Turn Ordinary Subscribers to Customers With GetResponse Marketing Automation

Right from the start email marketing has always been one of the best and profitable means of marketing businesses online.

Research by most notable co-operations proves that. In addition capterra, One of the leading information curation company on email marketing found out that for every $1 spent on email marketing, $32 or more is made in return.

There was a time email marketing was perceived to have been dead. Then Unbounce (A landing page creation tool) came out with these stats that needs to be attended to.

  • Consumers who receive emails from marketers and brands spend 84% more when shopping, order 28% more and 44% of the orders are in large scales.
  • An average return on investment on email marketing is now over $44 on every dollar spent.

A recent study by Eloqua also reveals email drives more traffic than social. It's one of the ways to drive consistent traffic to your web contents.

email marketing chart by eloqua

Bottom line? Money spent on email marketing is no waste.

Email Marketing Software (The Best)

The foundation of a better email marketing does start with it's software service provider. The better the support and tool, The effective and easier marketing becomes. I've written on a couple of recommended software to give a trial.

  • Mailerlite has a complete Guide Here
  • Benchmark Email has it's review Here
  • The recommended email marketing software for small business owners Here

Speaking of email marketing and software service providers. GetResponse is one of the best in the industry with over 300,000 customers from over 200 countries.

Used to engage with over 1 billion emails subscribers. It is a highly recommended tool. Why? We'll get to that shortly.

Recently GetResponse launched it's marketing automation tool that allows automating emails and creating workflows ridiculously easy for better conversion and increase in revenue.

More details below:

Automation? Making Marketing Easier & Faster.

Marketing automation has been around for a while and of it's many advantages, One of the best is that it makes communicating with your customers hands-off... Pre-made and triggers when you want it to without human effort (of course it's programmed).

With this, The hassles of marketing to every single visitor or email subscriber seriously reduces and creates avenue for product creators, business owners, brands to focus on other things that matters.

Introducing GetResponse Marketing Automation tool and 5 core reasons why it's good for you.

Recent studies by Capterra concluded that 63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use integrated marketing automation.

There's no argument there. Marketing automation is good for your business.

GetResponse Marketing Automation & Why It's Good for You.

Have you heard? The number one marketing automation strategy is Email Marketing followed by Lead Nurturing! What better way to incorporate automation into your marketing than starting with email marketing first?

Introducing GetResponse Marketing Automation tool and 5 core reasons why it's good for you.

Easy to Use yet Advanced.

It Does Your Bidding.

Create Different Workflows.

Easily Turn Subs to Buyers.

Efficient Data Reporting.

The Edge GetResponse Marketing Automation Software Has Over Others.

There are a few marketing automation software out there. Those that came long before GetResponse launched it's very own software but unlike others GetResponse has it's own advantage over them.

For example with GetResponse marketing automation software you don't have to enter into any long term contract that will cost your business a lot of money even to get started.

Here's a few more reasons to love this software.​

  • It's affordable. Just like GetResponse email marketing software.
  • Simplicity and clean UI. No hassles and you've got support available.
  • No long term agreement required as mentioned above.
  • You'll also have a marketing automation expert to advise you.

In Addition to All These & Conclusion.

The new marketing automation conditions will help you easily track and address cart abandoners, website visitors and successful purchases.

Close more sales, follow-up with a perfectly dedicated offer and move your prospects through a buying cycle, with the latest additions to the GetResponse Marketing Automation platform.