Why Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress Rocks ~ 9 Reasons

I'll say it again, Easy social share buttons rocks. You wanna know why? That's the reason you're here reading this article.

Easy social share buttons is one of the best social sharing and management plugin for WordPress ~ Here's 9 reasons to try it.

As a blogger, With no so big marketing budget to spend on advertising or even on tools, I've been privileged to test and use most of the premium tools out there.

  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress plugins
  • Marketing software(s)
  • And so many others.

Either by free trials or using the techniques I'll be revealing to you guys in my next article about "How to Save Money Buying Your Favorite Online Marketing Tools". That being said.

... I've also tested bomb ass Social sharing WordPress plugins for WordPress, I'm talking about the premium popular plugins like:

  • Monarch sharing plugin by Elegantthemes (Read review)
  • Easy social sharing button by CreoWorx
  • Social warfare by Warfare Plugins

And after all the endless adventures of the Most feature endowed, efficient WordPress social sharing plugins and all... I've chosen Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.

Here's why I did and Why you should too.

1. The After Share Action Feature Rocks

It not only rocks, It also helps increase social media following by showing social media profile icons (links) to every new person that shares my post.

In case you have no idea what I mean, Here's an example from my other site.

after share essb plugin

That little lightbox comes up after successfully sharing my post on any Social Media network asking you to follow for updates, Now look at this scenario.

Sue Ann Dunlevie Alleged Visitor

Lands on my website, likes what she just read and tweets it to her followers.

For her to do that, I'll take it that she likes me already since she likes what I've written, What better way than to ask her if she wishes to follow me to stay updated.

She might follow just on Pinterest or the three Profiles.

And that's just one person. Now if your content is being shared heavily, Take a few second to mourn the huge amount of potential many social media followers you might have lost.

Well, the good news is that with Easy Share Buttons you can easily solve this and increase your social following.

2. The Social Followers Counter is Dope

Again that's something about helping you increase your social media followers without paying for ads.

One of the reasons why I love ESSB.

social followers counter essb

It's not just about social sharing, It takes care of almost everything social media with your WordPress website. (More on this later)

Easy social share buttons helps you display a sleek social media followers counter on your sidebar that shows off your social media following with proof.

Here's an example from Nutritionrealm.com and here we're only utilizing only about 45% of the social media followers counter feature as we're just displaying the basic.

This strategy alone accounts for 21% of our total social media followers as we've only spent a few USD on Facebook Ads ONLY.

The power of Easy social share buttons for WordPress.

3. Share Buttons on Over 39 Different Networks

43 to be precise. You can display share buttons on over 43 different networks.

A fine mixture of social media networks, web 2.0 websites and chat apps like WhatsApp and telegram.

Remember I mentioned ESSB helps you take care of almost everything social with your website? Well, Here's one of those use cases we're talking about.

It doesn't matter what niche your website is about, what social networks share buttons you wish to display. This plugin has everything to choose from.

Just navigate to your settings and tick them for display, Voila! Your buttons ready.

4. Social Buttons In Different Positions

Easy social share buttons has a display module that lets you choose from different button locations.

What I'm talking about is you can have your buttons displayed on almost anywhere on your website. Starting from:

  • Content top.
  • Content top and bottom.
  • Sticky and move from content top all the way down.
  • Post share bar (I loved that position - Gives me like huffpo kinda share buttons style).
  • Sticky on sidebar and so many other positions you can have your share buttons.

Here's a list of the total Display positions...

easy social share buttons

As you can see I'm not using any of the styles listed above on my blog. I'm using the very unique and stylish looking "Share Point Bar" that splits open when you read to 40% of the content.

There's almost no limit of what you can do and where you can place your share buttons.

My next point even makes this sweeter.

4. Style As You Like, Infact Style Away 🙂

Another reason why I'd give ESSB a plus one is the fact that you can style the heck out of your social buttons.

Of course that's a sweet feature too as your buttons can be set to display from any of the 31 display template that comes with the plugin.

I'm not only talking about the look and feel of one position of your buttons.

easy social share buttons style.

The plugin is so flexible such that if you've decided to use the sidebar and after content display type, you can display entirely different buttons and styles in those two positions.

One of the many ways this plugin is powerful.

6. It Helps You Collect More Email Subscribers

Seriously, a social share service that helps you collect more email address. How crazy is that?

The new version of ESSB comes with a new feature that adds a subscribe button that displays a sleek subscribe button which when clicked opens a slick opt-in form. Here's what it looks like.

essb list building features

This thing just slides down and politely asks for your email address which IMO is way better than some of the average list building plugins you'll find there, Not Convert Plug though.

I'm not making use of this feature due to the following reasons:

  • The feature is quite new and only features a couple of email marketing software(s) like Mailchimp, Mailpoet and 2 others.
  • I already have a super duper list building plugin collecting emails for me (Thrive leads)

If you're on a tight budget however, This feature can be a real saver. Opt-in forms not only available on buttons click, They can also be on your sidebar and you can customize till you're fed-up and hit that perfection phase.

7. The Share Buttons Neglect Not Mobile

You know how various research shows that most people now make use of their phones for almost everything from viewing emails to visiting their favorite websites.

Take a look at this. Stats from Cisco confirms that mobile usage continues to grow through year 2020. Data don't lie.

cisco mobile usage

I've not seen your analytcis dashboard but I can tell that most people visit your website through their mobile phones and you've spent most of your time optimizing for mobile users.

Every of your website but have you optimized social share buttons for your mobile users?

If not, here's where ESSB can come in. Chances are that you've visited huffpo from your mobile phone, see how the sticky mobile based share buttons follow you up and down.

You can have that with Easy social share buttons with even better flexibility 🙂

8. Be Everywhere With Social

Yeah. More of like... Share buttons here, social buttons there... Social share buttons everywhereeeee...

ESSB has a flexible shortcode system that's handy in most cases where you need to display unofficial social share buttons. You can have shortcodes for:

  • ESSB pop up - social share buttons pop out
  • ESSB social share - display of your selected networks.
  • ESSB Social followers counter - you know 😉
  • ESSB Subscribe - Display subscribe form anywhere.

And five other cause you can generate short codes for. Again, This makes us conclude to the fact that ESSB is one social sharing solution that's totally flexible.

9. Budget Friendly, Data Friendly, Ever Friendly

When I write about most premium items like (Reviews) My first point in most cases is usually about the item pricing ~ Babs Reviews Blog cares about small business owners which also includes bloggers (I really do).


Wouldn't want you buying an expensive crap.

In case you don't know ESSB costs only $19. Though the other license that allows extended use is $95 you can use the $19 on every site you wish to without having license issues.

This gives you a chance to save for other causes.

You'd be getting quality and retaining more of your money. ESSB is also one time payment. Once and you own a lifetime access to the plugin with unlimited updates as soon as they're rolled out.

Here's a few other amazing features I might have left out:

  • Frequent updates, lifetime updates.
  • Drop dead analytics section with all the data.
  • Optimization features that works and so many others.

Many others that I can't remember to mention. You'd inevitably learn more by clicking the banner below (That's an affiliate link BTW).


Now That We're Here

I've just showed you nine reasons why ESSB is for you however just like everything else there are some buts with this plugin. It has way to many options and you may lose yourself trying to customize your buttons.

easy social share buttons

Early version users will understand what I'm talking about.

Until version 3.5 the team then released an Easy Mode to suppress the plugin options which allows you see the options that matter(hides others) so that you can customize your buttons.

There's an alternative to ESSB that I recommend if simplicity is all you crave for. It's social Warfare and it's Located Here*.

Unlike ESSB this plugin is dead simple and helps you take care of the good stuff.

It's fluid responsive and light weight. I've tested social Warfare and it's real good. I see it as a good better alternative to easy social share buttons.

Let me know what you think using the comments form.


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