Best FREE Email Marketing Software With Automation & Great Support

Email marketing is an essential piece of online marketing for bloggers and small business owners.

A medium to consistently drive traffic to your blog, reach out to potential customers and make sales over and over again.

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If email marketing is an essential piece, Know what's more important? Certain email marketing features.

The Use Automation/Autoresponders & Adequate support.

Automation / autoresponders help you send emails hands off to new subscribers or existing subscribers about an offer or just about anything. They go off anytime you want it to.

They're time triggered or event based.

They're perfect for delivering content upgrades which even helps increase email subscribers, great for reaching out to users who have abandoned items in their cart...

...Just what most small business owners need.

Adequate customer support on the other hand is very important when it comes to using an email marketing software.

You have an expert on the inside to talk to when having problems with setting up your email campaigns and other issues.

Alternatives to MailChimp?

Yeah, you could call this another mailchimp alternative article as the free version of mailchimp lacks these two very important email marketing features.

Don't get me wrong, Mailchimp has been around for years, helping small business owners figure out email marketing till they have the money to pay for the real service.

However a shiny UI, 12.000 emails per month to 2000 subscribers only without email automation or support for free users isn't just enough in 2016.

In this article I have listed a few alternatives to mailchimp free email marketing software. Those:

  • I have personally tested.
  • That works great, Just like Mailchimp or even better.
  • Gives you access to great support on the free plan.
  • Has most of its features especially automation available to free users.
  • And more.



Sendinblue is an email marketing and automation software that makes creating campaigns easy.

This software according to the homepage is used by over 15,000 companies to send over 30,000,000 emails everyday. What makes sendinblue even perfect for this cause is that the company is specialized in transactional emails.


Mostly automation.

You can use the custom marketing workflows to guide customers through a personalized buying journey.

One of the reasons I love this email marketing software is that it sets you free with the hassles of commitment to one company.

With it's flexible pricing system, even when you eventually decide to move up from the free version that allows you to send up to 9000 emails per month with a cap of 300 emails per day with almost all the features available to you and support as a free user.

You only pay for the amount of emails you send.

And by that you only pay as low as $7.37 for 40,000 emails! How cool.


The email marketing software everyone's talking about, Yes! Heard of Mailerlite?

Mailerlite is an email marketing software that helps you send better emails, welcomes you with a forever free account that lets you use almost all the features including automation and support.


With over 190,000 users worldwide, you can't go wrong with Mailerlite.

I personally use and have a plan with Mailerlite because of the simplicity that comes with the email marketing software.

The interface is so nice and the Drag and drop email builder? One word = Dope.

Mailerlite makes email marketing easy for the new comers and small business owners with not so big budgets with its:

  • 1000 Subscribers - Send unlimited emails free plan.
  • Free access to modern email marketing features such as automation, integrations and analytics suite that records real data.
  • Adequate support ~ The team is available to answer your questions, They're quite fast too.

Creating emails with Mailerlite is damn too easy as well, You'd see it once you give it a trial, The company has been my favorite email marketing tool for a while and I plan to make it stay that way.

Wanna give it a trial?

Make no mistake, Mailerlite helped The Dojo go from 1,000 subscribers to 100,000.


Heard of GetResponse? It's one of the most popular email marketing software out there with over 300,000 customers from over 200 countries.

I personally love the service GetResponse offers because of the fact that it's the most ideal option for biz op marketers in the make money online niche.

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I also love GetResponse marketing automation software, It creates one of the baddest, advanced workflows I've ever seen.

While GetResponse is quite different from other software listed above as it's own unique way of offering it's service is quite different, You can only try GR for only 30 days, All the features, all the fame and support.

(( For 30 Days... ))

After that, you'd have to upgrade your account, IMO it's not a bad idea at all for someone's who's on a tight budget and wants to try something new.

GR is used by popular marketers in the world including Neil Patel and trusted by many, I've personally tested this software...

...It's nice.

BenchMark Email

There's a big chance that you haven't heard of BenchmarkEmail.com yet, I laugh. It's okay. I can only tell you one thing though!

(( Those guys are killing it silently ))

Benchmarkemail is an email marketing software service that makes creating and sending campaigns a beautiful experience, My own opinion after using the software for over 5 months.

benchmark email

Known as the Powerful and Simple Email Marketing Software

At first I was skeptical about using this software but it appears I was wrong. I could find everything I want using my new software, The UI is so neat.

One thing I enjoyed is the support is that it's available in Live Chat even for free users, Some premium services allows you to pay some certain amount of money to access a support system like Live chat.

Benchmarkemail makes reaching an expert easy.

With this software, you can send up to 12,000 emails monthly to 2000 subscribers. Just like Mailchimp but better. You have access to two things.

  • Automation and most of the premium features.
  • Quality support.

This is one software I highly recommend.

What's Next?

You can get started with email marketing, use all of the most important features without paying a single dime.

These companies are reputable and as a free user, you get access to test it all and when you do decide to go for an upgrade? You get more.

Most of these services are very cheap as well.

Enjoy email marketing. Do not forget to let me know what you think using the comment form below and do not forget to share 🙂


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