5 Strategies For Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Wanna know one cool stuff about landing pages? They work.

That's it.

"Be really SERIOUS with your landing pages - Tom Leung, Google"

landing pages are one of the things your small business needs to be a success, here are my ninja tactics for creatiung and designing effective landing pages.

Did you see that? Even Google pays attention to your pages. You can't afford to joke around with it (Unknowingly).

The power landing pages carry is this big. Why? Cause they have the power to convert just about anyone.

Well that's provided they tap into that part of people's mind where they think and say to themselves:

"Oh, I think this is an excellent offer we'd love to optin for, Lets give it a trial".

Not bad uh?

Would you love for people to have exactly that thought and actually sign up for your offer anytime they visit your landing page?

If your answer is YES, Then sit back as I share with you my personal, ninja tactics to creating high converting landing pages that works.

Are you ready?

Before We Go Further

I'd assume you already know why you should have landing pages.

Here: I added an infographic From Brandon Gaille on some very interesting Analytics KPI's about Landing pages.

landing page kpis

Oh and they include tips: How nice! We might as well end the article right here.

Not so fast. As a small business owner I'd also admit that you are building your landing page yourself and already have your tool available.

If not then I'd recommend you check out Thrive Content Builder as it's one of the best and most affordable on the market that I know of.

And speaking of it, It's used and loved by over 7000 online marketers as it really gives you almost all you need to design a good looking page.

Others too work fine. We're clear on that? Then lets move on.

1. Get Some Inspiration

Each and every time I need to design a lander? I do this to myself.

I guess it really helps:

  • Keep the landing page juices flowing
  • Get your mind ready for what's ahead
  • Give me an idea on what I'm about what my design's gonna look like.

Equally you may call it looking at the ones on your competitor's website. Anyone, especially if you're not a designer.

This step helps you picture how you want your landing page to look like. You may do this in many ways such as:

  • Looking at a website like Crayon.co which collects and shows landing page re-designs to inspire other designers.
  • Looking at landing page templates. Thrive Content Builder has over 120 Templates available for starters and you can even make your lander look like any other page on any website.
  • Check out these 27 sources of new inspiration and new ideas for marketers
  • Give me an idea on what I'm about what my design's gonna look like.

While this step looks totally un-needed as it's design oriented. If taken until you see what looks like what you're planning to come up with then this will make the whole building thing very easier as you already know which block to move and all.

And since we're clear on this one.

2. Quickly Point Out The Benefits

In essence? What your target audience is getting once they take action on whatever it is you want them to do.

You can call it your customers pain points.

For example most bloggers, small business owners with no big money or budget for running ads find it hard to get quality traffic to their website for free. How does this landing page on NeilPatel works with you if you're in that position?

At least sign up for the free webinar right?

Bottom line, If your landing page resonates with your target audience then it's a winner.

3. Keep It Simple

Landing pages are targeted. They're supposed to be aimed at doing one thing.

When building your landing pages you want to remove as many distractions from it as possible. Distractions like:

  • Share buttons
  • Site MENU
  • Other non important links

Your landing page should focus on doing one thing and that's getting your customer to take action on that one very important thing you want them to do.

When there are too many options to take, This makes even submitting an email address a tiring task for most people as they're been attracted to other things with might just be clicking away.

paradox of choice

Remember the Paradox of choice that says less is more and more is less. Actually it's also best applied when creating your landing pages as it is in other aspect of life.

4. Make Sure You Point Out What We're Getting

If you sign up for the free trial of my product now, here's what you get:

  • A 50% coupon when its finally out on the market
  • All my upcoming products free
  • Addition to my free members area when you'll meet 56,000 other marketers like you.

That looks familiar?

Are there any other thing I'll be getting apart from your major offer? This further pushes the mind to take action.

In addition to that you really want to give away something very useful. It's the strategy Neil Patel used in creating 5 successful multi-million dollar online businesses.

What better way to convey this message by using checked lists or an icon labelled with other benefits?

5. The Eyeball, Potential Lead Factor

This part is often ignored by most landing page designers.

You could just call it the eyeball test. Your eyeball.

When designing your landing pages you should have it in mind that bots are not the only ones seeing your page, in fact the goal is to get as many human beings viewing your page

...as much as possible.

But have you thought this way.

What if I see this same landing page with this same offer, design and catch out there, Would I opt-in for it?

If your answer is yes then I guess you're on the right path and if not? You probably need to do some or perhaps some repositioning to set things straight.

That's why I've recommended to get some inspirations on point one as it gets the creative juice flowing.

In Conclusion

Landing pages are important for business.

But you know what's more important for business? Leads.

And landing pages are one the best ways to get them. Now that I've shared my 5 strategies for designing high converting landing pages, It's your turn.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments form.


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