Pinterest: Go Viral Using Viraltag Visual Marketing Tool


Yes, still on Pinterest marketing... That's where I've had much success with online these days.

In the past 30 days my site has taken off getting over 71,000 pageviews and a chunk of that traffic came in from Pinterest.​

And as mentioned in my last post, a tool called viraltag is largely responsible for that huge amount of success. The post briefly takes you through my Pinterest marketing strategy and showing you two fast features I can't live without on Viraltag.

Today's post is more of a break down, a step by step guide to getting success with Pinterest marketing using viraltag tool.

Are you ready?

Lets get to it then...

1. Install The Viraltag Extension

You should do this ASAP.

Install the extension on your chrome for easy pin scheduling. This makes for the viraltag icon to appear on top of every pin on your profile.

Then a single click on that icon opens a new tab filled with options on how and when you wish to schedule your pin.

You'll be prompted to do this when you're signing up, Click here to get your free account... If somehow you've dismissed that page asking you to install the extension.

install extension

Simply look down left your dashboard. Locate your settings icon >> Extension and click on Install extension. Don't miss this vital step.

2. Get Started By Adding Google Analytics

Yep, this is important so viraltag can learn more about your traffic and above all get access to the time of the day your traffic is at it's peak...

...So as to suggest to you the best time to post and help you learn more about your tactics through the reporting tab.

The time your pin goes live determines a lot on the pin success, doing this will help you automate things and make sure your pins go live at the time people are online and browsing Pinterest for maximum exposure.


To get started locate the Settings icon >> Integration tab >> Then connect the Google analytics account with the site you want it to track. In a matter of hours, you should start getting time suggestions in your Posting schedule tab.

It should look like below.

Just hit the + sign to add to your schedule and move on.

This automatically adds a timeslot so when next you add a pin to queue, that specific time will be available.

3. Get Ideas Using The Explore Tab

Gain actionable insights to what people are sharing, what's trending in your niche and other niches using this awesome feature.

Spy on your competitors using their RSS feed, design pins with inbuilt canva intergration.

I particularly love to use this part of the tool to gain insights on trendy designs and what's hot in my niche, that way I know how to design my pin or even write my article.

I've been writing Pinterest articles these past few months, Only recently have I switched to writing based on keywords so the search engines can at least pickup the site and send some traffic.


You dig?

4. Other Features

Remember, the boards list feature is my favorite to show off when using viraltag, It lets you select a group of group boards based on how you've configured them upon scheduling and saves you bulk of time.

I really loved that feature and explained it well in how viraltag makes Pinterest marketing easier, check it out.

They also just launched a circles feature, pretty similar to what Tailwind users call tribe, Mainly aimed at helping you collaborate with other bloggers.

I haven't used it much but as soon as I check it out... I'll have an update published here on the board with results 🙂 So now go get your Free viraltag account with the link below first and lets see how it goes.

Signing up now gives you a whooping $15 in viraltag credits.


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