Getting more followers made simple. What's more? You only pay a cheap one time fee for this plugin.

It's really worth it.

6. Viraltag

Viraltag is a powerful visual marketing tool that I use to automate and grow my Pinterest account.

This is one of my favorite tools if not the number 1 and no single day passes without me logging in to actually use the tool. I've written about Viraltag a couple of times:

I love the freedom that comes with using the Viraltag. Schedule unlimited posts to networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.

This tool is why my Tumblr and Pinterest game is tight. I pin between 70 - 120 times daily. Another great feature viral tag is the content curation feature that helps you:

  • Create original graphics with the canva integration.
  • Make changes to your images on the fly with the in-built image editor.
  • Add multiple RSS feeds, Instagram, Flickr accounts to curate content easily

In short.. This tool is a life saver. There's a 14 day no credit card required trial period you can jump on right HERE*.

7. CrowdfireApp is an amazing Twitter and Instagram social media management tool.

Whilst this tool has many other options to market effectively on Social Media. I only use the Crowdfireapp for one purpose. It's auto DM New followers. It's called "DM Marketing".

This tool helps me send new messages. Pre defined DM's to new followers hands off. Automation at it's finest.


In case you're wondering. That's how easy it is to set up your own auto DM new followers via Crowdfireapp.

In Conclusion

These tools for social media will help save time, money and increase social media ROI definitely as you'll have time to attend to other things that matter...

...While marketing effectively on every social media account you currently run.

Did I miss anything? Use any of these tools already? Lets discuss about that using the comment form below.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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