Keep It Simple: Here’s How to Display a Fancy Author Box On Your Blog Sidebar

Here’s How to Display a Fancy Author Box On Your Blog Sidebar

If you're reading this WordPress tutorial through your PC, look to your right on the sidebar to see what I'm talking about. A simple sidebar that's not too elaborate and displays almost everything.

  • A Cute Picture of Me.
  • My Name Big & Bolded.
  • My Fav. Tagline/Intro
  • A Few Words About Me.
  • A Link to My About Page
  • Lastly? Icons to My Social Media Handles.

Now that's not too fancy or elaborate but it isn't bad looking either.

Bet you've been eyeing it since you landed on this page, even if not! Incase you have need of it some other time, In this post I'm going to show you how to design a single author box like that for yourself or for your clients.

It's easy, fast and Free. Shall we?

For WordPress Users Only

If your blog is a self-hosted WordPress blog you should be able to pull this off in 5 minutes or less but if not? You're going to have to do some coding to come up with something similar.

And I'm afraid it's something I can't help you with right now.


Image: http://www.invitereferrals.com/blog/referral-program-for-squarespace

However I'm willing to bet, If your blog isn't running on WordPress then you must've some coding experience. Either ways I'm sure there's something similar for you on your platform especially squarespace users.

For this, we're using a plugin. A free WordPress Plugin

Getting Started With Your Author Widget

I'm sure there are other plugins on the repository with almost the same function but I'm gonna need you to navigate to the "Add New Plugin" page on your dashboard and search for "Profile Widget Ninja".

Or download it from WordPress repository to upload directly, Whichever way, you want it to look like below when installed.

profile widget ninja

After this has been installed, you want to move on to the next step which is:

Configuring Your Author Box

Setting up the whole thing. Just click the "Widgets" link under appearance on your WordPress website and if you scroll down enough you'll see that the "Profile Widget Ninja" widget is available.

Drag it to where you want it to appear and start configuring till you're satisfied.

profile widget Ninja

It's like a feel in the blank thing and you'll need to choose your style from the three pre-made ones that came with the plugin.

Configure how your image appears and so much more.

This should take less than 6 minutes and if you're the type that likes messing around with things too much like me then ten minutes tops you're done.

It's that simple! Leave a comment below if you have any questions and do not forget to share.

Tiny Update: For no reason, I've decided to ditch this plugin to show off my PS skills. The plugin still works great though, So don't push it if you don't get something like what's on my sidebar right now/

Image: Colorlib


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