Easy Social Share Buttons Review: Cheap & Effective Social Sharing Plugin For WordPress

If you're looking for an effective yet super stylish WordPress social sharing plugin to add up to your Premium blog or Website, You might want to Consider ditching other options only to go for the Easy Social Share Buttons for WP.

But why?

That's all we'll take a look at in this article.

... I've been using the Easy social share buttons (ESSB) plugin for ​WordPress for months now on my websites and all I can say is wow! Now that I've got a chance to tell you everything I know about the plugin.

I'm not leaving anything out...

The Review Of Easy Social Sharing Plugin For WordPress
  • The ESSB WordPress Plugin
  • Plugin Pricing
  • Plugin User Interface
  • Plugin Effectiveness
  • Plugin Features

Best Social Sharing Plugin For WordPress

Easy social share buttons for WordPress is one great plugin I recommended for blogs of all sizes whether personal or business. With bad-ass features and built in optimization techniques you can increase social shares, traffic and get more people you care about to visit your website.


Getting Started Right? You Need Traffic Right? But Here's The Problem!

Traffic. Everyone needs and want it. Why? The answer is dead simple. Without it, Your business will die a slow and painful death.. With all that said, What's next after setting up your website is driving some real traffic.

An option will be to go for Search engine optimization as it's one of the best ways to get traffic consistently but then it takes time and if your website is a new one and has no authority, Oh well.

You look for other alternatives right?

Like social media marketing, Mastering the post formats and image sizes of each platform and you get advice's like:

To drive traffic to your site, Make sure you share on:

  • Twitter​
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Even Google+
  • And the Other social networks...

You'll get traffic yes, But how does trickles  20-30 visits from those shares sound? Terrible right... I've tried it.

social media networks

Have you heard this before?

  • You don't get traffic when you share your Content, But when other people starts sharing it​... (The magic happens)

Yep, that's the truth... Guess you know that The more the shares, The better and higher the traffic you get. So why aren't you doing anything! 

A Few Reasons Why People Ain't Sharing Your Content

There are tons of reasons why, Lets take a quick look at a few of them... And probably you'll be able to quickly reason with those that concerns your website from the list.

Waste no time, Grab a fix....!​

No Share Buttons On Website!

I can't help but fathom the reason why website owners don't bother adding share buttons to their webpage. Don't look at me like I'm crazy! I did visit some websites lately, read the articles and thought to myself.. Wow! Nice one, I'd like to tweet this. Where are the share buttons? Ooops! Nowhere to be found. They just lot their shot at gaining 9000+ impressions and perhaps a few new visitors to their website.

Bad Share Buttons Look!

Who uses the native share buttons provided by these social media websites these days? When you can get yourself something that's customized and stands out from others. Who just does that?

Could that be you?​

Bad Share Buttons Placement.

Okay this is your fault too. Where your buttons at? Somewhere stationed at the beginning of your content and never goes down?

Other Reasons People Ain't Sharing Your Content!

Your Content has no Utility

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, Why do people share contents? If you haven't! People have asked that particular question over and over again especially website owners and there have been studies, research carried out on this issue. The New York times has a study on this one.

Another point of view to look at this from is the Maslow's hierarchy of needs!​ Which explains largely why people are compelled to share.

reasons people share articles

Your Content is Just Useless

Sorry! I meant to say not valuable. That's not the fault of your share buttons though. So I must warn you, Even if you want to bring the power of Easy Social Share Buttons into this to increase your social share.

You still need to create valuable content people can'​t help but share! Like this one.

Having Said All These, What's Next?

Think you can take it from here pal? If you're sure you put great content out there and other than you sharing it.... One way to get closer with getting more shares is by introducing an efficient sharing solution to the game.

One that makes sharing of your content ridiculously easy!

I know of one... And its the Easy Social Share Buttons Plugin for WordPress​. This plugin helps drive social shares and traffic to your website with it's many features.

What Makes This Plugin so Special & Powerful!

1. It's Cheap!

This might pretty much not be like what you wanna hear first but screw it, I'm moving it up top anyways. Other great plugins like Social Warfare costs up to $110 per year to use on 5 websites only!

Sounds good to you? How does unlimited site license with Mad-ass features for only $19 sounds? Greater?​

easy social share buttons

2. It's Feature Packed!

Believe me, This is one of the things that I love most about the plugin. Does your current plugin integrate with the point plugin and an affiliate system like AffiliateWP? Or provide you with unlimited shortcodes for various social media sharing and buttons placement?

You'll be amazed at what this plugin can do.​

3. It Comes With 40 Social Media Share Options!

I know how sharing to just the basic and most popular social media website sounds but exploring other less popular networks like Telegram ain't that bad! and FYI! Telegram ain't less popular.

In march 2014, The company recorded over 35 million active monthly users. There are over 40 social media network sharing options available in the plugin.

4. It's Ridiculously Easy to Set Up!

The interface can be quite convincing! Believe me there are way to many options but in the latest version 3.5? You can activate easy mode to get rid of other complicated options to focus on only the things that matter.

5. Easily Display Followers & Social Counters!

This is quite a charming feature... With ESSB you can now display beautiful and good looking social followers counters anywhere on your WordPress website! Sidebars using widgets and custom areas using shortcodes.

essb plugin

It's really amazing what you can do.​

6. Various Display Positions!

One of my favorite features ever! Instead of having your buttons appear just in one place... You can add a little pizzazz to them by choosing from over 21 available share button locations. 

7. It Can Even Serves as A Post Views/Reads Counter!

Yep, That's right. The Latest version of the ESSB plugin comes with this feature. All these for $19. Sounds like good value for money.

8. Trusted By Top Brands Using WordPress!

I'm not the only one that loves the ESSB plugin. Authorities like WPlift, stockroom and others use this plugin to harness the sharing potential their visitors have. Would you try it today?

(And many many more great features)

[Quick Tutorial] How to Use The Plugin!

Before you buy the plugin, Let me quickly run you through how to use it. Once you activate the plugin like you do every other WordPress plugin... What's next is to customize the buttons to look what you want them to look like and positions.

configuring essb plugins

To make things more easier, You could use the quick setup option... With that you're just like 5 clicks away from your new buttons display.

Really! It can be that easy... Take a look!

Built With Mobile Users In Mind!

According to Statista, 75.1% in the U.S alone visits websites from their mobile phones and 52.7% worldwide. Mobile users are growing stronger everyday. In fact it's been said that that number will increase by 2017.

​There's nothing more beneficial that optimizing your social share buttons for mobile since most people visit your website from their mobile phones.

easy social share buttons for WordPress mobile optimization

If you're looking for that plugin, Well here's your answer.

The Easy Social Share Buttons is mobile optimized. There's an option to display better and fancier buttons just for your mobile users.

Built In Analytics Function You'll Love!

Here's one for the data lovers. ESSB will help you track everything track able when it comes to social sharing on your website. What network people are sharing too, The numbers and the good stuff.

keep track of social stats with easy social share buttons.

Where Can I Buy This Plugin?

The easy social share buttons is exclusively sold on Codecanyon. Home of all web script and WordPress plugins starting at $1. If you click on the link below you'll be taken to the direct page where you'll be able to see:

  • ​The mighty features this plugin carries.
  • How many people have bought it (Over 10,000)
  • And finally where to click on to buy.

But before then? Click on the below button to get started.

It's my affiliate link 🙂 When you click and buy! I get a small reward for referring you, Totally on the seller and not you.​

Wrapping This Up!

Making social sharing for your WordPress website has been made ridiculously easy with the help of many many Available WordPress plugins. The ESSB plugin just stands out among them.

Carrying the essential qualities that fits into anywhere.

  • It's Cheap!​
  • Quick & easy to setup.
  • It has all the amazing features one could ever neeed!
  • Over 40 social media networks to choose from
  • It has detailed reporting suit for the data lovers.
  • Did I mention top notch support too?

This is one of the best plugins I've seen so far and you shouldn't waste time in grabbing this before the amount of the plugin shoots up!

Just saying! The team seems to be working tirelessly​ hard these days pushing out updates upon updates, They might decide to move up the price.

So what are you waiting for go grab yours now and I'll see you on the Other side.​

Don't forget to let me know how that goes for you 🙂


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