Facebook Marketing On Steroids: Auto Post to Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

When the term "Facebook Marketing" is seen or heard... What comes to mind is the fact that one has to use Facebook for online marketing purposes... Right?

Yeah! Absolutely correct...​

But why Facebook?

  • Over 1 Billion Active Members
  • Over 800 Million Monthly users worldwide
  • After Google, Facebook is the most visited website on the internet (Ask anybody)

Asides that, 42% of marketers say Facebook is critical or important to their business (Source). The number of businesses that say Facebook is critical or important to their business has increased by 75% in the past years too.

facebook marketing software

  • Marketing is easy — You have a product.. You promote it with every medium you can (Mostly offline)
  • Online Marketing is easier — You have a product, You promote it online. Where you're not limited to the amount of people near your store. Then the best bet is advertising on high trafficked websites with thousands of visitors.

So you can reach a large audience to share your product details with. That was the plan right? Easy enough.. Let's proceed..

If you're to market your business/product online ... You're to find out places where your target audience is likely going to be hanging out. Now here's what someone has to say about this:

Neil Patel Co-Founder: KISSmetrics, CrazyEgg

Almost all Internet users do 2 things on a regular basis: First, they use search engines. Secondly, they use Facebook. As a marketer or business owner, one of your biggest jobs is to funnel people from other websites to your own.

Your target audience hangs out in various parts of the web, but a huge percentage of any target audience uses search engines and Facebook.

That’s why they are so important, and why we pay so much attention to SEO and social media marketing.

It's clear! People hang out a lot on social media websites: Facebook being the most popular makes it a place to market your product giving the fact that the 42% of marketers that tried it above never regretted it.

Let this be clear as well, Companies that acquired customers from Facebook: B2C is 77% and B2B is 43%....

In fact it's a no brainier that you must've been involving yourself in some Facebook marketing tactics.

There are many forms of Facebook marketing and the most common is Facebook advertising, As at last year! Facebook announced reaching the milestone of over 1 million advertisers currently spending tons of $$$ marketing their business (Showing it to more people.)

You must be wondering, Is it only Facebook? No No! Why do you think Twitter launched it's new Twitter Analytics hub? It happens on every social media website... Social media advertising.

Truth is Facebook is the number 1 target as it has more people browsing the website and advertising here is cheaper than most other platforms.

One thing to note though... Social media advertising spending continues to rise... Does this mean that social media marketing is totally worth your time? Yes!

facebook marketing

Most people think Facebook marketing is just all about spending money advertising! Well that's the major marketing tactic on Facebook though but what about maintaining a page on a normal scale and posting unique contents to it.

It could take a awful amount of time but you could grow too? That way you could grow too?

Okay what about Facebook groups? Have you ever come across a Facebook group with over 300,000 members? That's a lot of meat! To reach that much people STEADILY using Facebook advertising, You might be spending close to $100 or more.

To reach even more substantial audience in your niche... You might need to reach out to more groups on a regular basis but posting to these groups.

Who has time for that?

That's why you're here today! I'll show you different software! Advanced pieces to help automating posts (Your business links) to multiple Facebook groups at once without breaking a sweat.

These software will make life easier for you and rest assured you'll reach more people on Facebook, Cover more grounds with your marketing and make more sales...

So here we go:

1. Facebot - Facebook Auto Poster Script

facebook faceboot script

Facebot was  created by Zamblek, One of the leading authors on Codecanyon. Facebot is the best platform where you can easily manage your scheduling for all your Facebook APP Users in one place.

It helps to send messages, ads, events, news and so on in the same time to all users of your APP.

Here's how it works with the software:

how it works facebot

As at the time of writing this post, Facebot has been sold out to 78 different people who have started using it to automate posting of their businesses to Facebook.

Average Rating

4 Stars

Payment Type

One Time Fee



2. PHPsfp - Schedule Facebook Post

phpsfp facebook marketing tool

The PHPsfp schedule Facebook posts has been online for quite a while now. I've used this particular script myself and tested it's authenticity.

phpSFP – is a Platform where you can easily manage your scheduling for all your pages & groups in one place. It helps to send messages, ads, events, news and so on.

It will be appreciated the ease of handles: set the post message, choose pages / groups for posting, set the start date and the time interval and your message will be displayed depending on schedule and on this way you will have more likes – clicks – friends.

Your message will be posted according to the schedule, whether or not you are logged into your account. While you relax, your “partner” works for you. All is so easy

What People are Saying About the Software

facebook phpsfp

As at the time of writing this post,. PHPsfp has been sold to over 1940 people with an average of 4.77 /5 ratings who now use it to promote their business via Facebook...

Time to join the train? It's just $13.. Pay once and get future updates for FREE

3. Snareware Facebook Poster & Scheduler

Facebook Poster & Scheduler is a lightweight tool designed to help users post mass private facebook message, group post, groups searching and joining, post to wall, post to public pages, post to fan page, posts searchign and commenting, auto likes bot, schedule your posts.

The great tool allow you advertising and driving traffic to your website your website. You can get from hundreds to thousands Facebook visitors daily without spending extra.

The program also comes with a good scheduler manager and tutorials for you.

What Makes This One even Special?

Unlike the others listed above, PHPsfp for example, comes as a PHP script you're going to go through a few processes such as installing it on a subdomain and creating databases but here these hassles are taken away.

This is a windows software. Download, Login with Facebook and you're good to go. Have it in mind that everything that has is good also will definitely have a bad side.

It's a Windows software, You can't auto post whilst your computer is off unless you run a VPS... Well with others? You can..

I've seen what this software can do... The Speed & Efficiency as I've used a friend's own at a time. It's commendable. The software is just a one time fee of $39.95

4. Facebook Multi-Page/Group Poster

facebook multi-group page poster marketing

This is perhaps the most popular item performing this function on Codecanyon asides PHPsfp mentioned above, This item has been sold to over 1550 people of which I'm among them.

I've used this script and It's a 100% real and working!

Facebook Multi Page/Group Poster (FBMPGP) is the easiest yet a very powerful way of publishing to unlimited Facebook Pages and Groups. Quickly post your content to all or a selection of your Groups and Pages.

What People are Saying About the Software

facebook phpsfp

FBMPGP gives you the best way to market your business products, promote your Facebook Fan Pages, Business Pages and Personal Pages and to obtain a boost in your Facebook campaigns, traffic and likes. An excellent tool for personal and commercial usage alike.

5. Ninja Blaster Software

Name it, I've used it... Ninja Blaster is one of those complete Facebook marketing suite with large functions to help automate your business.

Wit h tools like Facebook poster, Auto join Facebook groups for you on keywords, Spintax function, Pinterest sharing, keyword research tool, photo resizer and more.. You can never go wrong!

ninja blaster facebook marketing software download

Don't get too excited yet! The software isn't free but there's a three day free trial 🙂

The Ninja Blaster software is similar to Facebook scheduler by Snareware (It's a windows software too) but unlike every other? It's a monthly subscription thing.

To keep your license valid you must pay a fee of $9.99 every month.

I have an active subscription! You should too and it's totally worth it.

6. Facebook Campaigner - Autoposter

This is the latest I've just acquired! and my Favorite so I've saved it for last... 🙂 The Facebook campaigner is a lightweight PHP script that autopost your messages to Facebook.

Facebook campaigner is a simple and user friendly application that helps you to market your products/services/blogs in 1000s of groups, pages, events, profiles with single click. Getting more and more traffic to your website thus increasing your sales. Create a Campaign in a minute and relax.

What Makes This One even Special?

The simplicity... When i purchased the software about a month ago, That should be last year December I guess, It just had a few hundred sales.. Now?

Over 450 People have bought Facebook campaigner with an average rating of 4.88 stars out of 5..

The script is super easy to install (Comes with a well documented explanation) and costs just a one time payment of $19. I was hesitant when I wanted to buy it as I still have others but the ratings got me pumped up..

It was worth it! A super awesome investment..

Campaigner will delivers your message to community of millions people by autoposting in selected groups, pages, events, profiles, You can also manage your own pages. You can track the progress of campaign, get the insights(likes, comments, shares) for a campaign, Play/Pause the campaign any time.

When it comes to Facebook marketing tools, I'll recommend this any day anytime.

In Conclusion...

Since 80% of US social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook I've chosen to explore Facebook more than I do others although there's a percent that i use to work these out.

Facebook Advertising, Facebook Groups/Page/Events Marketing & automation... I've tried it all. Prior to one post on Blackhatworld one Franklin (an online marketing Blogger) made a quick $700 in just one month via automating posts to Facebook.

I get a fair share of the traffic to my secret micro niche websites via Facebook as well!

Generally, When it comes to Online marketing it depends on going to the right place where your target audience hangs out, Luckily Facebook is one of those places and there are very cheap software to help you reach out to that many people without breaking a sweat.. SWEET!

If you ask me! My two Favorites are : Ninja Blaster & Facebook Campaigner as they both work great for me.. I've made a list of 6! Surely you'll find one that suits your budget and looks good to you.

Please note that Facebook frowns on this option: To be on a safer side and avoid Facebook disabling your account! Remove aggressiveness from this and leave reasonable intervals within the post times.

You want to make this look natural as plain as possbile.

Remember the whole idea is to use these software to auto post cause you're busy not to make it a full Facebook marketing tactic but of course it will come in handy 🙂

Let me know what you think via the comment form! Did I miss any? and Please share this Post! Your friends will thank you for it... 🙂

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