Get 50% Off MyThemeShop Premium Membership [Coupon Inside]

Ever since i started blogging, or should i say before i started Internet marketing! I always knew within myself i was and still am a design FREAK!

What do i mean by that? Let me explain a little bit.

Am a neat fella. I love neat stuffs, No matter what it is. Guess i took that attitude online too. I love creating and looking at neat designs. You should see how much efforts i put into designing my online properties.

Whenever i see something cute made with WordPress i always appreciate and give serious credit to who’s behind it.

Starting the Online marketing journey of course was never easy for me. I had no money to even buy a web hosting account not to talk of expensive premium WordPress themes to run a neat website.

But then i found MyThemeShop. A premium WordPress membership website that offers premium WordPress Themes at a super cheap price.

Not only do they offer cheap stuff, Their items both Themes and WordPress plugins are very easy to use with the availability of a swift and good looking admin panel to control every inkling of your website.

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But Wait First! Why Join MyThemeShop Like i Did?

MyThemeShop Themes Delivers Ultra Responsive Designs

In 2015, mobile will dominate the web, and with a MyThemeShop theme, you can be assured that your website will provide a great user experience on any device. MYTHEMEshop themes

MTS  themes are 100% fluid responsive, so your website will look great on mobile devices and tablets, but it will also enhance the user experience on every device on the market.


All Themes Come With Industry-Leading Options Panel

Other themes are frustrating, with code changes for customization, confusing configuration, and themes that never quite seem to look like themes are different.

With the easy-to-use yet powerful options panel, you can customize your website just the way you want it. Within just a few seconds, you can have a website looking just like the demo. MyThemeShop also includes dummy data with sold themes to make it even easier.

All MyThemeShop Themes Have Great In-Built Ad Management

With over 15 years of collective experience being professional bloggers, the founders of MyThemeShop know exactly where the ads should be placed.

Hence they provide you with a built-in option to manage your ads for the best CTR and highest earnings. You don’t need to rely on third-party plugins to handle your ads.

google adsense

You Can Easily Select From Any of 600+ Google Fonts To Use In Your Theme

This is one of the top reasons why i love MyThemeShop themes. Although loading these google fonts may slow down your website load time, It can go a long way in increasing your UX as you can split test which font converts better when you have over 600 to choose from.

Over 600 fonts should be enough to choose from, if you want to make sure your text has readability for the type of audience you have.


MyThemeShop Themes Are Compatible With All Major Browsers

While other theme providers are busy integrating the latest, fanciest web tricks in their products for the latest browser, The MyThemeShop team is busy making a stable product for all major browsers and platforms.

Those fancy hover effects may look good on the latest version of Chrome, but majority of your audience won’t be running it and for them – your website will look ugly. The team at MTS is making sure that never happens with your purchased themes, as any effects used in the themes also have fall-back support.


MyThemeShop Themes  Makes Your Site Load Fast

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says it perfectly – Nobody wants to look back and wish they had spent more time waiting for a website to load.

Don’t lose customers by making them wait for a website to load. Amazon loses 1 percent customers for ever extra 0.1 seconds it takes their website to load. How many customers are you losing due to the fact that your website speed is just too poor? Try MyThemeShop today.

mobile usage

All of MyThemeShop Themes Are Mobile Friendly

WeAreSocial found out that out of the 7.210 billion total people on earth about 3 billion of these people use mobile phones of which out of over 2 billion social media accounts there are over 1 billion of those people active on mobile alone.

In addition they also found out that over 25% of people would rather use their mobile phones to research a product they would love to buy over the other 30% which would likely change in the next coming years.

eccormerce by mobile

You must’ve heard this before “The World is Going Mobile”. Mobile has already surpassed the number of desktop users and this trend is only growing stronger. Make sure you aren’t missing out.

MyThemeShop themes are built to work really well on mobile devices as well as tablets, while at the same time we ensure the usability isn’t compromised.

Use Code (50OffBoo) To Get 50% Off MyThemeShop Premium Membership Plan

You Also Get 24×7 Premium Support

Something not working the way you wanted to? No problem. The 24×7 support is always there to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Currently MTS is running a giveaway and their giving out an iPhone. Here’s What people are saying about MyThemeShop support!

Makes Your Site Look More Appealing And Professional

Just like you can create professional and good looking landing pages with these top 5 WordPress landing page creator plugins, MyThemeShop themes provides everything you need to redesign your website to make it look unique, professional and user-friendly.


What i Think About This Whole Thing!

Jokes apart, MyThemeShop items are top notch. ViralNova uses a MyThemeShop theme, Shoemoney does too. I do too. Almost every of my WordPress websites are built on MyThemeShop Themes. uses:

We even make use of WP Shortcodes by MyThemeShop. I think this is a very good opportunity for everyone who’s looking to get access to premium and industry leading WordPress themes.

WPThemeDetector: An online tool that helps tell what WordPress theme a website is using found out that 1.42% of websites uses the themes provided by MyThemeShop and they currently rank on the 5th position of top WordPress themes providers.

MyThemeShop extended membership plan costs $199 per year. It gives you access to all themes, plugins, video tutorials, dummy data and support. You can easily get the membership plan for half price today only. Hurry. Coupon code expires on the 31st. It’s a Halloween promo.

Use Code (50OffBoo) To Get 50% Off MyThemeShop Premium Membership Plan

Some Extra Benefits of Joining MyThemeShop

So what are you waiting for? This is as easy as anything.

  • Click here to go to MyThemeShop website
  • Choose the extended membership license
  • Use code “50OffNow” while checking out
  • And you’re done there…

Here’s What You Get When You Purchase a License

  • All Themes Work on Unlimited Websites – Clients Websites too.
  • Priority Bug Fixing]
  • Unlimited Support
  • Secured and Optimized Code
  • Lifetime Usage
  • Copyright Removal
  • One Click Updates
  • Narrated Video Tutorials
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Access To All 98 WordPress Themes
  • Access To All 19 WordPress Plugins
  • Access to PSD Files
  • Support For Clients & Projects

Seriously what more could one wish for? Hurry before coupon code expires by the end of today.

Use Code (50OffBoo) To Get 50% Off MyThemeShop Premium Membership Plan

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