Envato Market Codecanyon Cyber Monday Deals: Get 50% Off

Ready to grab 50% off most WordPress plugins and codes in this Envato market codecanyon cyber Monday deals?

Heck yeah.

Codecanyon is currently hosting a huge black Friday, cyber Monday sale which is offering up to 50% discount on some selected items, That's half the price and it's genuine...

envato market cyber monday deals

...I've purchased about six items and my friends have done a few too.

Don't miss these amazing offers from Envato market publishers, Here are the hottest codecanyon cyber Monday deals right now 🙂

1. Go Pricing - WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables

go pricing

Create amazing WordPress Pricing & Compare Tables

This is one of the best selling plugin on codecanyon. The best seller in it's category. Helps you display very good looking pricing tables without being a coder or an expert.

Comes with tons of handy features to create and display your fancy pricing tables and make more money, This plugin is usually sold for $25, now you can get it for only $12.

2. WordPress Social Stream

WordPress Social Stream

WordPress Social Stream will combine all of your social network feeds into one single network stream or create a single feed for multiple social network profiles.

Who would have thought that you could combine up to 15 of the latest post on your social media handles into one stream so your visitors can see it live?  This plugin makes it possible.

Great thing is you can combine unlimited social stream and promote your social media posts effectively to boost traffic to your site.

3. NEX-Forms - WordPress Form Builder

 NEX-Forms - The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

Create super professional, complicated forms with WordPress Using this plugin.

Nex-forms makes creating forms on your site easier and even you can set up forms with no programming skills.

4. Yellow Pencil: Visual CSS Style Editor

Yellow Pencil: Visual CSS Style Editor

Yellow Pencil is a visual Style Editor WordPress plugin that you can use with any theme and plugin to make customizing your website much easier.

This CSS editor makes this possible. Imagine being able to edit any WP theme live. This is the ultimate WYSIWYG editor for any WordPress theme.

5. Booki - WordPress Booking Calendar plugin

 Booki - WordPress Booking Calendar plugin for reservations and appointments

Create and manage your appointments and reservations online with WordPress booking plugin Booki.

Make Scheduling an appointment and book for a haircut, massage, accommodation, events, fitness, lesson, meeting, parking, rental, taxi, teacher, tickets and hundreds of other services easier for you and your customers.

Take 50% off this plugin on cyber Monday.

6. WordPress Automatic Plugin

 WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin posts from various sources to WordPress automatically.

We had to invest in this one, Since we've been considering buying it for a long time... Couldn't let this opportunity pass us by.

What this plugin does is post quality targeted articles, Amazon Products, Clickbank Products, Youtube Videos, Vimeo videos , Feeds posts, eBay auctions...

..Flicker images, Instagram Images, Pinterest pins, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Craigslist classifieds, Itunes apps/songs/ebooks/movies/podcasts on it's own to your site as configured.

This comes in handy when running a site that needs a lot of content in a short period of time. There's no limits to how you can use this plugin.

7. userTrack - Mouse Monitoring for WordPress

userTrack - Mouse Monitoring for WordPress

Record user mouse interactions on your website. You can view click heatmaps, mouse movement heatmaps or even full recordings of user activity on your website.

Apart from making money steadily with your site, Know what's more nice? Knowing what people do mostly on your site, where they click and where the main attention is...

..So you can do what?

Know how to leverage the opportunity effectively. This is a simple plugin that makes this ridiculously easy and cheap to get.

8. Ads Pro Plugin - Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager

Ads Pro Plugin - Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager

Ads Pro is a Premium WordPress Ad Plugin that helps you manage, sell and display your advertising space, in a way that no other plugin can.

Imagine being able to automate selling of ad spaces on your site like the big dogs do, Nice? Before now this plugin was now you can buy it for $18 and save yourself of having to process manually every advertising request offers you get,

This plugin has many options. You may configure selling ads based on Cost per click, Cost per mile or cost per days. The robust options this tool provides will save you time and help you make more money.

9. Photo Contest WordPress Plugin

Photo Contest WordPress Plugin

Thanks to Photo Contest WordPress Plugin you can easily organize a photo contest on your website, or create an independent website just for the purpose of the photo contest.

Using this plugin to organize a contest may help your site go viral.

10. PDF viewer for WordPress

 PDF viewer for WordPress

PDF Viewer for WordPress is the best selling premium PDF Reader plugin for WordPress on Codecanyon (2400+ Sales).

This plugin makes displaying PDF files on your site easy peasy.

you can display and embed PDF Files of your WordPress Website very easily with a feature rich and nice PDF Reader. You can now Track visitors who read your pdf files using Google Analytics as well.

In Conclusion

Thanks to all those that offered these plugins to us at a cheaper price and for this Envato market cyber Monday deals, It means a lot to most people like us.

Take this advantage to get these items at a cheaper rate. Looking for WordPress themes? Check out this post.

Happy buying.


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