How to Solve Any WordPress Problem (The Complete Guide)

The title right up there right? Sounds juicy. So let me ask one more time.

Would you like to learn how to fix both common & super giant errors on WordPress 90% on your own without having to pay an expert to do it for you?

If your answer is yes then you've come to the right place.

I started blogging with a self-hosted WordPress blog. No Blogspot, wix website builder or WordPress.com for me.

Also I had almost no coding knowledge but here I am today after almost five years, Still getting own sh*t done myself.

Up till now I haven't payed anybody to fix my site, I've managed to find my way around codes and apply fixes myself.

It's fun and in this post I'm going to reveal my Ninja strategies and sources for finding answers to my WordPress errors.

Why WordPress & Some Quick Things You Need to Know​

One of the reasons why WordPress is recommended is because it's easy to use. Most people with zero coding or web development knowledge can build a good looking website using WordPress in just a few hours.

However, it does have some downsides.

There are times when you switch themes, activate WordPress plugins, update plugins, sometimes even take your face of the dashboard for a while and log back in to find your website broken.

Sometimes you may even find yourself wanting to add a particular feature to your website, things go Awol and you're like "WTF, how am I supposed to fix this?".

It happens.

I've found myself in that same position many times cause I'm the one that likes to tweak and test things out especially when it comes to WordPress and like I said, I'm no developer yet I manage to remove myself from every shitty situation.

Here are the list of things I do and you probably should do.

Don't Panic!

Especially if you're not good at looking or writing codes. This is what sets in at first. Blood rushes to that part of your body and that in turn sends a quick rush of air through your body and makes you shiver.

Then you're like:

what have i done memePin

This was exactly me. But I found out two things after the whole thing happens:

  • Panicking will only lead to more panicking and trust me it is not cool when I'm scared of something cause I tend to mess things up.
  • Panicking won't just solve the problem.

Got it? Panicking is not gonna help. It's time to step things up and look for a real way out of the mess you're in and that brings us to the next thing.

Take Note of Changes You Make!

Very crucial thing to do. Whether it's:

  • Installing and activating a new WordPress plugin.
  • Updating an already activated plugin.
  • Activating some certain features in a plugin.
  • Editing a couple of codes that make up your website.
  • And others.

Actually you want to keep track of all these things so whenever you see something horrible immediately or moments after making a change, you already have an idea as to where the issue is from so you can always revert or find a quick fix.

Which is why it is advised to:

  • Make backups of code files before editing and finally saving - Here's what I do. Copy the previous code and save in a notepad text file then save somewhere for future purposes or if I'm sure I've not previously edited that file, I look for the theme folder on my PC then copy & paste the original code from the developer into my site's own and voila! Everything is as good as new.
  • Make sure to get feedback before Installing or Updating a Plugin - Most plugins will probably break your website upon installation, Updating plugins which even sounds like fun and getting something better might do more harm than good. This is why you should ask questions from your friends, on forums and Facebook groups. "What's your experience with xxx Plugin?" "There's an update. Has anybody tried updating xxx Plugin?" questions like these help you get answers.

Of course it doesn't have to be something you do all the time but when it comes to those that matters, It's a step worth taking.

Run The Problem By Your Web Hosting Company Support Team

A very wise thing to do. Also one of the first things I do, so it's a no brainier, It's a wise step. "Lets out a wicked laugh".

Sometimes your web hosting company might be running some upgrades or making minor changes which they think won't be a problem but might cause your website to misbehave.

Most times, They don't know about these things until you reach out to them with your problem and they'll look into it for you. Again, that's why having your website hosted with a company with super fast and responsible support is keen.

interserver team

Here's another plus one for Interserver Hosting Company, Most of my websites are hosted on their server and I barely run in to issues, Even when there were times, The fast reply and rate at which my problem was handled and tackled Impressed me.

There was a time my websites got hacked. Yeah, I did that to myself by installing a nulled plugin. Quick word of advice? Never do that to yourself. I mean install a nulled plugin especially if you're not sure of the source.

There even maybe times when the problem isn't from your web hosting company yet, You get your problem fixed by your web hosting company. Why? They are experts already.

84% of the time they'll have the answers you just might need And if you're told to look else, Worry not... I'm got some more ways you can use in fixing this.

Find a Solution on WPBeginner

I don't know about you but IMO WPBeginner is the biggest and most simple website offering to help beginners with using WordPress.


WPBeginner is one of my go to resource when it comes to learning something new with WordPress or find a solution to your WordPress plugin. It is an industry blog owned and maintained by SyedBhalki.

There you'll find numerous infact tons of WordPress related problems and how to fix them along side other things like adding new features to your website.

internal server errorPin

For example if your WordPress website is facing problems like internal server error, Here's one of the best and simplest way to solve the problem on WPBeginner.

And there are tons of other things this website can help you with.

Make a Quick Google Search

In year 2014, there were significant amount of times where I've been sent to lmgtfy.com or giyf.com. Sure it hurts and yep! I get that a lot.

The reason is cause I don't even do the basics before heading over to disturb another person of a petty problem my website had, that could be fixed in minutes if I have made an effort to understand what the problem really is.

At times, I look back at those questions and let out a little laugh. "Was that really me?".


So what's the point? Apart from the fact that this step makes you stronger and knowledgeable about a certain error you also get the yaaay! feeling, That yassss reaction, That brimming smile of accomplishment when you take of something you have very little no idea of all by yourself just by following a few steps.

In addition, WPBeginner may be the biggest WordPress resource for beginners with no coding knowledge out there but it's not the only one. There are times when fixes from other sites when applied worked perfectly for me.

Anyways, If you ever get to this stage, always make sure to google your problem. It doesn't matter what it is. Just type it in the search box and the search engine will make sense out of it for you.

Besides you'll be doing yourself a favor by adding to your arsenal of knowledge when it comes to fixing WordPress issues.

Done this and still nothing? Lets see the next step.

Find Answers in The Official WordPress Support Forum

WordPress has a free support forum at https://wordpress.org/support/ you do know that right? It's home to many experts and WordPress developers.

As at the time of writing this post, Close to two million topics have been posted on the forum and up to six million posts have been made. This is where I find myself most times and funny thing is I've also sighted some people I would call experts looking for answers there too.

wordpress.org support forum

Cool thing is that it's absolutely free to get started. Simply sign up for an account or sign in if you already have an account then create a thread with your query. I'm without doubt that if someone has an idea about your problem, They'll help you out.

The WordPress support forum has saved me countless amount of times and of course I'm not a premium user or anything, It'll save you too.

Quick tip: The moment you post your query and it gets un-answered or sees no new reply in moments it's further slips down and unless you bump it up top, it's likely no one's gonna see it.

Then last but not least?

Get a Team Of  WP Experts at Your Disposal

To always take a look at your minor WordPress issues and solve them for you without breaking a sweat, I'm talking about one like a WPCurve plan which offers 24/7 WordPress support for only $79 a month.

Imagine never having a WordPress plugin or ever lifting a finger when it happens.

Here's how it works with WPcurve.

how does wpcurve works?

That sounds like you don't even have to do almost anything. Although I've not exactly used WPcurve but they're quite a popular service, used by experts and mentioned in quite a few notable places like Inc. Forbes, Lifehacker, SPI and so on.

The WPcurve team can handle WordPress related issues ranging from:

  • Stop Site Hacking
  • Boost your brand
  • Boost conversion
  • Speed up your site
  • Reduce your bounce rate
  • And so on.

If you're the type that doesn't like to get your hands dirty with code or anything then this solution is for you.

The WPcurve team scatters round the globe, present in over 8 countries... They also offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Personally, I think you'll love what these guys do.

In Conclusion

There you have it.

This is the tips and hacks that has kept me going for over four years with WordPress without much stress and as I'm not much of an expert. I can still do some crazy things with this CMS.

But how?

I don't stop learning and you too shouldn't. Keep learning and as days pass by, You'll become an expert at this.

So lets talk! Are you a WordPress expert? How'd you solve your WordPress issues? Tell us using the comment form and How about if you're not? What's kept you going?

Look forward to seeing your feedback, Oh and do not forget to share.


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