Drive Targeted Traffic: FREE $150 Google AdWords Coupon

What I wanted to write was different! I never knew I was gonna be giving away $150 worth of Google Adwords credits for FREE.

Here's how it all started, Not much of a story! Logged into my Gmail account only to find the credits sent from Google Analytics! Since I learnt that for every $1 spent on Google Adwords, $2 is made in return.

I thought of sharing this coupon with Babs Reviews Blog readers. No worries. You need not to pay a single dime or subscribe for it.

Although if you want my FREE Content marketing Ebook you'd have to subscribe to get it.. It's quite a guide.

Benefits of Advertising Your Business on Google

  • Drive targeted traffic to your website.
  • Increase conversions (Sales, signups, actions on your website)
  • More eyeballs (Potential customers) seeing your landing pages since traffic is extremely targetted.
  • Appear among the first 3 search results for a keyword.

There are over a billion reasons to advertise your business on Google as ExpandedRamblings told me that Google's share of search clicks in the U.S alone is over 70%. Google controls a huge chunk of the market share.

google adwords

So with all that said! Where's the Coupon?

FREE Google Adwords $150 Coupon


There are a few things to note here with this coupon as there's actually a Price to pay for it. For starters:

  • The Coupon works for Customers with a billing address from the U.S only so If you're not from around.. There should still be a way.
  • You get the free $150 when you spend up to $150 so If you've been advertising on Google adwords here's the best time to apply this free Google Adwords coupon.
  • To earn the credit: Start advertising! The advertising costs you accrue in this account in the 31 days following your entry of the promotional code, excluding any taxes, will be matched with an advertising credit in the same amount, up to a maximum value of $150.

So there you go 🙂 If you need help activating? Here's one detailed guide from Google.


From what I can see this promo has been online for a very long time and It should be around for a while more but lets not take chances okay? It's also important to note that after getting your credits and using it all up, You won't be notified.

Neither will your ads stop. You'll be billed automatically from the account you left with Google in the first place so take note and always monitor your ads.

Hope this helps, If yes... The please share with your friends on Social Media.

Here's the FREE Google Adwords coupon again:




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