Social Media Buzz – How to Get it & Three Awesome Places to Generate it

If you read my blog regularly, Chances are that you run a blog or you plan to run one in the nearest future… You might wanna learn how to create one Here

So it also means you either have an existing online presence or about to get started then you ought to be on social media cos that’s where every body is. Every business is online by various means. Websites, Blogs, Social Media e.t.c

I got inspired to write this article while trying to get some few words out about BRB, It’s still pretty new and i need People to talk about it which will result in visits cos that’s mainly what am after so in this article am going to show you the exact places i go to in other to put my blog URL in front of people’s eyes.

What’s a Social Buzz?

Social (Media) Buzz is an instance. This is when your business which is either your product or website is every where on different social media platforms. People are talking about you and your online business. You are getting the attention and numerous shares. This is very good for business and can be generated easily.

Do i Need a Social Media Buzz?

Everyone wants traffic, Having a social media buzz is just as equivalent to getting traffic. What’s hot on Social Media? Its your business. You need a social buzz buddy and in this article am going to show you two places to generate it for free plus one paid but very cheap social media platform.

Three Places to Generate Social Buzz For Free

Google+ Communities

This is my favorite so it has to be the number one on the list. Have been using this right from the start and it has great potentials.

Unlike Facebook groups, Some Google+ communities can contain large amount of members and often are in different niches.

google plus communities

For example if i have written an article on social media – Just like this one, I just have to head over to G+ Communities and search for Social Media, Then i join and start posting.

It doesn’t have to be a new article, It may be any of your existing blog post or pages or your main URL. This is what i first did for my blog and i got very good results.

Just search for communities related to your niche, Join and start sharing useful stuffs not spamming cos few of the community moderators are very strict and wants whats on your your site/blog post to add value to the community members.

This method also helps rank your blog posts well on Google search engine. Another advantage of Google+ is that it’s limitless, You keep posting and getting views till you’re tired.. It’s just as easy as that but be careful not to look like a spammer.

Steps Again?

Go to Google+ Communities >> Search For your Groups Related to your website >> Join Them >> Compose something good about your website and include your link >> Do it for as many communities as possible.

One thing you should never do is Post in an UNRELATED Community. Can’t spell out some reasons right not but don’t.

Might lead to banning from community or even worse? Multiple reports that may get your account limited.

2. Social Media Exchange Websites

A lot of dudes have kicked against this idea, Well maybe in terms of trying to use it to generate real following

While Social Media Exchange Websites is not encouraged for such process, It can be a very good way to get social media shares very fast, Very Fast.

Here’s some stats from AddMeFast, One of the leading Social Media Exchange Websites;

  • more than 3.000.000 active users from more than 220 countries.
  • Live Exchanges as at writing this article 389,776,654,4 and increasing.

That’s to show you that a lot of people use Social Media Exchange Websites alot. Imagine the kind of exposure you could be getting if an average of 1000 users with at least 600 followers re-tweet your tweet.

That’s as good as sending a tweet to a twitter account with more than 500,000 followers.

Social Media Exchange Websites can get people talking about your website in no time as the shares just keep coming however;

There’s a Sacrifice When it Comes to Social Media Exchange Websites

Most of them work on points or coins. For example AddMeFast & Traffup works with Points and you need to give others a boost to earn some boost for yourself.

Like pages, Subscribe to YT channels, Add to G+ Circles and more to earn points for your own boosts.

Earn those points and add your own url to get hits, shares, retweets or followers. It’s as easy as that. I have taken time to make a list of those networks i have used and those am still using. Give them a try.

These are popular Social Media Exchange Websites with huge members and buzz capabilities. So that’s it for this one. Multiple shares of your website URL from different social media accounts.

3. Facebook Ads

Ooh Ooh! Facebook Ads is that bomb. It can generate you cool traffic at very cheap amount but only on it’s Platform.

facebook advertising babs revies blog

Facebook ads can help you generate that social buzz your website needs but it cost money.

Not to worry though, It’s as cheap as anything and you can start with something for as less $5. Yes you heard right. An advantage Facebook ads has over other buzz generating tools is that it can generate targeted buzz from almost anywhere.

Yeah! If you have tried Facebook ads before, Then you already know that with this platform you can target some specific type of people living in a certain area, Having a specific amount of income and so on.

Even if you want your buzz among men only then you can run ads and target men only. You want it, You’re gonna get it.

Facebook ads is a little bit complicated for newbies as you may lose money if your ads are not properly optimized but not to worry, I am working on the perfect guide for you. In the mean time you could stick to Jon Loomer’s blog. He’s pretty good with Facebook Ads and have learned a lot from him.


I just can’t seem to bring this article to an end without ViralContentBuzz, This is a very good network to get shares on Facebook, Twittter and StumbleUpon (Recently disabled but the team is working on it).

VCB Fits under the second buzz tool but i’m telling you it has way more than that. Give it a try! Its an awesome Social Media Tool.

So that’s it all really, My secret social media buzz zones revealed just for you. One thing though!  Don’t misuse any. Handle with care lol.

We both need Social buzz, And we’re gonna get it cos this is a very good way not only to get Social Media traffic but to make our brands get some awareness.

So go get ‘Em tiger, Remember i said earlier everyone is on social media websites, Imagine Facebook has over 1 Billion people, Twitter almost the same with Google+ as well. That’s a lotta buzz coming right your way there.

Hope you’re on VPS Hosting 🙂 The Buzz might bring in an influx of traffic you know?

I Hope you have enjoyed today’s article and have gained something… But Why not lets make this more fun, Do you know some other methods/ways to generate social media buzz? Then mention it in the comment form below.

We’ll love to hear from you for sure 😉


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