How to Create a WordPress Blog in 2015 – The Complete Definite Guide

Hello everyone, Babs Here. Welcome to BRB! Hope you’re having fun. Have seen a lot of guides flying around based on the topic how to start a blog, how to create a website, how to create a WordPress blog, how to create a WordPress website and so many more even some included in guides talking about how to make money online.

Not everyone has seen these guides though and i still have a reason to say it out loud, Not everyone knows how to start a WordPress blog so the aim of this article is to walk you through on how to go about it, Its as easy as anything and you should be done in less than 20 Minutes.

Before we proceed to the main article, Let me explain some two things you need to know about starting a WordPress website.

WordPress is Free

There are two ways you can start a WordPress website, Either you start a hosted WordPress website using WordPress.com or a self hosted WordPress website downloading the whole CMS package on WordPress.org

Both has Pros & Cons…..

Pros of Hosted WordPress Blog

  • It saves you money cos its free.
  • Its SEO Optimized.
  • Its servers never goes down – No downtime.

Cons of Hosted WordPress Blog

  • The blog does not entirely belong to you.
  • It can be taken away at anytime.
  • Limited features. You can’t customize the blog as you like.

Pros of Self Hosted WordPress Blog

  • The blog belongs entirely to you.
  • You can customize it as you like, Post anything you want on it.
  • Its SEO optimized too.
  • Can Be used to Create any type of Website ranging from Onepage websites to business websites.
  • Availability of Premium themes & plugins.

Cons of Self Hosted WordPress Blog

  • It costs Money, Yeah i said its free but then… You need to purchase Hosting, domain and A premium theme to start your website. More on that later.
  • Downtime may occur at times if you exhaust your bandwidth before its allocated time. This is usually caused by Heavy traffic.

So having know the Pros and Cons of both WordPress platforms you can go ahead with which ever you like. In this article we’re going the self hosted cos that’s what BabsReviewsBlog runs on. Here’s a number of things to do;

  1. Register a Domain Name
  2. Purchase a Web hosting Space
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Get a Premium Theme
  5. Create the Basic Pages
  6. Publish your First Blog Post
  7. Off you Go.

So in the next paragraphs of how to create a WordPress blog in 2015 – the definite guide we will be picking each points and trashing em out. Apologies as there would be less screenshots due to the fact that it never occurred to me that i would be writing this article when i was doing the whole process for Babs Reviews Blog.

1. Register a Domain Name

This is usually the first step to take when you want to start a blog. A Domain name, Which is in various formats It could be YourName.Com or YourDesiredName.Net and many others like .org, .xxx, .co.uk, com.ng e.t.c .coms are recommended as its popular and can be easily remembered by your visitors.

Domain names are not free.. They cost between $0.99 and $12. Yes you can get a domain for as low as $0.99 but i only know of a registrar that offers such a discount. A Domain normally cost $12 for a year. I got BabsReviews.com for $0.99 for a year using a special coupon. You can search your preferred domain on the following registrars;

  • Godaddy (My favorite. They often have coupons out to get domains for as low as $0.99. That’s where i registered BabsReviews.com)
  • NameCheap
  • BlueHost
  • WhoGoHost (For folks living in Nigeria).

Most providers often look like below, That’s Godday for example;

You can search for a domain but get the taken reply, Just keep searching your desired names till you get the available reply. Then go ahead to register it by paying with either your credit card or PayPal account. If you’re using Godaddy, As at now this Coupon cjcded20m can get you a domain for $1.49 a year.

Once you find your desired domain name available, Do not waste time. Register it Immediately paying with your credit card.

2. Purchase a Webhosting Space

After buying your domain name, You’re going to need somewhere to link it to. Web host will be where you will host your domain, There are different web hosting companies offering this service. There’s;

  • HostGator
  • BlueHost
  • NameCheap
  • Godaddy
  • WhoGoHost for Nigerians.
  • And many others.

You can then link your domain to your purchased web host using DNS. There’s usually a tutorial on every host for doing this.

3. Install WordPress

This part is way easy. By now i assume you have received your Cpanel details from your web hosting company and you have logged in. It usually looks like the below.

Normally you can contact your web hosting customer support if you’re facing issues on setting up your website. Some need to install WordPress using an auto installer. Am good with Softalacous. Just enter into the menu and install WordPress, Seriously everything is easy and self explanatory. I assume by now you have installed WordPress and it needs configuring.

softalacous babs reviews blog

After installing WordPress you need to log in to your WordPress website usually with the URL (YourName.com/WP-Admin) Once you log in, Follow the simple steps to complete the installations and login to your dashboard which usually looks like below.

You’re not gonna like to use the default theme, You’re gonna need a theme… More below.

4. Get a Premium Theme

WordPress themes are available every where, Paid which represents Premium & Free. In my last article of MyThemeShop Review i included a link explaining why you should ditch free themes for premium themes. Premium themes contain neat codes and basically works better than free themes.

You can find a number of Premium themes on ThemeForest or go over to MyThemeShop. One of the best WordPress theme providers in the industry. I don’t need to add a tutorial on how to install WordPress themes on this guide as each bought themes contains detailed documentation on how to install and customize each theme bought.

So you’re safe there. Look up a theme, Check out the features & Demo… Buy it.. Install it and you’re halfway there.

5. Create The Basic Blog Pages

By now i assume we have purchased a domain, a web hosting space, installed WordPress, set up WordPress, Find a Premium Theme, Install it… Now what’s next is to create the basic pages you need to have on your blog.

Although the pages are not compulsory to get your WordPress blog running but you need them. When i was taking a management course in school, The lecturer talked about Need & Want of consumers. Need is an absolute necessity and want is just a desire. You might want something but its just a desire. Not to be compared with Need, a Frigging Necessity.

So my advice to you is to set up these following pages;

  • About Me
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Disclaimer
  • Advertise(Optional)

You click the create page on your dashboard, It usually looks like below and after writing all you want to write hit the publish on the right side of your dashboard and repeat the same process for other pages.

6. Publish your First Blog Post

Yeah. You need that as a sorta formal introduction. I did something like that HERE. It’s a useful and wise thing to do. It gives your new blog and readers insights on how you plan to treat ’em and your new blog. Although your About Me page should have already powered that.

Your first blog post goes a long way in determining how your blog’s gonna be like in the future so go ahead and write it well.

7. Off You Go

This is the final step, The off you go… The welcome to the blog-o-sphere step, The part where you start implementing some other stuffs like SEO, Social media tips you’ve learned to keep your blog moving forward.

After you have published your first blog post, You need to keep writing good and helpful articles. Publish them. Read about various things to help advance your skills as a blogger and you’ll be a pro blogger in no time. In the future, Perhaps very soon i will publish an article on different ways to monetize your blog. This article will give you insights on how to make money with your blog, Mind you you can start an online business even without a blog.

To get an email once i have published new article, Simply use the orange form below if you’re on mobile or sidebar of you are using a PC.

Over to You.

Now it’s left to you, By now i assume you know how to create a self-hosted blog, Go create one for yourself and write about your passion. It will definitely pay if not immediately but in the future for sure.

So is there anything you’re not clear about with this article? Any step confusing you? Then please state it in the comment form… Will surely attend to it and see to it that it gets solved.

Thanks for visiting BRB today, Glad you my this article to this extent… Do NOT forget to hit those share buttons Now 🙂



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