Genuine: Earn Money Online FREE Shortening & Sharing Links

Have what it takes to earn money online? Above all for free?  It’s a big Yes. As long as you have as much as a simple mobile phone and internet access, Yes you do.

Here’s my story: A few years ago i was just a little bit dense 16-year-old high school student with little knowledge on what the internet is, I did know a little HTML,  I have managed to teach myself after reading so many guides.

More so I knew those guys who was making little money on the internet then. They were mostly kids. Like ME!

I so wished to join them but I had no resources. No Computer, No Laptop, Just a small mobile phone that couldn’t access the internet much but then I knew I had to do something which obviously is saving up some cash to buy a PC. That way I could at least have a shot at this.

The journey was a rough one. No funds to buy web hosting talk less of a single domain lol. I never knew one could earn money online FREE shortening links back then.

The initial plan was to start a rough forum using some very popular script among locals here called PBNL, copy paste some news from popular websites, Spam very popular Facebook PAGES comment box to get traffic. I got an average of 500 visitors per day using that technique but slowly everything changed.

Facebook changed the way comments are being ordered, you could try that now and come up with NOTHING! ZILCH.

Things have changed a lot during these years. I would have driven my spam comments traffic which are mostly Top tier and Nigerians to my shortened link for more cash.

So the real Question is…..

Can One Really Earn Money Online FREE By Shortening Links?

Yes you can and am going to show you in this article how to get started plus some best practices to get your links out there. In short in this article you’re going to learn:

  1. What Company Are We Working With on This Venture?
  2. Who this Article is For?
  3. Do they Really Pay? Some proof
  4. The Pro’s & Con’s of using This system
  5. Creating an Account
  6. How to Shorten a Link
  7. A strategy to get Some Dollars in that Account of yours.
  8. The Site’s Many Tools Available Explained.
  9. How Your Earnings are Being Decided.
  10. An extra way to make money online with this site.
  11. Getting Your Hard Earned Money.
  12. Final Words

1. What Company Are We Working With on This Venture?

It’s a new & simple link shortening website that has been around for a while. No it’s not bit.ly (They don’t pay you) neither is it Adf.ly (They pay but I haven’t tried it) It’s Shorte.st

The link shortening website was created by a team of young internet enthusiasts in Europe with the aim of helping you monetize your website and the links you share.

2. Who this Article is For?

This article is no doubt for everyone who has something simple as a mobile phone and internet access. Someone who already has a pre-existing audience whether huge social media followings or owns an online community.

Someone who wants to earn some extra money online, If you have time, You can pull it off.

3. Do they Really Pay? Some Proof Perhaps!

Yeah about that. Lately there has been a lot of scam programs robbing people of their hard-earned money and these type of programs are questionable but not to worry. I use the site and i did some extra findings from some people I know use the program.

As at now Shorte.st the company that’s going to be earning us some money is having over 300,000 registered and earning users above all most of them are;

  • Website/Blog owners Like most of my Readers
  • Social Media & Community Members
  • Online marketers & Affiliates

As if that’s not enough proof that it’s a genuine program I went further to ask my friends in a secret group on Facebook and they did confirm received payment from the company.

Are you at ease now? You can now rest and be sure that your hard work is going to pay in the long run.

4. The Pros & Cons of using This system

I realized I could use this section of this article for some excited readers who have heard somewhere that it’s possible to earn money online FREE and after reading the do they really pay section above they’re so happy. Well you should be happy. So let’s see what’s in it for this section.

The Pros of using this System

  • It’s FREE to get started.
  • The system is so newbie friendly and easy
  • You don’t have to go through the hassles of creating a website.
  • You earn money when someone clicks your shortened link to your real website destination and see some ads in the process. Nothing hard like having to get them fill a form (CPA affiliate marketing) or They getting to buy before you earn (PPS affiliate marketing).
  • So many pre-made earning tools at your disposal.
  • No need go through affiliate verification and approvals like most companies do.

The Cons of Using This System

  • You need a lot of hard work (Most online money-making scheme requires this)
  • Ads are displayed on shortened links. This may distract and stop your visitor from getting to the real destination
  • Earnings are slow, An average CPM for a top-tier country is $4.86 or so.
  • Cannot be relied on as a main source of online income.

5. Creating An Account

So after reading all these, Continuing over to the system to earn some extra money online free requires signing up for a free account.

It’s easy and Fast. Even a 15-year-old can do this. Simple head over Shorte.st and Click on the join link above. Fill in your correct details or join with Facebook. Just like every other site that requires sign ups you need to verify your email via clicking the link in the email short.st sent you.

This only takes less than a minute and once you’ve done that, It’s time to get down to business.

6. How to Shorten a Link

Shortening a link is relatively simple. Once you are logged in the form that performs that function should be just below your navigation menu. Like the one below.

Paste your long URL in that form and you don’t even need to go to the next page to get your shortened link. It will appear right there.

Short and optimized: Ready for sharing. Simply copy and get the link out there to potential clickers.

7. A strategy to get Some Dollars in that Account of yours.

Now after signing up and everything! One could easily shorten a random link to an article or a FREE resource such as a PDF or something then begin sharing on social media websites, Basically everywhere you can think of. That’s a good one.

You’ll make some money that way too but let’s go by a strategy for now. I’ll list it in bullet points.

  • Grab a FREE high quality helpful resource, This might be a free PDF you have the rights to share
  • Then upload to say MediaFire as your own.
  • Get the mediafire link and head over to your Shorte.st account.
  • Shorten the long link and save in a text file along with the name.
  • Create a new Facebook account or you may use your normal account (Best create a new one)
  • Join groups filled with marketers, People from top-tier countries (More on this later)
  • Post your shortened links in over 50 groups daily.
  • Make sure the [FREE GUIDE – DIRECT PDF DOWNLOAD] is clear  in your message to the group.
  • Do this for new resources every week and watch your earnings increase drastically.

On the other hand you could increase your Twitter followers and send your traffic. That’s another thing.

8. The Site’s Many Tools Available Explained.

Apart from the strategy mentioned above, The site has some pre-made tools you can tap in to. These tools can drastically boost your earnings. Lets take a look at some of them.

  1. The Quick Link Tool – Each user already has a generated API. The quick link tool with the aid of your secret API allows you to shorten any link without having to visit the site and manually shorten a link.
  2. Website Monetization Tool – With this tool you can easily generate web scripts that can turn the entire links on your website to shortened and monetized ones. This script varies. You can generate a full-page script, An entry script or an exit script which performs different functions.
  3. Mass Shrinker Tool – With this tool you can easily shorten as much as 20 URLs at a go. Saving both time and data.
  4. Social Share Widget – This helps create amazing social media sharing icons. All shares via these icons will go through your shortened link. This will surely help you make money.
  5. WordPress Plugin – You can grab the free WordPress plugin after you have signed up, activate it and monetize your website with it.
  6. Earn money from Blogspot comments – Run a blogger blog with huge comments? This is for you. This one tool converts link within this area to shortened and monetized links.
  7. Integrations with Twitterfeed and dlvr.it – Do you use any of these two social services? Then you can without hassles shorten your automated shared links.

9. How Your Earnings are Being Decided

Traffic sources differ from each other so do quality – Everyone recognizes this. Even Shorte.st does.

For a thousand link Clicks from USA you can get paid as much as $10.92 while a thousand from Argentina will make you just $0.60 even higher than what you get from Burkina Faso $0.88

The long big list is still below. You can get as much as

Country HIGHEST per 1000 VIEWS
Brazil $1,29
Poland $3,98
Saudi Arabia $6,76
Norway $4,60
Germany $4,12
Denmark $5,56
India $4,66
Sweden $4,48
Belgium $4,32
Finland $4,22
Singapore $5,07
Myanmar (Burma) $4,06
New Zealand $5,04
Iraq $3,80
Japan $3,74
Portugal $3,30
Oman $3,22
United Arab Emirates $4,91
South Korea $3,20
Kuwait $3,74
Netherlands $4,82
Greece $3,10
Qatar $11,01
Iceland $2,92
Ireland $2,92
Czech Republic $2,84
Libya $2,84
Lebanon $3,02
Hong Kong SAR China $2,72
Latvia $2,83
France $4,80
Slovenia $2,42
Yemen $2,36
Malaysia $2,36
Lithuania $2,34
Turkey $2,28
Paraguay $2,22
Slovakia $2,14
Bahrain $3,24
Israel $4,45
Italy $2,73
Russia $1,62
Luxembourg $1,72
Indonesia $1,46
Armenia $1,46
Croatia $1,46
Georgia $1,44
Macau SAR China $1,44
Philippines $1,38
Dominican Republic $1,36
South Africa $2,03
Macedonia $1,36
Åland Islands $1,30
Montenegro $1,30
Eritrea $1,30
Tanzania $1,30
Bulgaria $1,30
Nigeria $1,60
North Korea $1,30
Estonia $1,44
Wallis and Futuna $1,30
Benin $1,20
Cyprus $1,73
Comoros $1,20
Liberia $1,20
Bosnia and Herzegovina $1,20
Togo $1,20
Vatican City $1,20
Côte d’Ivoire $1,20
Isle of Man $1,20
Burundi $1,20
Moldova $1,16
Angola $1,16
Réunion $1,16
Sri Lanka $1,16
Kenya $1,16
Palau $1,16
Belarus $1,16
Madagascar $1,16
Jersey $1,16
Mauritius $1,16
Puerto Rico $1,16
Gibraltar $1,14
Micronesia $1,14
Faroe Islands $1,14
Sudan $1,14
Ethiopia $1,14
Vanuatu $1,14
Monaco $1,14
Guernsey $1,14
Albania $1,25
Swaziland $1,04
Zimbabwe $1,04
Cameroon $1,04

Then the list goes on and on. The better traffic you send to your shortened link, The better your earnings.

10. An Extra Way to Earn Money Online With Shorte.st

Yeah apart from all the shortening, You can earn extra with the referral program available. Yes! You earn up to 20% of what your referrals earn.

The Shorte.st team has even gone further to design very beautiful and eye-catching banners at your disposal. You can place these banners on your websites and encourage your readers to earn money online free using this platform.

This gets you 20% of their earnings as an extra to your original earnings. Cool right? The referral program is easy and once you are logged into your account, Then the link to copy your special URL is presented as part of the one’s on your navigation menu.

The truth is there really is no limit to the amount of people you can refer. The more referrals you have the more the 20% payments adds up to your own earnings 🙂

11. Getting Your Hard Earned Money.

This is the juicy part. When receiving payment for all your hard works. The reward for labour is profit. Shorte.st sends payments on the 10th day of every month and payments can be sent to either your Payoneer account or PayPal.

Final Words

So this is where am putting an end to this article. This could be your method to earn extra money online with the one you’ve been doing. Whether clickbank affiliate marketing and by the way am giving out a free guide on that >> Check it here.

Give this post a trial and take action today, you’ll be surprised when the results come knocking in.

You could improvise and come up with better strategies to increase your earnings using this platform. Another i just thought of now is creating a Facebook group on a specific topic and sharing shortened related link resources with the members. Guides, Articles work well.

Just invite your creativity into this.

Glad you reached here. Before we end it all up. Let me give you a chance to be among the lucky people to get the direct download link to Clickbank traffic Mastermind ~ A complete and updated guide on how to do effective Keyword research for your Clickbank affiliate marketing. Go here or use the form below.

Did you enjoy the post? Then your feedback is very vital. If otherwise then it’s also vital as well. Or if you have a better strategy we could use in earning money online with this platform? Let us know via the comment form. It’ll be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing “Em.


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