How to Increase Twitter Usage, Followers And Traffic (Complete Guide)

Imagine increasing your twitter usage drastically, Gaining laser targeted twitter followers on auto pilot without paying any single cent on advertising and raking in tons of traffic on a daily basis.

Sounds sweet eh? Knowing how to Increase twitter traffic.

The more you use twitter (efficiently) nothing more comes out of it than increased twitter followers and traffic but all this is very tricky.

In this article, I will show you several proven ways to increase your twitter usage which will in turn increase your followers and traffic drastically.

Would have loved to skip this part but for the benefit of newbies and those alike Twitter is an online social networking website that enables users to send 140 word characters known as tweets.

Recent survey carried out by Statista proved that Twitter is one of the leading Social network after Facebook with over 288 million active users sending over 500million tweets per day.

Recent tests also showed that Twitter is dominated by Folks from the U.S with over 89.2 million page views gotten from that area alone and 37.3 million app users from the United states.

Adweek also made a comparism with Twitter’s rival, Facebook and displayed the results graphically using an infographic, Take a look;

twitter stats

Twitter is seriously growing, I also read from Jeff Bullas, Twitter recently added 53 million users in the last 12 months and there was a 24% increase in monthly active users.

What does this mean? Twitter is seriously growing and you could tap into this with your business.

increase twitter followers

Asides from spending on Ads, These methods are very effective so make sure to read every bit of this article.

Have been able to grow @_Babshaybell twitter activities by 708% with these tips

Increasing Twitter Usage

This is the tricky part, Twitter unlike other networks has a way it works, Some content types perform better than others do. Here’s my find on this below.

social media chart

Image credit: QuickSprout

So without wasting much time, Here’s to increase your twitter usage:

1. Create a Calender or Face the Consequences (In Neil Patel’s voice)

You may be too busy, We know. Social media is incredibly way too easy to ignore if one has no time, I did mention disciplining yourself when it comes to social media websites. here’s some tips to keep you going:

Tip #1 – Use a spreadsheet

Spread sheets are totally flexible and will work for just any business

These spread sheets help you keep track of time and how much time you spend on social media websites.

twitter usage

With a spreadsheet calendar, you plan everything all at once (batch it!), and then schedule it all at once when you’re done.

Tip #2 – Use Social Media Tools

Tools like Buffer or hootsuite can go a long way in increasing your social media usage not to talk of twitter alone.

twitter scheduling

There are also other tools that could help like CoSchedule, Social Pilot and the rest. Here’s a list of 17 social media tools by Neil Patel.

SocialPilot seems to be one of those growing tools that helps you schedule your social media posts at once offering personalized Facebook branding option and many Features…. Check it out.

2. Download Twitter Mobile App

Downloading this app has been one of the best thing that ever happened to me when it comes to using Twitter so far.

Statista found out that after Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat, Twitter mobile usage is seriously growing.


With the twitter app i am able to keep track of whats going on with my Twitter account on the go;

  • When someone tweets my article, I get alerted instantly and probably favorite the tweet.
  • When someone mentions me i get alerts.
  • When someone follows me, I get alerts instantly.

In fact i am able to tweet any of these social media content ideas on the go with my mobile app. And you know one of the most amazing thing? Most of These people also use the app too. For example Clean cut Media found out that most twitter users are comfortably visiting twitter via the mobile app.

twitter stats

How to Download Twitter Mobile App

If you live in the 21st century we are in, Chances are either you use an Apple iPhone or an Android OS smart phone. Simply head over to each device app store, Search for twitter mobile app as you would do others and download it.

This will surely impact your twitter activity.

Increasing Twitter Followers

According to the infographic above it shows that most twitter users will follow someone they love or trust. This is a general trait with all social media networks. The more followers you get the more the need to use twitter arrives, The more the activity and engagement around your tweets, The more authority your twitter account commands.

Increasing twitter usage can be a little bit tricky too though especially if/when you’re just starting out. So here are the best tips to help increase your twitter followers.

Have been able to grow @TheGistNetwork twitter followers with these tips

1. Follow Others to Get Followed Back

I included this as the first because this is what currently works. Atleast for me. I have been able to add 1000+ laser targeted twitter followers to my account in less than a month and you can too using this method.

Following others on Twitter warrants a follow back [That’s a plus one for you] While most people will not follow back[ you can un-follow those people later] some will return the favor and follow you back so as to see updates from you.

The Better Way to Following People

Now there’s something with twitter, It has a whole number of people with wide interests, You can’t just start following people anyhow. For example people following Katy Perry are probably entertainment and celebrity lovers while people following say Rand fishkin are interested in SEO or blogging Tips.

So in this aspect you really have to be careful when it comes to following people so you don’t get a bunch of irrelevant people following you back.

Things I Do

There are basically two things i go about when it comes to following people who are related to me and here’s the first one.

Seeing the list of people following a popular figure in my niche using Twitter itself and follow the people following such person.

Using a tool Like Tweepi

This is what i do most of the time and i works. First you need to sign up. Tweepi has premium plans but for the aim of just following others the free plan will do so start by signing up for a free account.

After signing up, Your dashboard should look like below.

Click on any option among the three and add the twitter handle you want to get the list then the complete details should popup like below. You can actually follow 5000 followers of the person. That’s what tweepi will display.

You should take note of the following before clicking on the Neither button to follow the person.

  • Location – This may not matter too much but if you want to follow people from a specific country you might want to pay attention to this part.
  • Last Tweeted – This is of importance too. You really want to make sure the people you intend following are active people and have tweeted atleast once in two days.
  • Followers Count – You should also consider this option too. It displays how many followers the person you intend following has.
  • Follow Ratio – The number of followers to the number of people following. Usually people with 6o% follow ratio or more are better followed than the rest.

You can also make use of the Add Criteria feature above the list to filter out inactive users. This makes following people less of a pain in the ass, If you know what i mean.

Is Tweepi Safe?

Yes it is completely safe and works well with Twitter’s latest API. By default you are limited to following 1000 twitter users per day but as time goes on it keeps narrowing down.

Once you’re already hitting the limits, Tweepi will automatically stop you. I have been using this method for a while now and i haven’t ran into any issues.

2. Tweeting Valuable Contents Only

This should have been the number one tip but recently have noticed something about twitter, It goes way over tweeting alone. If you are a newbie with no resources at all, You might want to start with the above tip.

The fact that people love good stuff will never die, I mean do you like bad or next to no good stuffs sticking around your social media account? Heck No! I recently read a blog post on Rebekah Radice blog about building a strong social media presence. One of the points highlighted Give your readers what they want.

You really want to give your audience what they want, Give them a reason to keep following you. This might be a little bit tacky so you want to make use of these 45 social media content ideas for a boost 🙂

3. Using Social Media Exchange Websites

This might not be the best but moving closer to ones dominated by bloggers such as JustRetweet & ViralContentBuzz will surely have an impact on your twitter followers.

Finally, Increasing Twitter Traffic

According to the infographic above Facebook drives more traffic to websites than twitter. That’s a no brainier considering the amount of monthly active users on Facebook to twitter.

Yet most marketers utilize twitter and squeeze as much traffic as they want from Twitter. Am one of those guys. According to my Google Analytics reporting, After Google, Twitter is one of  the highest traffic source for BRB and maybe i hope to keep it that way.

So without wasting much time here’s some tips for increasing twitter traffic.

Have been able to Grow BabsReviewsBlog & TheGistNetwork with these tips

1. Get People Tweeting About Your Site.

Tim Soulo once said something like ” You don’t get MUCH traffic when you tweet your articles, You get traffic when people are tweeting your articles.

This is a surefire strategy. When people are tweeting your links to their followers it gets impressions, Clicks, Favorited and probably retweets if  they are so good. Here’s some ways to do that.

Tip #1 – Include Tweetable Quotes in your Blog Post

This works great. Infact Neil Patel in one of his articles (Can’t remember which) mentioned  the fact that he wrote an article but it wasn’t so great however the post generated over 17000 visits from twitter alone. That’s the power of adding tweetable quotes to your blog posts. Here’s an example on my blog.

Hit the Click the tweet link to see the magic.

How to Add Tweetables to your Blog Post

This can be done in two main ways:

  • Using HTML for non- WordPress websites
  • Using WordPress plugins

You can generate unlimited Codes for your posts at Clicktotweet.com. Using WP Plugins is the easiest ways. There’s a free plugin called by CoSchedue called Clicktotweet, Search for it on your WP Plugins dashboard and install. You can then add unlimited tweetable quotes [ONLY] to your blog post.

Using a Premium Plugin called Tweetdis by Tim Soulo. You would agree with me that  paid items are always way better than free items. Tweetdis is feature rich and comes with various styling to make tweetable quotes look more pleasing to your audience. You can get a 5 site license here for as low as $47.

Tip #2 – Include Share Buttons in Your Webpages and Try Asking for Tweets.

Including share buttons on your page is just not enough any more. Majority of users may just scroll past it unless you ask nicely and most will give it to you.

Make sure to get a very nice share plugin too, This will make displaying share buttons appealing to your audience.

Tip #3 – Make use of Third Party sites

Sites like JustRetweet is dominated by bloggers retweeting each others article, Giving each other a boost. Hop in too. Tweet other people’s articles and submit your tweets for retweets too.

Most of these sites not only offer retweets but Facebook likes and Google +1’s (Additional social boost 🙂 ).

One of my tweets got tweeted by someone from JustRetweet and it got over 7 retweets and 4 favorites from the person’s own account alone. Hate to say it but i didn’t took a screenshot that day. I just had to watch the traffic roll in.

ViralContentBuzz is also doing great too in terms of this aspect. Give them a trial.

2. Tweet Your Own Links Often

Most thing people generally do is tweet about their site. This often get hits and works well. But what if you could even do that hands off.

Tip #1 – Using A Plugin

I use a plugin called Revive old post formally Tweet old post and it tweets my articles at random on twitter every 40 minutes of the day even while am asleep.


The plugin’s Free version supports unlimited twitter tweets and it’s very easy to configure. You can put it to work for you too and see the results. Mind you there are Facebook and other options in the plugin too.

Tip #2 – Doing it Manually

This gives you the opportunity to customize your tweets, Add effective call to actions before before adding your tweets. Recently have also found out that tweeting manually does reach and perform better than using an application.

3. Post Engaging & Attractive Tweets

Works like charm. You can even mention some top dogs in your niche probably they’ll see and give you a retweet.

You can make use of these 45 attractive social media content ideas. Some if not most of them works great on twitter especially posts with images.

4. Increasing Twitter Followers & Usage.

I believe i have touched that aspect above 🙂 Refer to it and you’ll see the traffic coming through.


That’s all to it. Seriously. There’s one more thing i didn’t talk much about though or  even at all self. And that’s for those with the FAT Wallets. [Twitter Ads] I didn’t mention it much earlier because i haven’t used it before and don’t know how it works.

twitter advertising

However have heard from those who have used it that it works. So you might want to find your way around it and if you have the budget you may Give it a trial and let us know how it goes. But seriously the contents of this article is enough for you.

Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now in your niche and of the best ways to engage your potential customers.

I hope this article has served you well, If yes do not hesitate to share on your social media accounts. Feel free to leave your feedback too using the comment form below. Will be happy to see them.

Have fun rocking Twitter.



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