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This? And That? Oh... What About This?

You've seen what I do and have on this blog! You have questions.. I guess. If not so you won't be here. Welcome.

Here on I do most of the things myself. Designs, Coding Issues, Content Writing, Landing Page Creation and everything else, Almost by myself. I'll show you how on this page and the tools I use.

Are you ready?

Who's Hosting This Blog?

They're good and we trust them.

Who Designed This Blog?

They made the Template, I Modded.

How Do I Find Keywords?


Very good research tool.

How Do I Make Landing Pages?

Thrive Content Builder

My favorite tool.

How Do I Create Opt-In Forms?

Thrive Leads

My favorite tool.

How Do I Create My Images?

Photoshop +

How Else Do I Create Images?


What Helps Me Write Articles?

My Brain + Fingers.

Where Do I Get Inspiration?

These 27 Tools Helps

What Social Media Do I Use Most?

Twitter + Pinterest

What Tool Fine Tunes My Review?

WP Review Pro Plugin

How I Modified MyThemeShop Theme?

The Coding Skills I've Acquired!

How I Stay Focused?

My Crazy Thoughts.

Funny Eh?

What Helps Me Create Popups?

Thrive Leads

What Email Marketing Tool Do I Use?


My favorite tool.

How I Optimize My Website Database ?

WP Optimize

The Plugin That Displays Share Buttons?

We Use ESSB. Its The Best!

How I Made Icons Appear In Site Menu?

MyThemeShop Themes.

How'd I Create My Official Email?

Interserver Hosting Webmail

What Shortens My Affiliate Links?

Easy Affiliate Links

Activate Caching Function For

W3 Tool Cache

What Makes My On-Page SEO Better?

It's All Yoast SEO Plugin

How About The Beautiful Social Followers Counter?

Easy Social Share Buttons

Image Optimization For

WP Smush It

Any Other Email Marketing Software?

Yep, Benchmark Email

The List Building Tool I'm Falling In Love With?

It's Convert Plug 🙁

How I Manage Banner Ads?

WP In Post Ads

Premium Plugin By MyThemeShop

You Didn't Find Your Answer?

The Resources Page

Go Look for It There 🙂

Still No Answer?

Contact Me

Fine! Ask me personally! I'll Help Out.

Can I Create Something Like This On My Website?

Nope Nope!

You'd Be Copying Me Lol

So What's Next? If This Page Has Helped! Share It 🙂