Energize Your Lead Magnets: 5 Ways to Make Them More Powerful

So you're bent on building your email list and to even grow it faster.


You've gone extra mile to create a lead magnet people would love.

You're all set.​

You're eager to see the results roll in.

After all your lead magnet is relevant and you've done everything you can do to make everybody want to have it.

But something seems to be wrong!

It's not working effectively as much as it should... And that worries you a lot.

Keep calm, It's okay! We've all been there. At least I know I have and in this post I'm going to show you the 5 things I did for people to want my lead magnets like crazy causing them to subscribe to my email list.

Are you ready?

1. Create Landing Pages For Your Lead Magnets

Okay so here's the deal.

Landing pages are designed with the sole aim of targeting one thing which could be collecting leads (the most popular reason), Sell a product, Introduce a business and so on.

Landing pages are targeted. When you send your visitors there, You only want them to do that one thing you ask.


To make my lead magnets look more powerful and really really grab my audience attention, I create new landing pages for each of my lead magnets.

See examples from:

(My content marketing ebook // My Coupon methods ebook // My members kit offer)

Apparently I'm not alone, Brian Dean from Backlinko despite all that sign up forms and content upgrades on his website still has a dedicated page for his lead magnet.


Proven SEO Tips.

To sum it up, This gives your lead magnet more weight and convince people to sign up as they're seeing in details everything your lead magnet has to offer.

That's not all

Hubspot creates a landing page for every of it's lead magnets too.


Another one on Ramith Sethi's IWT Blog!


Here's how to get started:

  1. Choose a landing page creation software (Instapage and Thrive landing pages are my favorite.
  2. Choose a set of landing page templates that would resonate with your audience. Again why I prefer Thrive landing pages, Over 140 landing page sets available both on file and some on the template cloud.
  3. Design and write about your lead magnets, Why people should subscribe for it. You'd be pretty amazed by the results.

Do that? And already you're 79% ahead of others, plus you stand a better chance at getting more leads than those that don't have a landing page for their lead magnets.

Cool thing is the page doesn't even have t​o be that great. It should just explain the basics and you're good to go.

Lets move on to other strategies.

2. Write Great Copies

Because copy-writing has a huge part to play on your landing pages, it also has a gigantic part to play in your opt-in forms.

After all it is what your visitors will read about the first thing they see your lead magnet.

Because of this, Writing great copies for your landing pages, opt in forms has proven to be effective over and over again.


Words have power, They can create worlds... and destroy them. The right words can drive a host of loyal, paying followers straight to your door whilst the wrong words can murder your business almost overnight.

Noah Ricunk also explains how copy affects sales and how to convert more leads into sales with just improving copies.


Improving your copies today could energize your lead magnet thereby making it more effective.

Don't know where to start? Here's a couple of Tips!

  • Use numbers and figures in your copies
  • Show off proof, flaunt results.. You're allowed to.
  • Test everything! Don't stop.

Testing with plugins like Thrive Leads , Pff.. Piece of cake.

You should also learn more, Here's a few great resources I found:

Are you following?

3. Use The Cheesecake Factory Technique

That sounds funny right? Have you ever heard of the cheesecake factory technique to growing your email subscribers before?

First saw it on Growthlab and the article was written by Joe Choi, Copywriter for Growthlab and Remit Sethi's I will Teach You to be Rich book.


Before then, I have been using this technique and it works well but Joe's branding of it, perspective and name simply raised it's credibility for me.

The cheesecake factory technique simply focuses on showing everything you have, everything they're getting from your product (lead magnet) such that people wouldn't be able to resist it, Like you can't resist the cakes on the show glass at the factory.

How it's related to building your email list and email marketing? Great!

Have you clicked on the link above to read the article?

If not, Go read the article... Seriously, Go... I'll wait for you.


.... Are you done now?

Great! You understand what it's all about now.

To buttress it up, It's your website! You're free to flaunt anything! Have you seen the ecovers for my lead magnet? They're good looking right?


It wasn't easy creating them though, Spent hours tweaking and tweaking them using Photoshop.

Something tells me you're not leveraging this yet! I feel so sorry for you. You're missing out big time.

Also have it at the back of your mind, Ecovers are not only what you should put on display...

  • Put results on display
  • Show off subscribers count/share counts (ESSB can help you with that)
  • Show off snapshot from your Google analytics.
  • Anything you can think of.

Anything that will make your lead magnet look better and real, Make sure it's added! Here's one from Franklin at Online Dimes.


He shows a snapshot of his improved rankings and on top that? Tells you exactly how he did it in 14 days.

You know what to do next right? Trust that.

Some say images destroys site speed and makes the site heavy, When properly optimized... It can increase conversions.


Whatever you do, Make sure to have this in mind.. Alright?

Lets move along now! We still have two more to look at.

4. Write Articles Around Your Lead Magnets

I've tried so many list building techniques including content upgrades, Setting up is easy but I still find it super stressful.


So how do I make my lead magnets relate to my website's content such that it looks laser targeted?

I write articles around them...

For example I published an article about content marketing mistakes in the past.

All I had to do was upgrade the post and since it really did well, It went smoothly with my increase content marketing ROI by 687% lead magnet (This accounts for over 87% of my total subscriber count).

Remember, One of the reasons why Content upgrades works well is the fact that it's laser targeted.

Writing related articles to your lead magnet gets people to wanna know more, Probably download your lead magnet.

For example, Kulwant Nagi on blogging cage writes mostly about Blogging and each time he publishes something! He touches a thing or two about blogging and making money blogging.


Instantly this so resonates to the lead magnet on his homepage "Blogging domination guide".

A Few Steps You Can Take Is:

  • Create a lead magnet for at least four of the categories on your website.
  • Make sure to offer each lead magnet related to each post in a category as a bonus.
  • Don't stop at one. In fact If you can go with Content Upgrades, That's really fine. Thrive Leads or ConvertPlug will really be useful to you on this one.

That's one for you and the last on the list for today?

5. 200+ Worth of Lead Magnet Ideas

Wait, are you kidding me? At the beginning of this article, Did we just admit that you've created the perfect lead magnet.

Don't be fooled: You'll be wasting your time energizing nothing if your lead magnet is not something people wants.


Which is why you must go extra mile to make sure it's what people really need.

Again content upgrades excels here. If a visitor is reading about Increasing Twitter Followers on your website? You already know they're a bit into Twitter marketing.

Your Twitter marketing lead magnet or checklist for getting more followers is instantly relevant.

However finding something just to slam on your opt-in and landing pages won't do you much good which is exactly why here in number 5.

Where I'll be giving you a couple of resources that will help you create the best lead magnet ever.

Not just the best, But the one people would be unable to resist if a couple of the tips mentioned above are used up. Are you ready?

These should help.

Remember you wouldn't go to the market to buy something you don't want talk more of need, If people don't need your lead magnet... They simply won't opt-in for it.

Wrapping Up!

So are you ready to do this? Give your lead magnet wings.. and attract more subscribers today?

Try everything in this article... Remember, One of the crucial rules of online marketing is testing!

You can choose to ignore these if you don't need more subscribers today! I simply won't be bothered but you'll do what's best for your business right?


I do value feedback, If you have any? Simply use the form below and if this post has helped, It's only fair that you share.

...I've made this ridiculously easy as the buttons are now following you everywhere in this article.


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